Rowan & Sandy

Rowan and Sandy arrived at VRRA from different places and circumstances. The silver lining to them ending up at a shelter is that they found each other – they are now bonded best friends.

They are about 4 years old (as of July 2021) and have matching gorgeous brown agouti coats. They are a good yin-and-yang match, as Rowan is an extreme extrovert – outgoing and curious – whereas Sandy is more sedate. Rowan absolutely loves full-body bunny massages. While Sandy is shy about pets, she is social in her own sweet way and will take treats from your hands. She is content to follow Rowan around like his shadow.

They are lovely, clean and tidy bunnies, and while they’ve been enjoying time in a nice foster placement, the very much need a permanent home to call their own.

Meta and Della

Meta and Della are big buns, almost like having a couple of small dogs (LOL)! Besides their unique personalities, you can also tell them apart by the white on their noses; Meta has a bigger splotch than Della. Like most siblings sometimes they irritate each other and make funny honking noises to tell the other to ‘buzz off’. They look forward to ruling the roost together in a lucky person’s home.

Sunny and Shady

This duo (born approx March 2021) are friendly and curious youngsters. Sunny is the golden boy, Shady the brown girl, both still growing! They are inseparable, napping, grooming, exploring and digging.

Being young buns, these two will need lots of exercise and distractions to keep them happy and occupied.

Shia and Lucia

Shia is now 8 months old (May 2021), and is a little more friendly and outgoing than Lucia (7 months old).  Shia enjoys being pet and is easy to handle.  Lucia sometimes likes being pet and is a little bit more challenging to handle, but not so difficult. Both are very active, good eaters, and roam the house freely without chewing furniture.  They are both very good with the litter box.  They would likely be fine in a family environment, but do get frightened by the occasional noise.  They dig carpet a little. They have no experience with children or other animals. 

Nugget and Muffin

Nugget (dark-grey) and Muffin (tan-grey) are our little miracle buns. Rescued as babies from a hail storm, it’s no wonder these sisters are inseparable. Friendly and playful, they love booping your feet, stealing food from each other, and doing zoomies and binkies with their seemingly limitless energy. When they’re not trying to chew anything they can get their paws on, they love chilling out by cuddling and grooming each other. They both have perfect litter skills, always doing #1 in the litter box, and leaving minimal stray #2s around their enclosure. They would make amazing companions to any family with lots of bunny-proofed space that will give them the love and attention they deserve!

Shadow and Noelle

Introducing energetic Noelle and her shy gentleman friend, Shadow. Noelle has a full grey coat and Shadow sports some adorable white toes on his hind feet. This playful pair are very close as they’ve grown up together. They are litter box trained. Cute (obvs), lively and sometimes mischievous, they enjoy chewing cardboard and are especially curious to explore new places. They love their secret (bunny-proofed) hiding spot behind their foster family’s washing machine. They eat well, enjoying a healthy diet of hay, pellets and lots of fresh garden greens. They’re ready to make your acquaintance over a cup of tea and some carrot tops 🙂

Peggy and Nemo

Peggy (brown) and Nemo (black) were both found as strays. They have been blossoming into wonderful House Rabbits in one of our foster homes and this is what their foster parent has to say about them:

Peggy is an independent boss lady. She accepts a few pats on the back, but will push my hand away when she’s had enough. She often comes running over to say hi when she sees me, although I suspect she is looking for food 🙂 Peggy is a huge foodie. Her favourite food is everything!  Nemo is very soft compared to Peggy. He is a picky eater. He still scares easily, but has recently started running to me for breakfast in the morning. His favourite treat is Oxbow multi-vitamins. He has made some amazing progress considering he was too afraid to even eat lettuce when he first arrived! Although he’s not keen on being pet, he is comfortable enough stretch out nearby and take a nap. 
Being wary of loud noises and sudden movements hasn’t stopped them being typical young bunnies. They enjoy doing zoomies, exploring, playing with their toys, rearranging things, and generally engaging in bunstruction – especially when they think no one is looking! 

Peggy and Nemo
Peggy and NEmo

Tofu and Marshmallow

VRRA Vancouver Rabbit Rescue Tofu and Marshmallow

This amazingly fluffy duo are Marshmallow (girl) and Tofu (boy) bonded siblings. They were born fall 2019.

Marshmallow and Tofu are littered trained and love the pets. They do not like to be picked up like most rabbits but are playful and inquisitive and love cilantro and kale.

Marshmallow Tofu

Pita and Pan

Pita and Pan

Pita and Pan

Pita and Pan

Pita and Pan are a nifty little pair of middle-aged rab-rabs, about 5 years old. Buns in midlife are a wonderful choice for someone who is looking for laidback companions, content to chill-out and watch Netflix with you. P&P love playing hide-and-seek with each other and will keep you entertained with their affection for each other.

Cadbury and Nina


Cadbury Nina

Cadbury Nina

Cadbury Nina

Cadbury Nina

Cadbury Nina

Introducing the double-fabulous Cadbury & Nina! Thanks to our wonderful foster family for the video and here’s what they have to say about these cutie-patooties:

“They are both wonderful House Buns and are mostly cage free, except when I’m not home. Nina is very adventurous and likes to explore everything, and comes running at the slightest indication of food (rustling bags, fridge opening, etc). She climbs on top of anything she can reach and loves to wiggle into funny places. Her most recent perch has been on top of the bin in which I keep their hay and pellets. Cadbury also comes running for treats (banana is her fave, of course) and will permit head scratches quite happily. She sits next to me whenever I’m doing something in the kitchen.”

Wouldn’t you love to have these two hanging out in YOUR kitchen? House rabbits are the best!! Check out an awesome video of these two in action, on our YouTube page.