Charlie & Casey (South Surrey)

Meet Charlie (female, black & white) bonded with Casey (male black)! These two bunnies were both found on different days in a Costco parking lot, 2–3 days-old. Estimated birthday April 15th, 2023. With some wonderful VRRA volunteers taking on hand-feeding, these two have grown into beautiful & healthy rabbits. These buns are friendly & curious, especially Charlie. She loves to interact with humans and is incredibly easy to pick up and handle. 

Both buns have the best litter habits their foster home has ever seen bar none. They go crazy for banana & grapes, as a small treat. They snuggle together and enjoy looking like little statues side by side. Whoever gets these little treasures will be lucky indeed. Apply today to meet Casey & Charlie!

Phoenix (Vancouver)

Name: Phoenix (Phi Phi)
Colour: Brown Agouti
Sex: Female
Birthday: Aug 8 2022
Age: 1 year
Spayed and vaccinated.

This brown beauty Phoenix (Phi Phi) has her lineage from the famous Jericho Beach bunnies.

She is quite the independent bunny. Shy and doesn’t enjoy being picked up or touched all that much, Phoenix will allow you to hold and cuddle her for a short amount of time but will communicate that its time to put her down by giving little pinching nips.

She will need a kind and patient home that will give her the time she needs to warm up to people or allow her to be the aloof bunny she wants to be. She doesn’t really care for the company of other rabbits either. She had enough of her sister one day and decided to tell her she didn’t want to share a house with her anymore that led to a scuffle which split her ear (stitches didn’t help unfortunately). She once tolerated a manbun in her home so there’s hope she can one day partner with another.

She is a big, sweet, food loving girl, though, that just needs to learn that people are here to be her servants. So if you miss having teenagers around the house, Phoenix is the bunny for you! If you want to adopt Phoenix, please do your research and apply today.

Kendra (Vancouver)

Name: Kendra
Colour: Black
Sex: Female
Birthday: Aug 8 2022
Age: 1 year
Spayed and vaccinated.

Kendra was born just days after her feral mother was rescued from Jericho beach. Black bunnies have a hard time finding forever homes but Kendra is a cuddler which is not common for many rabbits. She does well being picked up and loves being petted so she will even nose boop you whenever you are nearby to ask for affection.

Kendra is a bit mischievous and has often escaped her room to explore the rest of the house. She prefers to be indoors and would even suit living in an apartment as long as she has room to run around and fulfill her curiosity.

If you adopt Kendra, you will learn why so many people fall in love with the friendly little bunnies of Jericho beach. If you want to adopt her, please do your research and apply today.

Declan O’Hare (South Surrey)

Declan O’Hare is a big boy, 5 months old and still growing.  He is the sweetest, friendly rabbit you would wish to find. 

He came in  a tiny baby with a cord around his neck which of course was removed and he healed well.  Our little guy was emaciated also, but he’s made up for lost time.

Declan would like a home where he has lots of space to stretch those long legs and receive lots of attention.  He would suit most families, he’s clean, outgoing and playful.

This boy needs to be met as any photo cannot capture how outgoing he can be. If you would like to meet Declan, please apply today.

Reuben (South Surrey)

Reuben is a very sociable, playful rabbit that came in off the streets.  We think he’s fairly young, as he’s grown since he came to us.  He’s smart, litter trained and will blossom in almost any home.

If you would like to meet Reuben, please apply today.

Jorunna (South Surrey)

Meet Jorunna! She was named during our “name a bunny” auction.. Jorunna aka Bunny Slug Of The Sea!

Since birth she was affectionately nicknamed “Odd Ball” by her foster. She is called Odd Ball because she is… well… odd. This baby girl has ruby eyes and very different markings from her litter mates. She has a refined way about her, and the cutest little dark ears that don’t quite make it down to her head! It’s like they got dunked in cocoa powder!

Cute, curious and playful as many baby rabbits are, this one is also a discriminating foodie. Odd Ball takes her napping very seriously; after a long day of exploring, you’ll find her flopped under her log hidey house. Jorunna is a dwarf cross so will stay a smaller rabbit. She was born Jan 1, 2023.  She has been good in her foster home with other respectful pets. If you interested in meeting her, please apply to adopt today. 

Shadow (Vancouver)

This is Shadow!

He is approximately 7.5 months old. We found Shadow just before Christmas and brought him to our home to keep him warm. He is very clean, curious and adores rubs behind his ears.

During the day he likes to sleep in a comfortable dark place, but at dusk and dawn he likes to be a part of the family. He is active and playful and loves time outside.

He also likes to keep tabs on our golden retriever. And our kids!

If you’re interested in meeting Shadow, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Pauly (South Surrey)

Meet Pauly! Handsome neutered male dwarf cross born Jan 1, 2023. Pauly is an active & playful bunny. This curious dare devil may also have the makes to be a parkour rabbit since he loves to jump on things and binky off. He knows he is adorable and can get away with his shenanigans. Once all his energy is burned off, he’ll flop for some pets. He might have the makings of a great agility bun!

If you’re interested in meeting Pauly, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Kevin (South Surrey)

Meet Kevin! This guy is a little bit of a weirdo; he likes to stand in his water bowl. Perhaps he identifies as more of a hippo than a rabbit… Who are we to question his life choices? This little bun hippo gets along well with his siblings and is quite submissive.

A little shy at first, but he is very sweet and friendly. He may be interested in meeting a nice female friend. He is a dwarf cross born Jan 1, 2023. His mama Tiana came in as a stray with a 4-week-old kit and then surprised us with another six babies. 

If you’re interested in meeting Kevin, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Boba and Roo (South Surrey)

Meet Boba & Roo! These two beautiful sisters were born in a loving foster home. Their mother was brought in as a stray/dumped rabbit who surprised us with babies (born June 2022). They are learning to be good house bunnies with good litter skills.

They enjoy doing everything together from eating to playing and snuggling up at nap time. They’re waiting to find their perfect forever home. Apply today to meet these wonderful girls!

Boba and Roo can go to a home with:
Rabbits: No Thank you we have each other
Dogs: Unknown
Cats: Unknown
Family home with Children: Yes