Chestnut (South Surrey)

Chestnut was just a baby when he was found.  Luckily he was rescued in time and found himself in a kind foster home.  He was also found with his sister but as the months passed by they didn’t get on.

Chestnut is approximately 10 months old and extremely tiny.  He may have a mixture of Netherland dwarf x lop in him.  Whatever his mix, he’s adorable! Chestnut is starting to blossom from a scared little rabbit to quite curious and will let you pet him and is easier to handle.  He is also very fast.

He’s spotlessly clean , a perfect little rabbit. Chestnut because of his size would be better in an adult home or with older children. Not sure of his reaction to dogs or cats but may appreciate a rabbit friend.

If you would like to adopt Chestnut, please apply today.

Nutmeg (South Surrey)

Meet Nutmeg!

Nutmeg came to VRRA as a baby.  She was found along with her brother Chestnut in Abbotsford and cared for in a kind foster home.

Nutmeg is approximately 10 months old now.  She’s a tiny dwarf, with helicopter ears and sable points on her nose and ears. She is shy but in the right home (quiet, no small children please) Nutmeg will blossom.

She’s curious, and partial to certain greens.  Nutmeg would love a bun husband to keep her company. Could you be Nutmeg’s dream home? If so, please apply today!

Crisp (South Surrey)

Crisp is a one year old English spot cross, who came into the local shelter as a stray.

Crisp can be a little shy at first meeting, but it doesn’t last long.  Such a sweetheart. Will snuggle when picked up.   He’s curious and extremely easy going.

This handsome little boy would most likely welcome a bun friend as well a home to call his own.

If you would like to welcome Crisp into your family, please do your research and fill in an adoption application form today! 

Silver (South Surrey)

Silver was found in Langley dumped, hopping around for a few days. She was hiding under cedar trees before being trapped. Silver is a female chinchilla bun medium to large size. She was about 8 months to a year old when found giving her estimated DOB: 3-Aug-2023. Spayed and RHD up to date.

Silver is shy at first but once she trusts you, she enjoys being near you and head pets. She has good litter habits and is good with other respectful house pets. Silver might even enjoy having a male bunny friend to spend her days with. Silver loves her treats and will always come running when she hears the box. Silver enjoys playing with stacking cups and willow ring chews. Most of the time you’ll find she had put her toys in her water bowl LOL… 

During her free roam time she is adventurous and will show off her binkies. She is a very fast runner and great jumper, might be a good agility bun. She is very smart, could learn tricks if someone spent the time to bond with her and teach her. 

If you’re interested in meeting Silver, please apply today! 

Mini (Vancouver)

Mini is an adorable Netherland Dwarf cross. She is about 1 year old and is a shy but sweet little bun. Mini is a very well behaved girl, she is great with her litter and is not particularly interested in furniture chewing (although she does enjoy the occasional wire chew). Mini is shy at first but once she warms up, she loves head pets and giving her humans kisses.

She absolutely adores tunnels and other hides. Mini also really does not like slippery floors, so carpet runners or floor coverings are needed. With good floor coverings, Mini will zoom and bink around with much enthusiasm and it is so cute to watch!

Mini is quite timid, and needs a calm and quiet home. She could do well with a respectful cat or very quiet dog. She does not like to be picked up but she tolerates it and can be handled fine, if necessary. She is also very good with grooming. With a patient and loving home, she will thrive! Mini likes No Furries Delights treats, as well as red and green leaf lettuce, cilantro, and parsley. She also loves blueberries!

If you would like to adopt Mini, please apply today!

Mr. McFurry (Vancouver)

Mr. McFurry is a little dwarf lionhead found in a local park. He was very thin and easy to catch. He’s a friendly little fellow, easy to handle, and loves pets. He is also litter trained.

We think he is quite young, likely born early 2024. He has been vaccinated for RHD2 and was neutered in May 2024.  He is a sweet boy and would make a lovely friend for another bunny too!

If you would like to adopt him, please apply today!

Lulu (Vancouver)

This delightful and beautiful little bunny is hard to photograph because she won’t sit still! Lulu is very active. She loves to race about and explore. She will be on, and under everything. She is very friendly and loving, gives bunny kisses and can sometimes be sassy.

She needs a free run home with lots of interaction and play time. She is not hard to handle but isn’t “cuddly”. She will sit with you and loves attention. Lulu uses her litter box well but may need more than one. We think she is about 1 year old but as she was a stray rabbit we are not sure. Whoever adopts Lulu will have one fun bunny. If you would like to meet her, please apply today!

Evie (South Surrey)

Evie was a surrender from an accidental litter , back in June 2023.  She has had an adventurous early life causing an injury in her back legs.   So for the longest time this lively little rabbit was on metacam and cage rest. 

Fast forward to today this energetic little rabbit is happy, clean and curious.  She adores being the centre of attention and is loved by everyone who meets her. 

To meet Evie please fill in an adoption application!

Boo (South Surrey)

Boo has quite a story to tell.

In August of 2023 we received a request from a family fleeing the wildfires.  They had lost everything and needed to place a little baby black bunny.  Of course we said yes.

So Boo is very special to all of us, a survivor.  Boo is around 8 months old now and is blind in one eye due to a corneal scratch.   The ophthalmologist said it is healed.

Boo personality wise can be a mixture of sugar and spice.  She would need a rabbit savvy home , no children, just someone who could be gentle with her and learn to understand her.   She’s very sweet with her foster mom.

If you are the person that can offer your heart and home to Boo, please apply today!

Phoenix (Vancouver)

Name: Phoenix (Phi Phi)
Colour: Brown Agouti
Sex: Female
Birthday: Aug 8 2022
Age: 1 year
Spayed and vaccinated.

This brown beauty Phoenix (Phi Phi) has her lineage from the famous Jericho Beach bunnies.
Her adorable brown eyes have the power to guilt you into giving her all your treats. Don’t be fooled!

She has come a long way with her social skills these days now that she’s no longer a cranky teenager. She even asks for pets and she’s quite cuddly for a little while.  

Phoenix will sometimes tell you that its time to put her down by giving little nips but overall she’s a really sweet squishmallow.

She’s even started dating, realizing that boy buns aren’t that bad. Her favorite manbun is Benjamin… probably because he lets her hog all his food!

She will need a kind and patient home that will give her the time she needs to warm up to people or allow her to be the aloof bunny she wants to be. If you want to adopt Phoenix, please do your research and apply today.