Meet Dingo, otherwise known as Tiny Fizz or Fizzie. This young man was previously living with his pal, Roger. However – as can often happen with boy buns (sadly) – they decided they no longer liked each other and broke up their BFF relationship. So now Dingo is looking for a solo gig, or perhaps a Forever Home with an easy-going spayed girl bun.
Tiny Fizz is good natured but high strung. Being pet isn’t his favourite thing, but he doesn’t get stressed being picked up, e.g. for grooming – he’ll put up with it. He hasn’t had a chance for dedicated one-on-one interaction with a human and his previous foster home says that they expect he’ll become friendlier with consistent, gentle treatment. He’s very active and adventurous, he likes to climb and jump on furniture and will hop on your head if you lay down on the floor or let him hang out during a yoga session. He’ll definitely need a home where he can have lots of roam-about time.
Dingo is a unique character and we expect he’ll blossom in a home that will take the time to get to know him as an individual.


Meet Renoir,  a beautiful young Havana boy.  He’s a mellow fellow, but inquisitive and curious. He would be a great first time companion rabbit or possibly a companion for a female rabbit.   Can you give this handsome young man his forever home?


Ringo is definitely a star! He’s got so many gorgeous attributes, we’re not sure where to begin describing him. First of all he is a wonderful combination of Lionhead (cute & fuzzy) and Flemish-Giant (big & goofy). He’s got a whole lotta ears and feet to grow into as he matures.

His situation is a perfect example of why it’s NEVER a good idea to give someone an animal as a gift – the people who received him weren’t interested in caring for a bunny.

Ringo is still a young boy and is eager to be adopted by someone who has done the research and is ready to make a commitment. He wants to learn all about being a good House Rabbit, with committed loving people who will make him a beloved member of their family.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow is a gentle, gorgeous giant! He has a traumatic past, having lived with a mean dog who tried to kill him. Jon is a Flemish-cross and his wonderful big body is matched by his big heart. He deserves a 2nd Chapter with a committed person who will love and protect him forever.


Mr. Joshua is a friendly youngster, just neutered and ready-and-raring to find his Forever Home. He has very handsome Harlequin markings and classic tall bunny-rabbit ears. He’s looking for a lifetime of love and devotion.


Sweet little Loki! Loki came to the shelter with his brother, from unfortunate circumstances. As can often happen with boy bunnies, once these two reached maturity they began fighting and so had to be separated.

Loki’s brother has now found a home but Loki is still looking. He is a loving little guy who loves to play and eat. He may be a good fit for someone looking for a friend for their spayed girl bun. His foster person says that he’s a gentle rabbit and we look forward to finding him the perfect Forever Home.


Whiskey, what adorably big ears you have! This friendly big lug of a bunny was found as a stray. Agouti coloured bunnies can sometimes be mistaken for their wild Cottontail cousins, but Whiskey is definitely a domestic rabbit. He’s very grateful to be rescued and cared for. He’s a nice calm bun and will make a fun House Rabbit for a lucky person.


Little Luke is a shiny black rabbit with the cutest white slippers. He’s a young Dutch-cross found as a stray and happy to be receiving love and care at the shelter. He’ll be even happier when he meets his Forever Person.



James, what cute big ears you have! Wee James is a shy lad as he’s been fending for himself as a stray. He has shiny black fur with some Dutch-cross markings, which makes him extra handsome. James is looking forward to becoming someone’s beloved House Bunny.


Young Brian is a friendly rabbit who loves to be petted. He was found lost at a car dealership and is now in House Rabbit training with a foster family. He’s very handsome with big eyes and soft brown fur.