Ducky and Tippy (South Surrey)

Ducky and Tippy, are sweet, active young sisters. They would love to have lots of space to do their zoomies and binkies. They are small-to-medium shiny black buns with delicate bone structure. Both are spayed and vaccinated. 

They are good with their litter boxes and have really developed into great little rabbits. May even develop into great agility bunnies. These two beautiful black bunnies full of personality came in as stray young babies on Aug 6, 2022, around 5 days old. They were found in a baseball diamond covered in sand with their siblings.

These girls have grown up in the shelter and are ready to find their perfect home. If you can give them that home, apply today!

Little Foot and Petrie (South Surrey)

These two brothers, Little Foot & Petrie came in as babies on Aug 6, 2022, around 5 days old! They were found in a baseball diamond covered in sand with their siblings. These boys have grown up in the shelter and are ready to find their perfect home to continue learning to be great house bunnies.

They have good litter habits, and are neutered and vaccinated. Little Foot has a white front paw and Petrie is all black. They are small-medium size. These two boys are friendly and enjoy pets once they trust you. They love to show off their binkies & zoomies! If you have room in your heart and home apply today. 

Sky and Ringo (Vancouver)

Sky and Ringo are a lovely brother and sister, born on May 4th.

These two well behaved buns are tidy, 100% litter trained, and love their hay and veggies. Ringo multicoloured) is more adventurous and curious than Sky (grey with white tummy), while Sky is more comfortable being brushed or petted than Ringo. Both provide something different and make for constant cuteness and entertainment. Added bonus: They don’t shed very much, making them very low maintenance. 

Nugget and Muffin

Nugget (dark-grey) and Muffin (tan-grey) are fighters. Rescued as babies from a hail storm that their nine siblings tragically didn’t survive, it’s no wonder they’re absolutely inseparable. Friendly and playful, they will happily boop you to let you know who’s boss (in the most loving way) and most of the time you can find them cuddling and grooming each other or lounging out around your home like bunny baguettes.

These confident girls are very forward and willing to tell you what’s on her mind. If they’re unhappy with something, they will proudly stomp their feet in protest. This is a great feature because one is able to easily see their likes and dislikes and make adjustments accordingly. For example, coaxing them back into their enclosure for bedtime despite a full day of free-roam play will result in a thump 9/10 times. Fortunately they are very food-motivated which makes them easily persuaded.

Given their rough start and justifiable distrust of humans, it’s truly incredible how far they’ve come. Nugget will let you pet her when she’s lounging about, and Muffin has zero hesitation to hop up on the couch and leap onto your lap! Muffin is not too keen on pets but she’s slowly warming up to them! Both bunnies have perfect litter skills, always doing #1 in their litter box, and leaving minimal stray #2s around their enclosure.

We can’t wait for them to find their perfect home to give them all the love and attention that they deserve. For those looking to scoop these sweeties up, please be able to provide lots of fresh veggies (their favourite) and a big space that they can call their own. In addition to, of course, a lifetime of love!

Nugget and Muffins’ foster parents have an Instagram account they update frequently with photos and videos:

If you are interested in adopting Nugget and Muffin, please fill in our adoption application form here.

Olive and Brutus

Olive and Brutus are a lovely pair of bonded bunnies who are looking for their forever home!

Both rabbits are Netherland dwarfs, 3 years old, spayed/neutered. Brutus’s birthday was Sept 22, 2020, and Olive’s birthday was April 9, 2020. They received vaccinations for RHDV2 (hemorrhagic disease) as well as other vaccines / dewormings that would be recommended by the vet.

The white rabbit is the female. Her name is Olive. The male rabbit is the one with the black markings. His name is Brutus. Brutus is slightly younger than Olive, maybe by 3 months or so. He is playful, friendly and cautious. Olive is more exploratory and when exposed to a new environment Olive will be the one who goes out and explores seems to be like the mommy rabbit. Both rabbits seem to be exceptionally curious and super cute and lovely. They are both litter trained and will go in their litter box almost always. The bunnies are bonded and inseparable. If one rabbit goes to the vet, the other one comes along for support.

Their diet consists of 3 pieces of romaine lettuce per day, unlimited timothy hay and about ¼ cup of pellets each per day. The bunnies get occasional treats of small carrot slices, strawberry slices and the like, but sparingly.

If you are interested in adopting Olive and Brutus, please fill in our adoption application form here.

Smudge & Oriel

Smudge is a cute, black dwarf lion head bunny.  He is the softest bunny ever!  He’s approx 6 1/2 yrs old. He’s curious, playful and knows his name is Smudge. He is fine to be held and stroked for a little while but likes to explore and be with Oriel most of the time. He’s very friendly and will follow you around. 

Oriel is a golden tan half Rex about 5 1/2 yrs old. She is a gentle bunny, easy to handle. Oriel has become very overweight and needs someone to watch her diet and make sure she gets lots of exercise. They will be good companion rabbits. Smudge and Oriel need a home with an experienced rabbit owner, and would not be suited to a home with children, as Smudge can be quite territorial.

If you are interested in adopting Smudge and Oriel, please fill in our adoption application form here.

Notes from their current foster:

Smudge and Oriel are the best couple that you will ever have as a bunny lover. If it wasn’t for my husband’s allergy to hay, I’d love to keep them for the rest of their life. Oriel is a cute round bun that was a bit shy at the beginning of arriving at her new home. She got adapted to the environment from the second week on and she would come out to explore our dining room. Compared to Smudge, Oriel is the calmer one, if you like some quiet time of your own, she’d definitely be your best company.

Smudge is a little power generator – we call him “little bull”! He’s always full of energy. If you like dogs, Smudge is on the same level of a little puppy who will chase you wherever you go. He got used to a new home very easily. We have a fully fenced backyard with a patio and lawn behind. Once in a while I would let Smudge free run at the patio where I called “Free Buffet for the Bunnies” and leave the door a little bit open. He always came back to the house by himself, if not, I simply made a “tic, tic, tic” sound, and that would bring him back to where I was immediately. We’ve grown lots of vegetables on our patio. Their favorites are mustard leaves, dill, red leaf amaranth, cilantro, kale, and green leaf part of a cauliflower. Smudge also eats sunflower leaves, basil leaves, peppermint, and shiso leaves. Oriel loves the flower part of the veggies. We also made sure that they ate lots of hay.

Some notes for prospective owners: they do chew cables when they are bored or out of your sight, so make sure you put the cables out of reach or install protections. I put bamboo sticks and timothy sticks for them in the pen, and they would chew them. Smudge runs very fast near you even though he’s so small, so please make sure while walking, don’t step on him. Smudge bites whatever comes nearby without sniffing so just make sure you let him know when entering his territory (which can be inside the X pens or the spot you put him with Oriel together) don’t try to pet him or show him your hands until he calms down. If you need to hold him, make sure you hold him well because once you start lowering him down on the floor, he will try to escape and he might scratch you.

Oriel is a very special girl so you need to give her more time to get to know you and her new home. She didn’t move much at the beginning when we first got her. She became more active when we put her in the X pen out on our lawn late in the afternoon. She looks calm but that doesn’t mean she’s not scared, so try to be patient with her. Hold her gently if you need to. And she will let you put her down without panic.

We only kept them for 2 weeks though they already brought us great joy especially when they got more outgoing and comfortable around us. I’m sure you’re going to find out more by spending more time with them.

Tim and Todd

We’re Tim and Todd – the double maned lionhead duo! We’re fluffy, cute and we love to be groomed! So much so that we need you to groom us on a consistent basis otherwise we get matted and can’t see! But how can you resist our adorable double manes? 

We’re very expressive brothers that are a bit shy in the beginning but really warm up when you show us love and attention. I’ll let you in on a little secret; treats are the way to our heart, but we know we can’t have them all the time; too bad! 

We were found abandoned in a small cage, left over when our previous owners moved out of the apartment. We were quite sad they didn’t take us with them but it’s their loss! We’re happy, loved and have a much larger space now anyway! We know you’ll love us as much as our VRRA foster does. 

Todd (fluffy white bun) is a bit more nervous than I am but that’s okay, I help him along and he relies on me. I think it’s because he’s a bit hard of hearing. Be sure to trim around his eyes so he can see, I’d do it but I’d probably hurt both of us! When I am comfortable with you, he’ll follow along!

We love our hidey box. We enjoy flipping it so you have to come flip it back over. We make it a game! We enjoy a variety of toys and enrichment!

We’re not really good with our litter box despite trying our best! We use it for pee mostly but we’re just so excited to run around our house that we leave poops all over! We know it’s an issue so please be patient and help us learn to fully use our litter. We really want to be good boys for you!

We love cats but we’re not too fond of other bunnies. Our foster sometimes brings other buns to stay over and we know why she does it but we get stressed. Can you give us a bunny free home? We’d really love it! 

f you are interested in adopting Tim and Todd, please fill in our adoption application form here.


Mac and Hazelnut (South Surrey)

Meet two of our “nut family “.   Mac and Hazelnut are bonded brothers born April 11th, 2021 in a shelter.  

Here is what their current foster family has to say: “They are sweethearts indeed and with excellent manners. They never do anything out of their litter box, they eat from your hand and love running/hopping around our living room. They roam free most of the day, except when we are not there or at night.

They are very sweet with the kids as well, they never bite and love their cuddles. I do have to add that we never pick them up, so not sure how they are with that. Hazelnut loves jumping on the couch, Mac never goes on top of the couch, but he loves going under things and explore. The kids built them a cardboard maze and they love it so much! They would be great family pets I think.”

Mac and Hazelnut have not really known a home just a shelter. – can you give these gentlemen the home they deserve? If so, please apply today!

Ira and Gopy

Gopy (silver/blue) and Ira (brown/agouti) are “brothers from another mother”.

Both were found as tiny babies within a few weeks of each other in different locations alone on the streets of Vancouver.  They’ve grown up together in foster care and are both exceptionally sweet, affectionate and funny young rabbits.

As bonded buns, they are looking forward to living together in a loving home, where they can continue to bring joy to humans as they enjoy lots of free roam time and enrichment. 

They are neutered and aside from some territorial droppings (likely due to their foster mom’s own resident rabbits) they are quite good with their litter boxes. They are very loving towards each other and groom one another constantly. Both boys are very accepting of cuddles.

Patrick and Haley

Patrick (grey) and Haley (black) are a handsome duo, now about a year old.

Like so many abandoned bunnies in the lower mainland, they were found wandering the streets of Richmond when only about two months old.

This pair are probably brother and sister and are seeking a Forever Home that understands that rabbits are a 10 plus year commitment. Unfortunately Patrick, has developed a wobble. The cause of these conditions is not always easy to determine. He moves around well but sometimes has problems with balance. This may become better or worse as he ages or it may never change.

Patrick and Haley deserve a chance in a loving home. They are shy but become more outgoing when they know their people and space.

And as bonded bunnies they’ll be loyal to each other – and to you.