Jenna is a sweet, black rabbit with beautiful sable markings.  She’s young and very fine boned.  She’ll hunker down for pets as long as you’ll do it.

She came to the shelter as an orphan with her siblings and has been hand raised .  Jenna is a bunny rabbit capable of bringing a lot of love to your home.

Jenna once she gets used to your home will blossom.  And she would make a great friend for an existing boy rabbit.

Please give Jenna the chance of a proper home where she can belong.


Poor little Rose. She was kept by people who gave her a very bad diet then abandoned her when she became unhealthy. That is not the way to care for a bunny rabbit.

Rose was found in North Vancouver caked in feces and urine under her tail. This is a clear sign of neglect and bad diet. It took several hours to clean her up and trim her fur.

But now she’s better! Look at her innocent face.

Rose is a dwarf lionhead and has the sweetest disposition. She is very easy to handle. She loves attention and considering what she went through it’s remarkable she bounced back with happiness and trust in humans.

Rose will need a home with people who are very careful with her diet. Lots of fresh hay. No sweets or treats! Her droppings are still very small and she does not eat heartily like a rabbit should but with diet care and good nourishment she will improve.

Any donation no matter the size will help bunnies like Rose recover, receive proper vet care and find a loving forever home. Donate to our Broken Bunny fund today.


Cinnabun is a red brown Rex female probably about 3.5 years old.

This poor little rabbit was surrendered to VRRA Vancouver Rabbit Rescue due to allergies and lack of time. Please, folks, test for allergies before getting a pet bunny rabbit!

Cinnabun is a lovely, soft coated girl who loves to be petted. She is a little shy sometimes and does not like to be picked up (like most rabbits) but she really appreciates petting.

Cinnabun uses her litter box and isn’t a destructive rabbit. She is overweight and learning to eat a better diet so needs a home with rabbit experienced people.


Persephone is a female harlequin bunny rabbit. She was born Oct 13, 2020.

Persi is a very out-going, friendly little bunny. She will appreciate room to explore and play. She used to live with her sister so she may enjoy a bunny friend. She is good with her litter box and not a chewy rabbit. 

She’s small and that would be perfect for someone who lives in a condo or apartment. And her carmel butterscotch coloured fur is oh-so soft!


This lovely girl has had a loving home in the past and is looking for a new loving home.

At approximately 3 years old, Bonbon might make a great bonded partner for an older rabbit. Bonbon’s coat is incredibly soft, and she loves the attention.

This is a rabbit that would sit on the couch beside you if it meant you would pet her as you binge watch your favorite show together.  She is particular about personal space when she is in her safe zone. She is amazing when you let her come to you. Won’t you come to her?


Beautiful Scarlett came to the shelter with three babies after being rescued off the streets.  She was very scared upon arrival. But, slowly, she is starting to trust again – especially if you have a treat in your hand!

She is looking for a quiet home; a home with experienced rabbit owners where she can feel safe and loved. 

Scarlett has so much potential to blossom, won’t you give her a chance? And just look at those magnificent blue eyes.


Minnie has a typical sad story.

She was caught in a park after a kind person drew our attention to her. Minnie was suffering from some wounds to her face – probably from fighting with other rabbits. But she’s healed and is a survivor.

At first Minnie was very scared of everything but she quickly adapted to being with us here at VRRA. She now is ok with being petted and comes to the front of the cage for food and treats.

Minnie is ok with careful handling.

She sometimes still gets scared but this little bunny has come a long way. Minnie may like to meet a boy bunny with the right attitude. She needs a home with people who will give her a chance to feel safe.


Julia is a Hotot breed cross and a very pretty rabbit with her dark eyeliner and blue eyes.

She is a medium sized rabbit, out-going and friendly. She uses her litter box well and is not a destructive rabbit. Julia grew up in a family, and was surrendered due to moving.

She will be a good family pet and nice house bunny.


Maxie is one of a family of bunnies surrendered to VRRA.

Maxie is a stunner inside and out.  She is very friendly and affectionate rabbit and would probably welcome a friend.

She’s extremely clean and non chewy.  And did we mention she has the most stunning blue eyes?


Kiki is a cute, lively little dwarf rabbit. She is quite shy but will most likely blossom in a loving home. Just look at her adorable face!

She’s very clean and litter trained. Maybe good as a friend to another rabbit.

If you are interested in meeting this young girl please fill in an adoption application at