Tilda and Harley (Vancouver)

This pair of house bunnies had to be left behind when their people moved to England. That made them very sad but they did the best they could and left them with us to find their new home.

Harley is a Holland Lop in a harlequin coat and his girlfriend, Tilda is also a harlequin. Both are shy at first but good house bunnies that use their litter box well and are not chewy. They like to explore and once they get to know their home and people will be very happy bunnies. Harley and Tilda are only two years old. If you would like to adopt them, please apply today!

Jacky and Charlie (Vancouver)

Meet Jacky (girl, brown) and Charlie (boy, black)! They’re a bonded girl and boy, probably both around 4 years old. Both are so lovely with good habits. 

Jacky is definitely the alpha, she’s curious and brave. Charlie will follow anything she does, AKA not eating a new treat until Jacky has tried it herself…but he gets braver everyday. The bond between them is very strong, if they’re not laying side by side, they’re mirroring each other in twin positions on either sides of the room. Charlie is more interested in toys and likes to engage in play (something like bugging him with a stick or a cat toy gets him riled up) whereas Jacky is more into just gnawing down on a piece of cardboard. They will tear around in zoomies at night, but are otherwise very chill house-buns. They have amazing house habits and love to groom each other. They both come with trauma from their past so don’t expect them to come cuddle on your lap, but they love to receive cheek scratches and full body pets. They’re truly affectionate and will follow you around the house, and can even answer to their name, jumping up on the couch when you summon them. They’re the most lovely duo of companionship one could ask for.

They are both free range in the house and are litter box trained. They are quite calm and like to lay around the house together. They like cardboard toys to chew. They will bite wires if exposed! Jacky and Charlie like their space, but also like to be pet. They are friendly and smart, though can be shy at first. They’re very sweet with each other! It’s easy to love these two – they are a treat to have around!

If you are interested in adopting Jacky and Charlie, please apply today!

Ladybug and Lovebug (South Surrey)

Meet Ladybug, darker brown with white spot on her nose, and her sister, Lovebug, who has white feet and is a lighter brown.  Both are approximately 7 months old and have a definite different look about them.  They are lionhead lops.  Both girls have very sweet natures and get on really well.  They do not appear skittish but can be wary of loud noises.

Their likes: Food, veggies, hay and a bedtime bunny cookie
                    Being very active and curious.  They are busy little bugs!

It’s difficult to tell of their dislikes as they have only been around other rabbits.  As always proper introductions must be held with dogs or cats.

Older respectful children and a willingness to educate themselves on rabbit care with the primary care giver a must.

These young ladies will need to be groomed regularly too. If you are interested in adopting them, please apply today.

Isla and Dahlia (South Surrey)

Dahlia (day-lee-uh) and Isla (eye-law) are beautiful chinchilla mix sisters who absolutely adore each other. They love to play with stacking cups, cat toys and anything that they can easily throw around. They are very good at using their litter box and surprisingly don’t chew much.

Dahlia is very food motivated where as Isla is a bit indifferent. Isla is quite shy and nervous where as dahlia tends to be a bit more adventurous and curious. They both enjoy their space and tend to keep to themselves, but don’t mind occasional pets.

If you want to adopt Isla and Dahlia, do your research and apply today.

Han and Luke (South Surrey)

Our second pair of Star Wars brothers Han and Luke have been with us at least a year.  Came here as little strays, they were hand reared in a loving foster home.

They are curious especially about new things, love toys and will do anything for a treat.  Always eager for food.  Both enjoy zooming around and would most likely enjoy agility.

Han and Luke would do better in a home with older children or a rabbit savvy home.  They are very active, happy interactive rabbits, very neat and tidy.  They would be an entertaining addition to any home. If you would like to meet Han and Luke, please apply today.

Darcy & Jetta (South Surrey)

Darcy and Jetta are a bonded pair of 1.5 year old sisters. They are almost identical in looks but very different in personality.

Jetta is an adventurous bunny once she is comfortable, she loves getting her outside time on the grass or running around the house she has a lot of zoom zooms. She loves treats of kale and apples but doesn’t care for our small dog and robot vacuums. She has one ear that is lopped but that adds to her cuteness. She is working on her litter training and is quite obsessed with her cat scratching hiding space so this will come with them to their new home. 

Darcy is a couch potato bunny with excellent litter box skills. She likes to sit on the sofa or bean bag and is content to chill for hours with her kid and little dog buddy. She tolerates being held but would prefer to just sit beside a person/dog and cuddle.

They just had a vet visit and are in excellent health, well socialized and can’t wait to meet their new forever family. If you would like to meet Darcy and Jetta, please apply today.

Annie & Fiona (South Surrey)

Fiona and Annie’s foster parents say: they’re an absolute delight to have! They have become so much more comfortable with us and they make us laugh so much. They love to explore our little balcony. They do zoomies and binkies in the morning when they know they’re getting their morning pellets. Not picky when it comes to food. 

Annie might need some time to examine new foods, but she likes most of the things she’s tried. Fiona loves everything! Fiona is more outgoing and braver than Annie. Annie is more cautious and reserved but she is coming out of her shell for sure. I think they need someone who has lots of patience to respect their space and build trust slowly.

Also, if you could please add They are both lovely. They also have an Instagram which can be added.

Annie is grey, and Fiona is brown. Both are lovely! If you would like to meet Annie & Fiona, please apply today. You can also check them out on Instagram by scanning the QR code below!

Zach and Cody

Zach and Cody are a gorgeous pair of bonded Holland Lop brothers!

Zach, neutered male, 4 yrs old ( estimated birthdate: June 30, 2019), solid tan coloured short coat, good teeth, good weight, loves to flop to sleep, smart, harder to catch outside, he chases his brother Cody around when anticipating being fed pellets, more likely to try new foods, monitor for chewing inappropriately on edge of linoleum, he had one mild episode of GI stasis requiring veterinary intervention Sept 2022.

Cody, neutered male, 4 yrs old ( estimated birthdate: June 30, 2019), tan coloured with black shoulder, short coat, monitor tooth spur 408, 409 – lower right tongue side, good weight, grooms Zach frequently, more submissive to Zach, he runs away from him when anticipating being fed bowl of pellets, more cautious about new foods, more curious/bold to explore outside of his enclosure, often is watching over Zach when he sleeps, not as smart as Zach, easier to catch outside.

Both were last vaccinated with RHD Jan 14, 2021. Both are litter box trained, curious, friendly, once they have warmed up to you they may lick or nudge you! Both love to chew/rip cardboard boxes, paper bags, willow balls. They love their cardboard boxes and pet beds to rest/sleep on or under.

They both like head pets, and they will allow grooming and nail trims but they don’t like it much – they prefer to be on the ground than held. They love their treats of banana & apple slices (fresh or dried) and their pellets – they will come running to you! 

They prefer Timothy hay cubes over loose hay, love Orchard grass hay from the hay rack & Romaine lettuce and other greens/ herbs from a bowl or the floor. They are mostly quiet and sedentary during the day but they will rattle their x pen enclosure with their teeth so they may be too noisy in your bedroom at night so they were moved to the living room beside the kitchen/ 

They love to explore and run around/binky outside bunny proof garden, eat grass, use outside toilet and they will often come back inside on their own to their evening share of pellets, they can run fast, are smart and will need supervision outside as they have escaped a few times but were recovered! They are good with dogs and cats.

If you can offer this bonded male duo a home, please apply today!

Lando and Trooper (South Surrey)

All you Star Wars fans out there, meet Lando and Trooper.  These are bonded brothers, that came to us as orphaned babies from the shelter last year.  Small to medium sized , clean and are friendly.  Also outgoing.

Suitable for a home with older children.  Not sure how they are with other animals but as always careful introductions.

These boys are delightful.  Please consider welcoming them into your home, and apply today.

Socks & Cream (South Surrey)

Say hello to Socks and Cream! 

Socks and Cream are around 4-5 years old and currently live with a very loving foster family who treats the pair like their own children. Mr. Socks and Mrs. Cream free roam and are well behaved, joyful fur balls. They like living in a large space with multiple hidey houses and tunnels. In the evenings, they show their happiness by performing many binkies and zoomies while peaking in and out of hidey holes like it is groundhog day! 

Both are amazing hay eaters and enjoy their daily greens and treats immensely, but of course they have their own favourites so their foster family is always kept on their toes, making sure that they can satisfy their individual snacking needs. They are not very chewy buns and occasionally enjoy chewing on cardboard and willow branches in their spare time. 

After a few months of building trust with the buns, the foster family discovered that Mr. Socks absolutely LOVES butt rubs! Between the pair, Socks is the more affectionate bun and will run to their trusted human’s laps for comfort when spooked (normally by Princess Cream). Princess Cream is an independent, very tidy and bold girl. She will allow petting on her own terms but when she sees Socks getting all of the attention, Cream will try to steal your attention by climbing on you, making dramatic bunny flops and hopping on the bed to do zoomies. She is a very happy bunny who loves being around her humans but needs personal space. 

 Like most buns, Socks and Cream do not like being picked up and they will give you the hilarious “criminal offensive side-eye” when you take out the nail clippers and brush for grooming. 

Both are litter trained. Cream is perfectly clean, and Socks is doing his best, while occasionally leaving a few coco puffs in his favourite spots. The buns will do well with having multiple large litter boxes spread around their area of roaming. 

Socks and Cream are eager to find their forever family who will love them as much as their fosters do!

If you are interested in adopting Socks and Cream, please apply today!