Lennon & Minerva (Vancouver)

Lennon and Minerva are the cutest sibling duo, both are almost 1 year old (born May 4th 2022). They are shy, but gentle with humans and warm up to people with time. Lennon is the daring sibling, while Minerva (right white paw) is the more cautious sibling. They don’t enjoy being petted unless they are familiar with you. They love a good chew toy, specifically pieces of cardboard or apple wood stick. They also love their salads and like to play tug-a-war with each other over pieces of lettuce. 

The sweetest moments shared are post-meals, when in a dreamy food-coma state, they like to sploot beside each other and snuggle. They have so much love between them, in fact, they like lick and groom their rabbit stuffy as well! Lennon and Minerva are very clean and well litter-trained. There is never a dull moment with these two cuties! If you would like to give them a loving home, please apply today!

Douglas & Jackie (Vancouver)

These two met at our shelter and became friends as baby rabbits. Douglas, a black male was found in April 29, 2022, at Park Royal in West Vancouver when about 2-3 months old. Jackie, a brown agouti female, was found May 7, 2022 on Blenheim St., Vancouver when about 6 weeks old. They grew up together.

Douglas is the more out-going and leads the way for Jackie who tends to be shy. Both are good with their litter box. They would love space to explore. If you can give them a home, please apply today!

Dustin & Suzie Poo (Vancouver)

This lovely pair is a brother and sister born May 4, 2022. Their mom was a beautiful grey otter like Suzie Poo and Dustin is a harlequin with a distinct pattern on his face.

These bunnies are very good with their litter. They are active and curious but tend to be shy until they know their people and space. They will do well in a home that lets them adjust to new surroundings. If you can give them that home, please apply today!

Trisha and Truffle (Vancouver)

Trisha is a shy, brown girl who is now with a younger boy, Truffle, a black bunny with a white nose. They have a real Romeo/Juliet story! They were both out in their pens during the day and Truffle jumped out of his pen and into Trisha’s pen. We found them like that when we took them into their cages and they have been together ever since. They chose each other.

Trisha is now becoming less shy as Truffle is showing her that humans are not so bad. Truffle is almost a year old. He is the more out-going and friendly. He came from Richmond as a baby about 6 wks. He is about one year old now and Trisha is about 2 yrs and was found in Kits. They are good with their litter box. Trisha likes to chew cardboard. They would prefer a quiet home.

If you are interested in adopting Trisha and Truffle, please apply today!

Peter Rabbit & Teena (South Surrey)

Meet Teena and Peter Rabbit!

If you have seen the movie, you’ll understand why we called our little grey furball Peter. He is the most adventurous of the pair, very curious and always searching for new places to explore!

Teena is our sleek black beauty, and although she is the alpha in the couple, she is a lot shyer around people and needs more time to get used to new settings.

We found Peter abandoned in our neighborhood in 2019 around Halloween! He was very young and instantly got used to us, our children and our cats… He actually loves climbing on the cat tree! After a few months we decided to adopt Teena from VRRA, and despite both having a strong personality, they became the most loving couple ever, always on the lookout for each other and very protective of one another.

Peter & Teena have been living together for over 2 years, in a free-roaming habitat in our basement, with lots of toys, tunnels and chewing-friendly things. They really enjoy going outside, away from the dog though!

They love kale, parsley, all kind of healthy bunny food, and most of all their little cranberry or banana feast.

Like most rabbits, they don’t like to be picked up, however they cherish affection and being patted, especially on the head. They will, in return, treat you with purring and soon enough a nose kiss!

Peter & Teena are now looking for their new forever home, as we are relocating to Europe in the spring of 2023.

Sky and Ringo (Vancouver)

Sky and Ringo are a lovely brother and sister, born on May 4th.

These two well behaved buns are tidy, 100% litter trained, and love their hay and veggies. Ringo multicoloured) is more adventurous and curious than Sky (grey with white tummy), while Sky is more comfortable being brushed or petted than Ringo. Both provide something different and make for constant cuteness and entertainment. Added bonus: They don’t shed very much, making them very low maintenance. 

Asha and Allie (Vancouver)

Asha and Allie were only about 4 weeks old when they were found with their other three siblings in a heap on the sidewalk, obviously dumped from a car. Despite their dire beginnings, these youngsters (born ~Feb 2021) are outgoing and friendly. A few words from their current foster:

Allie and Asha are a silly duo. Allie is the glutton of the two sisters. She’s always willing to try any treat at least once. In contrast, Asha is more reserved in terms of diet but much more curious and receptive to petting! She can regularly be found lounging on taller perches. Asha also has high standards of cleanliness. She’s often grooming herself and sporting a sleek black coat whereas Allie always looks a bit rumpled from getting into who knows where…

Though initially shy, especially Allie, once they warm up to you, they’ll start showing their mischievous side and come nudging at your ankles when they know it’s meal time!

If you would like to adopt Asha and Allie, please apply here!

Sunny and Shady

This duo (born approx March 2021) are friendly and curious youngsters. Sunny is the golden boy, Shady the brown girl, both still growing! They are inseparable, napping, grooming, exploring and digging.

Being young buns, these two will need lots of exercise and distractions to keep them happy and occupied.

Shadow and Noelle

Introducing energetic Noelle and her shy gentleman friend, Shadow. Noelle has a full grey coat and Shadow sports some adorable white toes on his hind feet. This playful pair are very close as they’ve grown up together. They are litter box trained. Cute (obvs), lively and sometimes mischievous, they enjoy chewing cardboard and are especially curious to explore new places. They love their secret (bunny-proofed) hiding spot behind their foster family’s washing machine. They eat well, enjoying a healthy diet of hay, pellets and lots of fresh garden greens. They’re ready to make your acquaintance over a cup of tea and some carrot tops 🙂

Ethel and Jackson

Ethel & Jackson are an adorable odd couple. Ethel is the outgoing one that takes the lead and Jackson is happy to follow along. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! These two have excellent litterbox habits and will make wonderful permanent additions to some lucky person’s forever family.

Ethel Jackson

Ethel & Jackson are an adorable odd couple. Ethel is the outgoing one that takes the lead and Jackson is happy to follow along. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! These two have excellent litterbox habits and will make wonderful permanent additions to some lucky person’s forever family.