Ash is a big beautiful bunny! She’s curious, adventurous and very smart. She shows her affection with head nudges or rubbing against you. She enjoys attention and pets. Ash is an active girl and needs free roam time to burn her energy. Then she’ll flop over and lounge the rest of the day. She can be a bit shy when first meeting new people but she’s a sweetheart. She prefers being the only bunny in her space, but has been getting along well with her foster family’s cats and dog. Ash has a stuffed bunny she cuddles and a blanket that she throws up in the air and snuggles under. She also enjoys playing and chasing cat toys. This smart loving girl will make a get addition to the right home.


Liisa has just arrived at the shelter and so we are still getting to know her. She is a lovely little rabbit.


Bridget had a rough start, with life on the streets. However after loving care and vet treatment, our dear little Bridget is ready to take up the role of a spoiled house rabbit. Bridget is a little shy when she first meets you.  But she is a gentle mellow soul and good with her litter box, and we expect she’ll blossom with people she loves and trusts.


Myken came to us as a stray and gave birth to seven babies a few days after arriving. She was a great Mom and even helped raise a few orphans in addition to her own kits.

Myken is very active and likes to stay busy. She’ll need to provided with lots of toys and things to do, to keep her out of trouble. She can be quite feisty and thus suitable for a rabbit-experienced home with adults or older children. She does not like being picked up (like the majority of buns). Myken will blossom in the right home.


Snow (born Feb 2021) is a floppy-eared white bunny with grey marks on her ears and blue eyes. She’s named after Snow White. Snow is a curious & adventurous bunny. When free roaming she likes to jump and climb on things. Snow may be small, but has no fear to jump off couches and beds. She can be shy at times but is very sweet. Snow loves cuddling and grooming her sister, Jackie (see separate listing). She is comfortable around respectful cats and dogs.


Jackie (born Feb 2021) is a sweet girl with beautiful brown eyes. She’s a bit shy at times, but loves to play, hiding and chewing cardboard boxes. Jackie is a pretty laid back chill bunny. She enjoy pets and will rub her head on your hand to show her affection. She has been comfortable around the respectful cats and dog in her foster home.


Jewel is a young, active bunny who loves attention from her human companions. She happily runs to you when she sees you or if you call her. Jewel will thrive with a loving family who can provide her with free-roaming space as she likes to be near her humans all the time. Like most rabbits, she doesn’t tolerate being picked up, will gladly sit nearby and sometimes beside you. If Jewel had it her way, she would be petted all day long. A family with older children is recommended as Jewel may nip at you when she is seeking attention. Jewel may make a great companion for another bunny.


We ❤️ Blondie! Her Forever People are out there somewhere, we sure hope they show up soon because they’re missing time with a Fab Rab! She’s been overlooked for far too long.

Blondie has been living in a foster home with her Mom in hopes that they would bond, but they’ve decided they don’t want to be long-term friends. Like most teenagers Blondie would like to have her own place. She is adventurous and loves to explore, although is shy with loud noises. She loves to hang out and get pets and treats. She loves her veggies and is clean and tidy. All in all she is a great little House Rabbit and has enjoyed time in a home, stretching her legs outside of a shelter cage. 


Introducing the lovely Sylvia – a big girl who is only 5 months old and growing! She is lively and full of energy, very curious and adventurous. She’s not easily startled and loves to hop behind you and test out clothing and objects in a very playful manner. Her youthful exuberance will require lots of stimulation and bunny-safe toys to keep her busy and out of trouble. Rabbits don’t require outdoor space so don’t let the video of her on the grass deter you if you don’t have a yard. But Sylvia definitely will need ample time to do her zoomies around your home and get her exercise.


Meet Lucky Lemongrass, a beautiful bun with jet-black fur. She’s celebrating her first birthday in July 2021 and is indeed lucky to be doing so – when she was just a baby, she was found in the axle of a car.
She’s growing up in a foster home and they report that she loves flopping, jumping and exploring. She will let you know when she wants attention my nudging you or running around your feet. She’s shy around new people and will take time to get to know you, but once she’s made friends, she’ll seek you out for playtime. You can find out more about this sweet rabbit on her foster person’s IG page, @lemongrassbunny.