Bruce and Clark (Vancouver)

Bruce and Clark bonded a long time ago, and enjoy one another a lot. They are both neutered, litter trained and very independent as long as they are set up with a cardboard box, hay and water! 

Bruce is the alpha. He is the one with the oatmeal coloured coat. He is a very caring bunny that loves to lick, play and be petted. He especially loves shoulder and jaw massages, as well as a tunnel to run through. 

Clark is a bit more shy and slightly smaller. He loves to throw plastic cups and sticks, and chew on cardboard boxes. Clark isn’t always a fan of being petted, but will let you as long as Bruce isn’t looking!

Both boys are very well behaved, and tidy with their litter boxes. Give them pets and treats and they will love you back! If you would like to adopt them, please apply today.

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