Jacky and Charlie (Vancouver)

Meet Jacky (girl, brown) and Charlie (boy, black)! They’re a bonded girl and boy, probably both around 4 years old. Both are so lovely with good habits. 

Jacky is definitely the alpha, she’s curious and brave. Charlie will follow anything she does, AKA not eating a new treat until Jacky has tried it herself…but he gets braver everyday. The bond between them is very strong, if they’re not laying side by side, they’re mirroring each other in twin positions on either sides of the room. Charlie is more interested in toys and likes to engage in play (something like bugging him with a stick or a cat toy gets him riled up) whereas Jacky is more into just gnawing down on a piece of cardboard. They will tear around in zoomies at night, but are otherwise very chill house-buns. They have amazing house habits and love to groom each other. They both come with trauma from their past so don’t expect them to come cuddle on your lap, but they love to receive cheek scratches and full body pets. They’re truly affectionate and will follow you around the house, and can even answer to their name, jumping up on the couch when you summon them. They’re the most lovely duo of companionship one could ask for.

They are both free range in the house and are litter box trained. They are quite calm and like to lay around the house together. They like cardboard toys to chew. They will bite wires if exposed! Jacky and Charlie like their space, but also like to be pet. They are friendly and smart, though can be shy at first. They’re very sweet with each other! It’s easy to love these two – they are a treat to have around!

If you are interested in adopting Jacky and Charlie, please apply today!

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