Introducing the lovely Sylvia – a big girl who is only 5 months old and growing! She is lively and full of energy, very curious and adventurous. She’s not easily startled and loves to hop behind you and test out clothing and objects in a very playful manner. Her youthful exuberance will require lots of stimulation and bunny-safe toys to keep her busy and out of trouble. Rabbits don’t require outdoor space so don’t let the video of her on the grass deter you if you don’t have a yard. But Sylvia definitely will need ample time to do her zoomies around your home and get her exercise.


Lucky is just under a year old and got her name because she was found in the axle of a car when she was a baby. She is a sweet little girl and loves to hang out under her foster mom’s chair. Lucky is looking for a quiet home – no young children.


Skittle is a rabbit that loves to play. Ideally she’d love to have a home with opportunity to play outside sometimes in a safe area. She enjoyed jumping around in the snow at her foster. Skittle was probably on her own for awhile and so is getting used to trusting humans and being pet. She is a unique bun.


Blanche is a young bun with a common story: dumped outside to fend for herself. With her snowy white coat, Blanche has no camouflage from predators and is lucky to have survived long enough to be rescued. We are just getting to know her personality but she’s bright and very active – this will be a bunny that wants to jump up on your sofa and explore the house.


Wendelin is meditating on her future as a beloved House Rabbit, lounging in a living room, perhaps under a coffee table. She’s a sweet, friendly bunny but is still working on getting her litter box skills to 100%. Dwarf bunnies are especially adorable, but please remember that they require the same 10+ year commitment as bigger bunnies and have the same specialized diet and health needs.


Here is the lovely Stella. Himalayans are beautiful bunnies, known for their calm nature. Stella is well-behaved, with good litter box habits. She is a bit shy, although this trait may lessen once she’s settled into a regular routine with people that she loves and trusts. Stella has bounced around and is looking for a permanent place to call her own.