Poe (Vancouver)

Name: Poe (Poki)
Colour: Black with small white stripe on lips
Sex: Male
Birthday: Unknown (estimated 1-2 years old)
Neutered and vaccinated

Poe (Poki) was found in a yard where a dog lived, unable to get up on his own. Even so, he was quite fast dragging his little emaciated body around and didn’t give up his will to survive! He was supposed to be taken to the vet to go to bunny heaven but was given a chance to live thanks to kind people who donated to his vet bills.

X-rays showed no spinal cord damage despite having some superficial lacerations on his body that looked like teeth marks from the dog. Poe’s condition was determined to have likely been caused by a common parasite (EC) that he was treated for which greatly improved his balance and strength. He still falls over so he will need a setup without any sharp or hard objects that may hurt him.

He would do best in a home without dogs due to his experience which has made him fearful of them and needs time to adjust to new people, but once he does, he becomes very loyal to his humans. Other than that, Poe really does not need any special care besides the odd grooming on his butt once in a while. Poe cleans himself quite well and would be a sweet and charming addition to any household. If you want to adopt Poe, please do your research and apply today.

Ross (South Surrey)

Meet the most handsome boy, Ross (milk).  He was affectionately named because of his adorable black spots (like a dairy cow!) and at over 7 pounds he has enough chunk to live up to his namesake.

He is a hotot-cross rabbit who loves a good meal! This means you can train him to do almost whatever you set your mind to. His previous foster mom loved practicing “come up” and “get down” all over her home, and he would often jump up on her lap just to get extra treats!

His only weakness is hardwood floors. He gets very nervous when he doesn’t have good grip, so he’d prefer a nice plush carpet to run and binky on.

He is a gentle bun who has so much love to give. He has a relaxed temperament (aka won’t eat your baseboard!), uses his litter box, and will make a great addition to any home. After his bonded bunny wife passed away in the summer of 2023, he has been eager to find a new snuggle partner and lifelong companion. 

If you want to become Ross’s furever home, do your research and apply today.

Declan O’Hare (South Surrey)

Declan O’Hare is a big boy, 5 months old and still growing.  He is the sweetest, friendly rabbit you would wish to find. 

He came in  a tiny baby with a cord around his neck which of course was removed and he healed well.  Our little guy was emaciated also, but he’s made up for lost time.

Declan would like a home where he has lots of space to stretch those long legs and receive lots of attention.  He would suit most families, he’s clean, outgoing and playful.

This boy needs to be met as any photo cannot capture how outgoing he can be. If you would like to meet Declan, please apply today.

Bentley (South Surrey)

Meet Bentley! He is a 6-year-old male harlequin with good litter habits.

Bentley is very smart and knows his name. He is friendly, outgoing & always happy to meet new people. He loves to spend his time playing with stacking cups and chewing cardboard. He enjoys his nightly greens – romaine, cilantro, parsley – followed by a Loop or Oxbow treat. Once his tummy is full, he flops and relaxes with his stuffed bunny. Bentley is good with kids and other respectful pets – he is currently living in a foster home with cats and a dog.

If you would like to meet Bentley, please apply today.

Reuben (South Surrey)

Reuben is a very sociable, playful rabbit that came in off the streets.  We think he’s fairly young, as he’s grown since he came to us.  He’s smart, litter trained and will blossom in almost any home.

If you would like to meet Reuben, please apply today.

Nolan (Vancouver)

Nolan is a Dutch cross that shows in his blue eyes and black coat with white markings. He is a sweet boy who has had bad luck. He likes to be petted and is a pleasant little bunny. He was dumped outside in the winter of 2019. We found him thin and in bad shape. He ran to the people who picked him up. 

Nolan was adopted in 2020 and at that time he was in normal health. He was returned to us in May this year. During his adoption something happened to his spine and it has caused his left hind leg to become frozen. It looks worse than it is. Nolan moves around well and can get in his litter box just fine as long as the rim is not too high. Because he can’t use his left hind leg, his ear on that side needs to be cleaned regularly. Other than that he is a regular bunny. Nolan awaits his forever home with someone to love him.

If you’d like to meet Nolan, apply to adopt today!  

Arby (Vancouver)

Arby is a friendly bunny who is about 7lb, so he is considered on the larger side. He’s very sweet and outgoing. He loves his head rubs. He has met a lot of different members of my family and he is always very quick to say hi!

If you’d like to meet Arby, apply to adopt today!  

Moochi (South Surrey)

HELLO! I originally received the name Mochi. However my foster Bun Mom kept calling me Moochie to which I will sometimes respond for treats while you tap on the floor. My training was really keen when the Bun Mom was home. She works lots now and I enjoy my independence. If you have the time to spend with me I will follow you around and always keep an eye on you. I enjoy basically everything I’m allowed to eat and really like treats so hide them well.

I am free roam and use my litter box 98% of the time unless I get scared, when a lil’ nugget might pop out. I have a large balcony so I have adjusted to some outside living whenever I want. I love sleeping under the Bun Mom’s bed at night, and if I’m outside the room I will come check on you after I hear your alarm go off. Some tricks I learned was to spin and perch and jump over an arm. I tend to only chew my toys which makes me a great roommate and I am very quiet and keep my things in my designated blanket area. If you want low maintenance and a great companion I’m your guy.

If you’re interested in meeting Moochi, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at vrra.org.

Frosty (South Surrey)

Meet Frosty! 

This handsome male lionhead needs a rabbit experience home that understands rabbit behaviors. Frosty would do best in a home with teens/adults. No younger kids as he is a boxer. 

He is very playful and loves chewing on cardboard boxes. He will need a large bunny proof area as he has lots of energy to burn. Frosty is looking for his perfect home and the right person to build trust with. Frosty has a very sweet side and will flop next to you for pets on his terms. He is also very food motivated. Litter box skills are great and he gets along well with respectful cat’s & a dog. He is a medium-large sized rabbit.

If you’re interested in meeting Frosty, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at vrra.org.

Shadow (Vancouver)

This is Shadow!

He is approximately 7.5 months old. We found Shadow just before Christmas and brought him to our home to keep him warm. He is very clean, curious and adores rubs behind his ears.

During the day he likes to sleep in a comfortable dark place, but at dusk and dawn he likes to be a part of the family. He is active and playful and loves time outside.

He also likes to keep tabs on our golden retriever. And our kids!

If you’re interested in meeting Shadow, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at vrra.org.