When you know you want to adopt a rabbit, please fill out the Adoption Application Form below. Our adoption fee is $60. Note: we only adopt rabbits that are neutered and spayed and vaccinated for the RHD2 virus. 

Dear Potential Adopters:

We all want the prettiest, liveliest, friendliest bunny; the youngest one; the “best” one. But please consider the bunnies that need you the most; the older rabbits, the bunnies who have known hard times and are feeling sad; the rabbits with minor medical problems that no one wants to bother with; the shy bunnies who need someone to spend quiet time with them. These rabbits really need the love you have to give. When these bunnies respond the reward is great and your heart is uplifted. Many will be lovely companions given a chance. Please do not overlook the “not-so-perfect” or Special Needs rabbits. You may be amazed.

Before you fall in love with one of the adorable rabbits available for adoption or fostering at our shelter you should read the following:

Now for a brief explanation of how to see photos of the bunnies at our shelter.

  • You can see photos and descriptions of all our adoptable bunnies by¬†selecting Rabbits for Adoption in the top grey category bar.
  • If you select, for example, the female sub-category in either of these places you get a list of all our female rabbits.
  • You can also select some bunnies by name under Recent Posts.
  • You can also subscribe to our posts using the posts feed or email buttons at the top of the page. All new VRRA posts which, of course, are mainly posts about bunnies will be delivered to your feed reader or to your email.

The Permanent Foster Plan

If you would like to help a less adoptable rabbit but cannot commit to the possible expenses of making the bunny yours through adoption this plan may work for you. In these cases we will cover veterinary expenses and in some cases even food expenses. All you need to do is give the rabbit a loving home. For more information call 604 612-7699.

If you are sure you want to adopt a rabbit please scroll, fill in, and submit this form: