Check out Peter and his lovely large ears. He’s a friendly and social bun-bun who is smart and loves exploring. Peter is a bit shy when he meets new people, but he’ll warm up to you quickly. He loves strawberry bits, twigs to chew on and fresh greens. Peter likes to sleep on the bed of the person he knows well and trusts. He’ll do best in a quiet home as he gets spooked by loud noises (those giant ears pick up large amounts of sound!)

Shadow and Noelle

Introducing energetic Noelle and her shy gentleman friend, Shadow. Noelle has a full grey coat and Shadow sports some adorable white toes on his hind feet. This playful pair are very close as they’ve grown up together. They are litter box trained. Cute (obvs), lively and sometimes mischievous, they enjoy chewing cardboard and are especially curious to explore new places. They love their secret (bunny-proofed) hiding spot behind their foster family’s washing machine. They eat well, enjoying a healthy diet of hay, pellets and lots of fresh garden greens. They’re ready to make your acquaintance!

Matilda and Jeremy

Meet Matilda and Jeremy, a young pair of deeply bonded buns. These two are very much in love with each other and enjoy grooming and snuggling together. They are fun to watch with their morning zoomies, always putting on an entertaining show with binks and happy shakes! 
They are a bit leery of new people and prefer each others company, but they are curious and if you allow them to make the first move, they enjoy being petted. 


Jojo is a sweet guy with blue eyes, about one year old. He was found in front of an apartment complex. He is extremely friendly and loves head pets. Jojo is curious and playful, he likes to run around and sniff his humans, and will even lick you if he likes you! Jojo would do well in a home where he will be allowed to free roam and explore, and get as many head pets as he wants.


Hoppity is a little Netherland Dwarf about 3 yrs old. He came to us because he was aggressive. Hoppity is settling down and starting to enjoy his foster home. We think he may have been always confined and perhaps handled and grabbed too much. We believe he will be a marvellous little pet with the right bunny person who will enjoy his personality.

His foster person says that he’s a funny little guy. He will box at you when he’s startled or afraid, and is telling you that he needs his boundaries respected. He is very small, in a big world and has probably put up with a lot of grabbing, so it’s no surprise that he instinctively defends himself.  He’s getting more comfortable and now asks for attention, and he loves getting patted on his terms. He’ll stick his face out at you and then settles in with rabbit purrs when his ears are softly stroked.

Hoppity will do well as an only pet in a quiet home. He jumps at the slightest noise, even when he’s blissed out in the middle of sleeping or being pet. But he’s totally great, curious and interactive and adorable. He’ll be wonderful with the right person who will let him be.


Introducing the lovely Sylvia – a big girl who is only 5 months old and growing! She is lively and full of energy, very curious and adventurous. She’s not easily startled and loves to hop behind you and test out clothing and objects in a very playful manner. Her youthful exuberance will require lots of stimulation and bunny-safe toys to keep her busy and out of trouble. Rabbits don’t require outdoor space so don’t let the video of her on the grass deter you if you don’t have a yard. But Sylvia definitely will need ample time to do her zoomies around your home and get her exercise.

Azumi and Loki

Loki (black) and Azumi (grey) are two bonded rabbits, each having unique personalities. They love each other and do everything together.

Loki is a little rascal! Affectionate, will lick your hands, feet, legs, whatever he can get his cute little mouth on. He is a small bunny and still getting used to humans. A bit shy, but likes interacting so long as he isn’t being chased after. He’s still working on his litter training but is doing well and improves everyday.  He isn’t a chewer of things but does love to eat!

Azumi is a beautiful rabbit. Affectionate, playful, smart, energetic, and a wonderful companion. She is fast and can jump very high! She has stellar litter training habits. never misses the box. She is quite the chewer though, so watch out for your carpet! 


Lucky is just under a year old and got her name because she was found in the axle of a car when she was a baby. She is a sweet little girl and loves to hang out under her foster mom’s chair. Lucky is looking for a quiet home – no young children.


Oswald is a 5 year old boy that came in as a stray to a municipal shelter. He wasn’t doing well and so we agreed to take him into our care.

Obviously an abandoned pet, Oswald is easy to handle and pet.  He had been defensive in the shelter but he’s coming around; he will benefit from a quiet home environment with a reliable routine. He’s a tidy bun.


Dear Tom’s story is a common tale: found abandoned and alone in a local park. Understandably, Tom is a little leery of the world right now, but he’s warming up and we look forward to seeing his personality come out, now that he’s in a foster home. He has super handsome black and white markings.