Nugget and Muffin

Nugget (dark-grey) and Muffin (tan-grey) are fighters. Rescued as babies from a hail storm that their nine siblings tragically didn’t survive, it’s no wonder they’re absolutely inseparable. Friendly and playful, they will happily boop you to let you know who’s boss (in the most loving way) and most of the time you can find them cuddling and grooming each other or lounging out around your home like bunny baguettes.

These confident girls are very forward and willing to tell you what’s on her mind. If they’re unhappy with something, they will proudly stomp their feet in protest. This is a great feature because one is able to easily see their likes and dislikes and make adjustments accordingly. For example, coaxing them back into their enclosure for bedtime despite a full day of free-roam play will result in a thump 9/10 times. Fortunately they are very food-motivated which makes them easily persuaded.

Given their rough start and justifiable distrust of humans, it’s truly incredible how far they’ve come. Nugget will let you pet her when she’s lounging about, and Muffin has zero hesitation to hop up on the couch and leap onto your lap! Muffin is not too keen on pets but she’s slowly warming up to them! Both bunnies have perfect litter skills, always doing #1 in their litter box, and leaving minimal stray #2s around their enclosure.

We can’t wait for them to find their perfect home to give them all the love and attention that they deserve. For those looking to scoop these sweeties up, please be able to provide lots of fresh veggies (their favourite) and a big space that they can call their own. In addition to, of course, a lifetime of love!

Nugget and Muffins’ foster parents have an Instagram account they update frequently with photos and videos:

If you are interested in adopting Nugget and Muffin, please fill in our adoption application form here.


My name’s Skye! Check out my beautiful blue eyes. My sisters and I were found in a Dairy Queen parking lot in Richmond, we were only about 4 weeks old. We didn’t even get a banana split before being dumped, who does that?! My estimated DOB March 23, 2022. I have a clean bill of health, spayed and vaccinated. I’m great with my litter box. I was raised in a foster home with kids so I’m open to meeting respectful children. I enjoy playing with toys & doing binkies and zoomies. I’ll need space for that. I can be a bit shy at first but I’m very sweet and enjoy attention. I love banana & apple oxbow treats, yummy. I’m looking for a forever home to call my own. I might be open to meeting a male bunny but I’m happy to be your only and #1 fur baby. Can’t wait to meet you, please apply to meet me today! 

If you are interested in adopting Skye, please fill in our adoption application form here.


Lilac is a medium large rabbit, about a year old. She came from an outdoor living situation and has 7 beautiful babies that are also needing homes.

Lilac is a friendly and energetic bunny. She loves to play, especially when there’s treats involved. While she can be penned in when needed, she loved to snuffle around and explore every inch of her surroundings, just watch out for your cords! If the weather is nice she’ll lie out in the shade for hours.

In the evening she’ll cozy up next to you or in your lap and loves it when you scratch along her back and between her ears.

She can be a bit distrusting and needs a little more training not to chew things, but she is a very sweet and loving girl, who will return your affection over time. In the second picture you can see the heart shape she has in her fur!

If you are interested in adopting Lilac, please fill in our adoption application form here.


My name is Brooke! I’m a happy healthy rabbit – spayed and vaccinated. I’m a Netherland dwarf cross – you might not know this but we can be a bit sassy and quirky. I’ve been told I’m quite the little princess. Just like any other princess I love to be spoiled with toys and treats. I enjoy Oxbow treats and my daily fresh salads of leafy greens and herbs.

I’m very clean and use my litter box to perfection. It might take me a bit of time to warm up to a new person and home but I can’t wait to have a home to call my own. Ultimately, I’d love to be a free roam rabbit or even have my own room. I’m open to meeting a male bunny or even another respectful house pet. Can’t wait to show you my binkies and zoomies when we meet so apply today! 

If you are interested in adopting Brooke, please fill in our adoption application form here.


Beautiful Scarlett came to the shelter with three babies after being rescued off the streets.  She was very scared upon arrival. But, slowly, she is starting to trust again – especially if you have a treat in your hand!

She is looking for a quiet home; a home with experienced rabbit owners where she can feel safe and loved. 

Scarlett has so much potential to blossom, won’t you give her a chance? And just look at those magnificent blue eyes.

Miss Muppet

Meet Miss Muppet..

This beautiful black bunny with helicopter ears will keep you on your toes while also stealing your heart. She’s quite the character rabbit – sweet as pie and as spicy as can be.

Muppet will need a bunny-experienced home; teenager to adult would be best. Muppet is possessive of her space and has been known to bite. She’s normally great when free-roaming the house – her attitude seems to only be with sharing her stuff or having her area cleaned.

She’s great with respectful cats and dogs. She loves to cuddle and be pet on her terms. This spunky girl is in search of her perfect home. 

Poppy & Pansy

Poppy & Pansy

Poppy and Pansy are a double-dose of adorable!

Poppy (white spot on the nose) has a very loving personality and is always ready for a cuddle. She loves to sit on one’s lap for extended periods of time while receiving pats & kisses. Pansy has an adventurous personality and loves to explore. She is the alpha girl who looks out for both of them. Pansy is warming up to cuddles – on her terms – she dislikes being picked up – as most bunnies do. 

Their litterbox habits are consistently great 98% of the time. Poppy & Pansy enjoy a healthy diet and an occasional treat (banana, berries, apple). 

Both bunnies enjoy nibbling on cardboard, showing off with binkies, zoomies and a comfy hide-out box to sleep in together. These bun-sisters will be awesome free-roaming house bunnies, as they have been thriving having a spacious room of their own in foster.

Poppy & Pansy will bring much joy, love and laughs to whomever is lucky enough to become their Forever Home. Is that you?

Annie and Fiona

It’s nice to snuggle with a friend.

Annie & Fiona are bonded sisters and are ready to make the hop into a Forever Home together.

These large friendly girls have been raised in a foster home with respectful dogs.

Big Bunnies are the Best!