Rabbits 101

What is a Rabbit really like?

Why don’t people realize what kind of pet a bunny makes? Rabbits are affectionate, amusing and endearing house pets, but few people realize this. VRRA is working hard to remedy this lack of information.

Once you understand what a rabbit is really like you can prepare to be amazed. Each rabbit has a individual personality. Some bunnies will come when called and pull at pant legs for attention. Most rabbits hate to be picked up but will happily hop up beside you on the sofa. Some will sit on your lap. Rabbits typically get along with other animals. Cats and rabbits can be good companions. Dogs and rabbits will groom each other. Rabbits are eternally curious and interested in their surroundings. They play with toys and they dance with joy. Rabbits can run agility courses just like dogs. However, rabbits kept outside never become family members and their owners are deprived of ever knowing their unique character.

Quick Facts About Rabbits – Check out this video

  • Rabbits are affectionate, social and interactive animals.
  • Rabbits commonly live 8 to 10 years.
  • Rabbits need several hours of free roam exercise every day.
  • Most rabbits do not like to be picked up.
  • Rabbits can literally die of fright and be injured easily if mishandled. As a prey species, the generally do not like loud noises and sudden movements.
  • Because of the points made above, rabbits are usually not a good pet choice for young children. It’s vital that they be looked after by a responsible adult.
  • Rabbits should be neutered or spayed. Unaltered rabbits mark territory with feces and urine, may be aggressive and are likely to have health problems.
  • A rabbit’s diet is extremely important; hay must make up the biggest component of their daily intake. The wrong food will lead to an unhealthy rabbit.
  • Rabbits need to have their nails clipped regularly.
  • Rabbits require a veterinarian that is knowledgeable about the species.

and equally important…

  • Rabbits will naturally use a litter box (when spayed/neutered).
  • Rabbit litters have very little odour.
  • After some rabbit proofing (e.g. electrical cords) a rabbit can and should run free in the house.
  • Rabbits are clean and quiet.
  • Rabbits make ideal pets for working people since they are most active in the morning and evening.