Omar is our Velveteen rabbit – he’s a Rex breed, known for their amazingly soft velvet coat. He is super friendly and pettable. rex male, super friendly and pettable.


Ben is a beautiful blue eyed boy. He’s enjoying time in a foster home and is such a good rabbit that he is allowed to roam free all day and loves to relax on the couch and get spoiled with pets! 
Despite being able to roam, he is excellent with his litter box. He is also very good about drinking lots of water and eating his hay, and enjoys the occasional treat. He loves doing binkies and flops and finding new places to explore and play. 
He is very gentle and sweet and is such a cute companion! 


Maynard is taking a breather before he does some more dashing about! He’s a super friendly silver fox bun with lots of energy. Maynard is a young man and so will still grow a bit.


Paul (born Feb 2021) is a bit shy but lovable. He enjoys free-roaming in his foster family’s home, checking out everything he can but will run back to his safe zone or companion if unsure or spooked. He plays in cardboard boxes and hiding huts, also digs at blankets/carpet. He loves head pets and is alright being handled by people he trusts. Paul gets along well with his foster family’s cats and dog.


This handsome fella (born Feb 2021) is a sweet heart. He has lots of energy but once he’s ready to lounge, he stretches right out, with his feet straight back and his head held high and proud. Peter enjoys pets and companionship. He loves playing hide & seek in cardboard boxes and tunnels. He’s a bit of a digger. He’s not spooked easily and gets along well with his foster family’s respectful cats and dog.


Cadbury (born Feb 2021) is a curious adventurer but also cautious, and will retreat back to a safety zone if spooked. This guy is pretty smart and can put on quite the show with his zoomies and binkies. Cadbury keeps an eye on you to see if you’re watching and enjoying his performance and company. He’s quite the sweetheart. He gets all ng well with his foster family’s cats and dog. Does get a little spooked with loud noises or fast movements.


S’more (born Feb 2021) has a huge heart with a spunky attitude. He enjoys running around and playing in cardboard boxes & tunnels; he’s also a bit of a digger. He has lots of energy but enjoys lounging around. When roaming he rubs his face on everything, which is a bunny’s way of claiming it as his own. This guy enjoys attention and cuddles. He’s not spooked easily and gets along well with his foster family’s cats and dog.


Jinx is a cutie! Born Feb 2021, he is small but he’s full of energy and has a mighty stomp to get everyone’s attention. He loves to run around full speed and explore. Jinx is very friendly but can be shy at times or when around new people. Like most rabbits he’s not a big fan of being held but enjoys to be pet. He is good with the cats and dog in his foster home but does get spooked with loud noises and fast movements.


Moose is about 8 to 10 months old (as of June 2021). He’s a very strong rabbit and has not been handled much in his previous home. He does like attention so we are certain he will blossom in the right home. He is quite good with his litterbox and very active.  Moose loves toys and is a busy boy, he’ll need lots of activities to keep him entertained.

Moose would do well in a home with rabbit experienced people.  Definitely older children.  He’s interested in other rabbits and so may be a good candidate for someone looking for a friend to bond with their spayed girl bun.


Spartan is single and ready to mingle! Spartan is a very loving bunny that desperately wants a bunny friend. He is a middle-aged Lionhead, approx 6 yrs old. 
Spartan was found as a scared and confused stray, and so when first rescued would sometimes lunge and bite. In foster care he’s worked hard on his manners and is much better now, but does need a rabbit-savvy home. Despite his courageous name, Spartan finds new places and experiences are scary, and so he’ll need patience and kindness to allow him time to adjust once adopted.
As you can see from the photos, he has experience living with an easy going cat and has had access to a secure yard area. This isn’t a necessity but he does love doing zoomies in the garden.