Mini (Vancouver)

Mini is an adorable Netherland Dwarf cross. She is about 1 year old and is a shy but sweet little bun. Mini is a very well behaved girl, she is great with her litter and is not particularly interested in furniture chewing (although she does enjoy the occasional wire chew). Mini is shy at first but once she warms up, she loves head pets and giving her humans kisses.

She absolutely adores tunnels and other hides. Mini also really does not like slippery floors, so carpet runners or floor coverings are needed. With good floor coverings, Mini will zoom and bink around with much enthusiasm and it is so cute to watch!

Mini is quite timid, and needs a calm and quiet home. She could do well with a respectful cat or very quiet dog. She does not like to be picked up but she tolerates it and can be handled fine, if necessary. She is also very good with grooming. With a patient and loving home, she will thrive! Mini likes No Furries Delights treats, as well as red and green leaf lettuce, cilantro, and parsley. She also loves blueberries!

If you would like to adopt Mini, please apply today!

Daisy (South Surrey)

Daisy is a stunning two year old holland lop.  Although a little shy, she’s also very curious and playful! 

Daisy would suit a rabbit experienced home with older children, although she was in a foster home with a couple of dogs and other rabbits, ss well as a respectful younger child.  She may also like a rabbit friend in a little while.  She was just spayed onMay 16.

Favourite foods:  Hay (she’s a big hay eater)
Veggies:  Lettuce, parsley, carrot tops, dandelions
Treats:  A small piece of carrot and woodland loops
We are still introducing new foods to her.

Daisy just needs a home to call her own, where she can be part of a family. If you would like to adopt Daisy, please apply today!

Cloudy (Vancouver)

Meet Cloudy!
This blue-eyed beauty was found in March, 2024, next to a busy street. Her kind foster parents rescued her and made a home for her in their living room. As soon as she felt safe she started bossing everyone around: them, their cats and a visiting dog. She is calm with them all. We don’t know how she will do with other rabbits, but she is willing to give it a try.
Cloudy has just been spayed and is now looking for a home where she can rearrange all her boxes and towels to suit herself, and where she’ll be allowed to explore and satisfy her curiosity.
She is still getting used to being petted, but is fairly calm about being picked up.
Are you ready for all the years of love Cloudy has to give you? If so, please apply today.

Name: Cloudy
Colour: White
Sex: Female
Breed: Dwarf (1.2 kg)
Birthday: October 1st, 2023
Good with: People, cats, respectful dogs
Other rabbits: Who knows?

Lulu (Vancouver)

This delightful and beautiful little bunny is hard to photograph because she won’t sit still! Lulu is very active. She loves to race about and explore. She will be on, and under everything. She is very friendly and loving, gives bunny kisses and can sometimes be sassy.

She needs a free run home with lots of interaction and play time. She is not hard to handle but isn’t “cuddly”. She will sit with you and loves attention. Lulu uses her litter box well but may need more than one. We think she is about 1 year old but as she was a stray rabbit we are not sure. Whoever adopts Lulu will have one fun bunny. If you would like to meet her, please apply today!

Evie (South Surrey)

Evie was a surrender from an accidental litter , back in June 2023.  She has had an adventurous early life causing an injury in her back legs.   So for the longest time this lively little rabbit was on metacam and cage rest. 

Fast forward to today this energetic little rabbit is happy, clean and curious.  She adores being the centre of attention and is loved by everyone who meets her. 

To meet Evie please fill in an adoption application!

Amy (South Surrey)

Amy is a magnificent, soft coated Rex lady, estimated about three to four years old.  She originally came into a local shelter as a stray and was overweight, had some dental issues and had GI stasis.

Happy to say she is fully recovered but will still need to be on a proper diet to keep her weight in check.

She is clean, extremely friendly and happy.  She will thrive in a family setting with respectful children.  She was in a foster home with a dog and cats.

Interested?  Please research and fill in an adoption application form to welcome this lady into your home!

Boo (South Surrey)

Boo has quite a story to tell.

In August of 2023 we received a request from a family fleeing the wildfires.  They had lost everything and needed to place a little baby black bunny.  Of course we said yes.

So Boo is very special to all of us, a survivor.  Boo is around 8 months old now and is blind in one eye due to a corneal scratch.   The ophthalmologist said it is healed.

Boo personality wise can be a mixture of sugar and spice.  She would need a rabbit savvy home , no children, just someone who could be gentle with her and learn to understand her.   She’s very sweet with her foster mom.

If you are the person that can offer your heart and home to Boo, please apply today!

Patsy (Vancouver)

Meet Patsy! Patsy is litter trained and is great at using it – she always uses the litter box while in and outside the enclosure. 

She is high energy level, needs lots of time outside the enclosure to run, and loves to run and hop when given the opportunity. She is very curious and will explore every corner she can. Has a great temperament, does not bite or scratch, can be picked up but prefers not to be held or pet. She has a personality and will stomp very loudly when you have annoyed her!

She is very food motivated. She gets along with dogs. Based off our last meeting she does not enjoy other rabbits too much.
She is sociable and will always greet you when opening her enclosure. If you walk in the room she will run towards you to greet you. She likes to be near you! If you’d like to meet Patsy, apply today!

Jenna (South Surrey)

Meet Jenna!

Jenna came into the shelter as a very young kit maybe 2–3 days old with her siblings and mom. The babies’ nest was found in a construction site in Richmond when a crew was getting ready to pour concrete. VRRA volunteers went out to pick up the babies and trap the mother rabbit. Jenna has been given the estimated DOB: Oct 15, 2021 She is a beautiful spayed black female. 

Jenna is a perfect companion for people who work from home. Her current foster works from home as a language interpreter, which is a stressful job because we take calls from 911 and hospitals. Jenna’s positive cuddly personality brings joy to even the hardest days. 

Jenna is very smart and she knows how to tell you what she needs – sometimes her foster is amazed by her communication skills. Jenna loves zoomies and she’s definitely an artist for re-shaping a carpet runs!

Jenna is not a big fan of being picked up but she LOVES to be stroked & pet. Her favourite areas are forehead, ear, shoulder and back. Jenna has great litter skills all around a pretty clean rabbit. If you’d like to meet Jenna apply today!

Lotus (Vancouver)

Meet sweet and sassy Lotus! Lotus has a beautiful black coat that has a shine to it under the sun. Her chubby cheeks and potato shaped body is adorable to everyone who visits her. 

Lotus is incredibly smart and curious as she loves to be involved with her humans and learn daily routines very quickly. She is litter trained and will only leave a few coco puffs out while free roaming which may die down over time as she gets used to her space. She is a good girl and always returns to her litter box to pee. 

Lotus is a sweet and sassy bunny, constantly entertaining her foster parents by begging for head pets and demanding food. After settling down in a new home, she will allow her trusted human to cuddle with her on her terms, preferably on the floor or couch where she is resting. 

Lotus will do well in a household with respectful older children. Like many bunnies, Lotus is afraid of loud noises and sudden movements. It is unknown if Lotus will do well in a home with other animals as she can get scared by the sight of cats and dogs. A slow introduction with a respectful and quiet dog or cat may work. 

Lotus is a great candidate for bonding! During speed dating, Lotus has shown her agile skills by jumping in a dancing motion around potential partners. She is always super excited to meet a new friend and eager to find her loving, forever home!

If you are interested in adopting Lotus, please apply today!