Mini (Vancouver)

Mini is an adorable Netherland Dwarf cross. She is about 1 year old and is a shy but sweet little bun. Mini is a very well behaved girl, she is great with her litter and is not particularly interested in furniture chewing (although she does enjoy the occasional wire chew). Mini is shy at first but once she warms up, she loves head pets and giving her humans kisses.

She absolutely adores tunnels and other hides. Mini also really does not like slippery floors, so carpet runners or floor coverings are needed. With good floor coverings, Mini will zoom and bink around with much enthusiasm and it is so cute to watch!

Mini is quite timid, and needs a calm and quiet home. She could do well with a respectful cat or very quiet dog. She does not like to be picked up but she tolerates it and can be handled fine, if necessary. She is also very good with grooming. With a patient and loving home, she will thrive! Mini likes No Furries Delights treats, as well as red and green leaf lettuce, cilantro, and parsley. She also loves blueberries!

If you would like to adopt Mini, please apply today!

JellyBean and Sid (Vancouver)

JellyBean (harlequin female, almost 2 years old) and Sid (black male, almost 2 years old) became friends when they were just babies and like people, they have very different personalities!

JellyBean was thought to have been dropped by a bird of prey which gave her balance issues and a head tilt. While her balance is almost 100% normal and her head tilt isn’t as noticeable as an adult, it’s possible that the experience as a young bunny made her not realize that she is a rabbit. She is very much like a dog, full of energy and zoomies and without fear.

Sid, on the other hand, is very much like a rabbit. He is shy and cautious, but will always come for treats. He especially likes apples, carrots and kale, being picky with the other various salad fixings he is offered. JellyBean, on the other hand, will eat anything given to her, and eat everything, even going as far as to pull food out of Sid’s mouth. He will usually let her, but sometimes will grab it back if it is especially tasty. He lets JellyBean run circles around him, literally, but will happily snuggle up to her when it is time for a nap.

These two bunnies are a joy to watch and interact with and will most definitely make you laugh. If you would like to adopt them, please apply today!

Wednesday and Bugaboo (South Surrey)

Wednesday (medium black Female) and Bugaboo (brown ) both came in as tiny babies in November of 2022.  They were handreared by one of our foster families but have never had anything but a shelter life since.

Both are devoted to each other, Wednesday is quite shy and Bugaboo a little more outgoing.  They are spotlessly clean, love to race around in a large space and will do anything for a treat.  Neither are picky eaters or aggressive but they get overlooked because of their colour and shyness.  We feel sure given the chance they would blossom in the right home.

Please when looking to adopt a bunny or two, do not overlook the shy ones.  These two are beautiful well behaved girls who deserve a calm, quiet loving home. If you would like to adopt them, please apply today!

Ember and Wade (South Surrey)

Welcome Ember and Wade to the VRRA family.  This adorable bonded pair of lops found their way to rescue due to severe allergies.  They have been very well loved – that can be seen in their demeanour.

Ember, spotted female, and Wade, dark grey male, enjoyed free run at both their previous homes.

Both of them love to be petted. Ember is more extrovert, affectionate and very easy to handle.  Wade (dark grey) is the shy one. But once you gain his trust, he could be very affectionate and sweet. Both of them are very curious and like to explore their area.  Ember can be reluctant to run on hardwood floors.

They are very well bonded and look after each other so well. They are both very well behaved! They never chew  stuff as far as long as they are provided with chewing toys or just a cardboard box.

They are both good hay eaters!   And also enjoy a variety of veggies and love dandelions, clovers and forage mix. We are still getting to know them better and they will thrive in the right home.

If you would like to adopt Ember and Wade, please apply today!

Daisy (South Surrey)

Daisy is a stunning two year old holland lop.  Although a little shy, she’s also very curious and playful! 

Daisy would suit a rabbit experienced home with older children, although she was in a foster home with a couple of dogs and other rabbits, ss well as a respectful younger child.  She may also like a rabbit friend in a little while.  She was just spayed onMay 16.

Favourite foods:  Hay (she’s a big hay eater)
Veggies:  Lettuce, parsley, carrot tops, dandelions
Treats:  A small piece of carrot and woodland loops
We are still introducing new foods to her.

Daisy just needs a home to call her own, where she can be part of a family. If you would like to adopt Daisy, please apply today!

Apollo (South Surrey)

Apollo is approximately 2 – 3 years old.  He’s a dwarf cross with a little bit of lionhead in him.
He’s impeccably clean and litterbox trained but he will need a rabbit savvy home who doesn’t mind a sassy opinionated little man.

He does growl and can be food protective but loves to be active and is playful and curious.  In the right home with lots of space, he will blossom.  He definitely needs to get out of the shelter and into a loving, patient home.  No children please; he doesn’t seem to mind other bunnies.

He’s Mr. Personality and for all his grouchiness we love him and are hoping for the right home for him.  He knows how to relax and is getting better each day. If you would like to adopt Apollo, please apply today!

Tevin (Vancouver)

Tevin is a dwarf Himalayan rabbit with a happy, friendly personality. He was found wandering around by himself near a busy road. He’s a perky little bunny, active and curious, probably under a year old.

Tevin will be neutered in a few days and ready for adoption in a few weeks. He will be a super nice pet and a possible friend for another bunny. 

If you would like to adopt Tevin, please apply today!

Benjamin (Vancouver)

Hi my name is Benjamin. My friends also call me Bunjamin. I was found on the mean streets of Richmond, with an injured foot, emaciated and barely able to stand on my own. People thought I was hit by a car and gave up on me. But my rescuer didn’t think that was the case and saw that I could be helped so took a chance on taking me home.

It took many months of many vet visits and medicine to save my foot. I found out that lots of kindhearted people were also cheering me on and wanted to help me. I felt like a celebrity!

All the love and support saved me so now I can hop and play with my bunny friends and now I can even date again!

My rescuer thinks I would make a great husbun to a special furry lady. I’m the sweet, sometimes mischievous shy type and a sucker for relaxing head rubs. I enjoy long hops in the yard, eating grass, I like my hiding spots and soft blankets. My dislikes are slippery floors. Booh!

I’m not the best at using the litter box but maybe with the right bunwife I can be taught to be more of a civilized gentlebun. The ladies do think I’m a great catch though and I’m sure you will see why if you adopt me – please apply today!\

Cloudy (Vancouver)

Meet Cloudy!
This blue-eyed beauty was found in March, 2024, next to a busy street. Her kind foster parents rescued her and made a home for her in their living room. As soon as she felt safe she started bossing everyone around: them, their cats and a visiting dog. She is calm with them all. We don’t know how she will do with other rabbits, but she is willing to give it a try.
Cloudy has just been spayed and is now looking for a home where she can rearrange all her boxes and towels to suit herself, and where she’ll be allowed to explore and satisfy her curiosity.
She is still getting used to being petted, but is fairly calm about being picked up.
Are you ready for all the years of love Cloudy has to give you? If so, please apply today.

Name: Cloudy
Colour: White
Sex: Female
Breed: Dwarf (1.2 kg)
Birthday: October 1st, 2023
Good with: People, cats, respectful dogs
Other rabbits: Who knows?

Theodore and Gem (South Surrey)

Meet Theodore & Gem! 

This is a very cute small-med sized bonded pair. Theodore was found in Richmond with frostbite. Gem is one of Ruth’s babies come in 2-3 days old found on a construction site getting ready to pour cement. Gem DOB Oct 25, 2021 has a white dot on her nose and white foot. Theodore DOB Nov 1, 2021 is the white nose/mouth, white marking on forehead and white around his neck.

They are cautious, curious and can be playful. Theodore gives kisses, however you will need to earn his trust to get kisses. Theodore loves having a dig box. They both enjoy playing in boxes, tunnels and things to hide in.

If Theodore had a trade, it would be in demolition or construction. He spends his time remodeling boxes, tunnels and hidey houses, so probably more demolition! CEO of Bun-Struction, with his office manager Gem.

A rabbit experienced home with no other rabbits in the home would be preferable. However, they have okay with a respectful cat and dog in past foster homes. If interested in this wonderful pair, please apply today.