Ducky and Tippy (South Surrey)

Ducky and Tippy, are sweet, active young sisters. They would love to have lots of space to do their zoomies and binkies. They are small-to-medium shiny black buns with delicate bone structure. Both are spayed and vaccinated. 

They are good with their litter boxes and have really developed into great little rabbits. May even develop into great agility bunnies. These two beautiful black bunnies full of personality came in as stray young babies on Aug 6, 2022, around 5 days old. They were found in a baseball diamond covered in sand with their siblings.

These girls have grown up in the shelter and are ready to find their perfect home. If you can give them that home, apply today!

Little Foot and Petrie (South Surrey)

These two brothers, Little Foot & Petrie came in as babies on Aug 6, 2022, around 5 days old! They were found in a baseball diamond covered in sand with their siblings. These boys have grown up in the shelter and are ready to find their perfect home to continue learning to be great house bunnies.

They have good litter habits, and are neutered and vaccinated. Little Foot has a white front paw and Petrie is all black. They are small-medium size. These two boys are friendly and enjoy pets once they trust you. They love to show off their binkies & zoomies! If you have room in your heart and home apply today. 

Mulan (South Surrey)

Mulan is a stunning warrior princess! She was found as a stray in Maple Ridge. She can be a little shy and wary but will blossom in the right home. She’s very clean and tidy.

Also, Mulan is a very smart bunny. With patience she will be able to learn a few tricks. Those beautiful eyes seem to talk to you. Mulan would love a free roam home to call her own. She is spayed, vaccinated, and ready to be adopted! If you would like to give Mulan a home, please apply today.

Maui (South Surrey)

Hey! I’m Maui! 

So my mom’s name is Coconut. She was abandoned by her owner and left by herself outdoors. VRRA rescued her and put her in a foster home, where she surprised everyone when she gave birth to eight tiny babies on June 22/22. I was one of them! I’m Mom’s favorite girl of course! I’m really friendly and sweet, and I’ve got this really cute, fuzzy face! I enjoy being pet and I’d love to flop out in the couch and watch movies together.

I’m pretty relaxed and chill, but I can show you some awesome zoomies too when I get excited! I’ve been to the vet for my spay and vaccination, so I’m all ready to move into a forever home of my own. I hope I don’t have to wait in the shelter long. The volunteers are nice but I want a family to call my own. Maybe that could be you! If so, please apply today.

Popcorn (South Surrey)

Howdy! I’m Popcorn! Son of Coconut, who came into rescue as a stray then surprised her foster family by having a whole bunch of babies. One was me!!

Let’s see… I’m a boy and my birthday is June 22, 2022. I’m very cute and I’ve got pretty blue eyes. I’ve been neutered and vaccinated. I’m litter trained and I eat my hay too! I like to explore and have been called “busy”. I’d rather be busy than lazy! My favorite things right now are “jumping around” (hence my name!) and chewing on my toys.

I’m thinking my perfect home might be with you! If you wanna take care of me and love me forever apply today. 

Midnight and Onyx (South Surrey)

Meet Midnight and Onyx! This pair of lion head brothers are looking for their furever home. They are clean rabbits with good litter skills. Enjoy pets & are friendly. You’ll be impressed by the binkies and zoomies. These boys can definitely put on a great show. 

 If you are interested in adopting or foster head on over to and fill out our adoption application here. Be sure you do your homework on modern rabbit care ( and are great resources).

Melody (South Surrey)

Meet Melody, an adorable Holland lop lady who came to Vancouver rabbit rescue and advocacy as a stray.  She’s estimated to be around two years old.

Melody is an incredibly clean and tidy girl who could definitely teach Litter Training 101. She can be a little shy until she gets to know you, but she is very sweet and inquisitive and would love a home where she’s treated like a princess.

If you would like to welcome this little lady to your home, please do your research prior to filling in our adoption application form here.

Lincoln (South Surrey)

Meet Lincoln, Betty White’s son, born Feb 3, 2022. This is a quieter boy with a heart of gold. Would love to see him have room to run and show off his binkies. His personality would shine in a loving home, or with a bunny friend. He is neutered and up to date on his RHD Vaccine.

Apply today to meet Lincoln at our South Surrey Shelter.

Eclipse (South Surrey)

Eclipse, daughter of Betty White, born Feb 3, 2022. Another bun who just wants to be part of the family, and will blossom with love and attention. Not a true black more of a sable coat as her coat shimmers. She’s a sweetheart and awaiting a forever home. She may also be interested in meeting a handsome male bunny to bond with.

If you’re interested in meeting her, please apply today to book an appointment at our South Surrey Shelter.  

Tetra (South Surrey)

Meet Tetra, Betty White’s daughter. Born Feb 3, 2022. Don’t let this sweet face fool you, it hides a clever mind. She will climb her cage to have a chance to run around and enjoy being with her human. She is spayed and vaccinated ready for her forever home. She may even enjoy meeting a handsome male bunny to bond with.

Apply today to meet this sweet girl at our South Surrey Shelter.