Charlie & Casey (South Surrey)

Meet Charlie (female, black & white) bonded with Casey (male black)! These two bunnies were both found on different days in a Costco parking lot, 2–3 days-old. Estimated birthday April 15th, 2023. With some wonderful VRRA volunteers taking on hand-feeding, these two have grown into beautiful & healthy rabbits. These buns are friendly & curious, especially Charlie. She loves to interact with humans and is incredibly easy to pick up and handle. 

Both buns have the best litter habits their foster home has ever seen bar none. They go crazy for banana & grapes, as a small treat. They snuggle together and enjoy looking like little statues side by side. Whoever gets these little treasures will be lucky indeed. Apply today to meet Casey & Charlie!

Isla and Dahlia (South Surrey)

Dahlia (day-lee-uh) and Isla (eye-law) are beautiful chinchilla mix sisters who absolutely adore each other. They love to play with stacking cups, cat toys and anything that they can easily throw around. They are very good at using their litter box and surprisingly don’t chew much.

Dahlia is very food motivated where as Isla is a bit indifferent. Isla is quite shy and nervous where as dahlia tends to be a bit more adventurous and curious. They both enjoy their space and tend to keep to themselves, but don’t mind occasional pets.

If you want to adopt Isla and Dahlia, do your research and apply today.

Ross (South Surrey)

Meet the most handsome boy, Ross (milk).  He was affectionately named because of his adorable black spots (like a dairy cow!) and at over 7 pounds he has enough chunk to live up to his namesake.

He is a hotot-cross rabbit who loves a good meal! This means you can train him to do almost whatever you set your mind to. His previous foster mom loved practicing “come up” and “get down” all over her home, and he would often jump up on her lap just to get extra treats!

His only weakness is hardwood floors. He gets very nervous when he doesn’t have good grip, so he’d prefer a nice plush carpet to run and binky on.

He is a gentle bun who has so much love to give. He has a relaxed temperament (aka won’t eat your baseboard!), uses his litter box, and will make a great addition to any home. After his bonded bunny wife passed away in the summer of 2023, he has been eager to find a new snuggle partner and lifelong companion. 

If you want to become Ross’s furever home, do your research and apply today.

Declan O’Hare (South Surrey)

Declan O’Hare is a big boy, 5 months old and still growing.  He is the sweetest, friendly rabbit you would wish to find. 

He came in  a tiny baby with a cord around his neck which of course was removed and he healed well.  Our little guy was emaciated also, but he’s made up for lost time.

Declan would like a home where he has lots of space to stretch those long legs and receive lots of attention.  He would suit most families, he’s clean, outgoing and playful.

This boy needs to be met as any photo cannot capture how outgoing he can be. If you would like to meet Declan, please apply today.

Bentley (South Surrey)

Meet Bentley! He is a 6-year-old male harlequin with good litter habits.

Bentley is very smart and knows his name. He is friendly, outgoing & always happy to meet new people. He loves to spend his time playing with stacking cups and chewing cardboard. He enjoys his nightly greens – romaine, cilantro, parsley – followed by a Loop or Oxbow treat. Once his tummy is full, he flops and relaxes with his stuffed bunny. Bentley is good with kids and other respectful pets – he is currently living in a foster home with cats and a dog.

If you would like to meet Bentley, please apply today.

Han and Luke (South Surrey)

Our second pair of Star Wars brothers Han and Luke have been with us at least a year.  Came here as little strays, they were hand reared in a loving foster home.

They are curious especially about new things, love toys and will do anything for a treat.  Always eager for food.  Both enjoy zooming around and would most likely enjoy agility.

Han and Luke would do better in a home with older children or a rabbit savvy home.  They are very active, happy interactive rabbits, very neat and tidy.  They would be an entertaining addition to any home. If you would like to meet Han and Luke, please apply today.

Reuben (South Surrey)

Reuben is a very sociable, playful rabbit that came in off the streets.  We think he’s fairly young, as he’s grown since he came to us.  He’s smart, litter trained and will blossom in almost any home.

If you would like to meet Reuben, please apply today.

Opal (South Surrey)

This gorgeous, friendly little mini Rex, Opal, came into the VRRA fold when her owner had to leave the country.  She’s been used to lots of attention in her former home and would love to be adored in her next.  She is velvety soft and tiny.

She loves her hay, lettuce, Italian parsley, carrot tops but not a lover of pellets.  If you want a bunny that just wants to be loved Opal is the one.  She’s also very clean.

She’s definitely a favourite of all she meets! If you would like to meet Opal, please apply today.

Bonsai (South Surrey)

Bonsai came to us as a baby with a broken hind leg which has healed beautifully.  She was found as a stray on the side of the road.

She has just been spayed and is looking for a loving home to show off her gentleness and curious nature.  Bonsai is calm around respectful dogs and has lived around other rabbits but not in direct contact.  She is a sweet bun and received a glowing report for good behaviour whilst at the vet for surgery.  Bonsai will be a great addition to a bunny loving family.

If you would like to meet Bonsai, please apply today.

Darcy & Jetta (South Surrey)

Darcy and Jetta are a bonded pair of 1.5 year old sisters. They are almost identical in looks but very different in personality.

Jetta is an adventurous bunny once she is comfortable, she loves getting her outside time on the grass or running around the house she has a lot of zoom zooms. She loves treats of kale and apples but doesn’t care for our small dog and robot vacuums. She has one ear that is lopped but that adds to her cuteness. She is working on her litter training and is quite obsessed with her cat scratching hiding space so this will come with them to their new home. 

Darcy is a couch potato bunny with excellent litter box skills. She likes to sit on the sofa or bean bag and is content to chill for hours with her kid and little dog buddy. She tolerates being held but would prefer to just sit beside a person/dog and cuddle.

They just had a vet visit and are in excellent health, well socialized and can’t wait to meet their new forever family. If you would like to meet Darcy and Jetta, please apply today.