Outdoor Rabbits

Rabbits can live outdoors (as almost any animal can) but VRRA does not advocate outdoor homes for rabbits. There are many reasons why. Both rural and urban predators are dangerous. A raccoon will pull apart all but the strongest wire to get at and kill a rabbit. Coyotes are another real danger. Owls, hawks and eagles are often overlooked. Even if too small to carry away a rabbit, many hawks will attack and mortally injure a bunny. Even if predators cannot get to the rabbit he or she may die of fright when confronted with a killer at the door.

Outdoor rabbits are vulnerable to parasites and diseases that indoor bunnies avoid. Their living quarters must be dry and out of the wind. But even in the most wonderful hutch they are alone, sad and unnoticed on that day that they don’t feel well. As their family has never come to know or understand them well, they do not notice when their rabbit is sick. Without a voice to whimper or whine the bunny sits in pain and quietly dies. Even if the rabbit never has a sick day if he is shut outside his owners never know the true joy and affection a rabbit gives to his family. No animal kept outside is ever really a part of the family. No one is with them when the weather is cold and nasty. They sit, sad and alone, bored and depressed. All animals like to be within reach of a loving touch.