Iko and Tina

Iko and Tina are wonderful girls and best friends. They love grooming each other and playing together. Iko loves to be picked up (which is very unusual for a rabbit!) and is very soft and cuddly. Tina is also very cuddly and loves to give kisses. They like having a cardboard box to chew and snuggle up in. These two wonderful ladies would benefit from a home with bunny experience and lots of time to dedicate to them. They are working on their litterbox skills.

Rosalyn and Kiki

Meet Rosalyn and Kiki, a young bonded pair of girls came to VRRA due to no fault of their own.

Rosalyn is the Holland lop, a little shy but certainly not skittish.  Kiki is a feisty little Netherland dwarf and she does like to be the boss bun of the pair.  Both of them are easily handled and will blossom in a home. They are well on their way to be litter trained.  Would suit a more experienced rabbit home.


Scout is a bit on the shy side but in the short time he has been with us, he has started to blossom.  He loves being petted now which is a big step for him.

He was previously in a home so is used to a home environment .  He’s not a fan of being a caged shelter bunny. He’s clean and tidy and once in the right home, he will make the perfect companion.

Scout would feel comfortable in a quieter home with a more experienced rabbit savvy family.


Bugsy is just under a year old (as of November 2021) and is a lovely young man, with clean and tidy habits. He’s very loving and enjoys attention, especially head rubs. Like most rabbits he doesn’t like being picked up but wants you to visit down at his level. He’s easy going and loves his rabbit food, vegetables and is a good hay eater. He’s going to make a lovely companion for a loving home.


Here is Dustin. He’s a Netherland Dwarf cross, young, very friendly. The poor little bunny was put out in Jericho Park. Luckily he ran up to the right person so he was saved. Dustin is super friendly and has good litter box habits.

Tim and Todd

Tim & Todd are super handsome double-maned lion heads. These two are friendly brothers but can be shy. They are looking for a bunny experienced home. Their forever people will need to enjoy spending lots of time grooming these wonderful fluffy buns.



Rudy is a one year old male (as of Oct 2021) Netherland Dwarf. Rudy is a very small sweet bunny who enjoys running and exploring. He is well-behaved and loves eating his hay. He will sit and cuddle for a period of time. Even give you a couple kisses before taking off to free roam and stretch his legs. He is very good at hiding cause he’s so small. Rudy is looking for his furever home where he can roam and soak up all the attention and love he can get.

Caddie (Cadbury)

Caddie is a curious adventurer but also cautious and will retreat back to a safety zone if spooked. This guy is pretty smart and can put on quite the show with his zoomies and binkies. Cadbury keeps an eye on you to see if you’re watching and enjoying his performance and company. He’s quite the sweetheart.

Cadbury has gotten along with with cats and dog in his foster home. He does get a little spooked with loud noises or fast movements. Loves having cardboard boxes to hide and climb in. He takes time to build trust with new people but once he opens up is a sweetheart.

Rocky, Rascal & Rusty

Rocky, Rascal and Rusty are three very sociable, friendly boys. They are brothers about 8 months old (as of Oct 2021), not large rabbits, we think they’re probably half mini Rex. They have always been together and we would like them to stay together. A trio is even better than a pair. These are all exceptionally nice rabbits, lovely to handle, friendly and out-going. They use a litter box and are not chewy rabbits. They thought they had a forever home but allergies came up. Please make sure there are NOT allergies before getting a pet.


Renard is a stunning Silver Fox rabbit, about 6 months old as of October 2021. He’s very friendly, active, and already good with his litter box. Renard would really love space to run and play and show off his handsomeness.