Dandy (Vancouver)

Dandy is a young male who was picked up on Pt. Grey Road not far from Jericho Beach. However, he is not one of the feral rabbits from there. He came right up to his rescuer and let her pet him. She realized he would not last long outside so picked him up and took him home. Then he came to us.

Dandy is shy about being handled but he will come up for petting. He is good with his litter and not a chewy rabbit. He needs a quiet home with people who will be patient and he will become more and more outgoing. If you would like to adopt Dandy, please apply today!

Joey (Vancouver)

Meet lovely little Joey. He was picked up as a baby rabbit downtown Vancouver outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. He had a ticket but they wouldn’t let him in!

Joey is the kind of guy who likes a good zip around then flops out in a pile of hay to snooze the afternoon away. He is clean and tidy and he loves to nibble on cardboard and apple sticks. He spent his early
years in foster and he was a delightful gentleman. Hopefully he will win a place in your heart.  He will probably excel in agility. It’s also fun whenever you come into the room and say “Hey Joey, how YOU doin?” 

He has always been a friendly little bunny. Now he’s a nice shiny black rabbit ready for adoption. If you would like to adopt Joey, please apply today.

Tony (Vancouver)

Tony is a Netherland Dwarf, about 4-5 years old. HIs right eye has a cataract that limits his vision somewhat. He’s a cute, calm little fellow who is ok with petting and easy to handle. But like most rabbits he prefers to keep his feet on the ground. He sometimes does a little pounce and grunt just to keep you in your place but is definitely not an aggressive boy.

He is mainly good with his litter box, once he knows his space, and he’s a good hay eater. Tony has a clean bill of health and has had his vaccination. He has been through 3 homes so he’s looking for a committed home this time. If you can give Tony his forever home, please apply today!

Anderson (South Surrey)

Sweet, friendly Anderson was found abandoned, out there to fend for himself.  He was probably attacked at some point by other rabbits as his ears are tattered and torn.  It does however give him a rakish look.

Despite being in the wars, he’s very clean and well behaved.  He’s a curious, active little guy, estimated to be about three years old. 

He’s been in a foster home with respectful dogs and would like a rabbit friend.  Good rabbit for a family. 

If you are interested in Anderson please submit an adoption application!

Evie (South Surrey)

Evie was a surrender from an accidental litter , back in June 2023.  She has had an adventurous early life causing an injury in her back legs.   So for the longest time this lively little rabbit was on metacam and cage rest. 

Fast forward to today this energetic little rabbit is happy, clean and curious.  She adores being the centre of attention and is loved by everyone who meets her. 

To meet Evie please fill in an adoption application!

Starlet (South Surrey)

Starlet was already a celebrity when she was rescued from Granville Island at the tender age of about six weeks old with a badly broken leg.  This was August 2023.
Her hind leg had to be removed.

Fast forward to the present, you would not realize this little rabbit had only three legs.  She’s speedy.

Starlet would love a quieter home with lots of run around time to stretch and strengthen those muscles.  Some human who would pet her, feed her the odd treat.  She does have her favourites.

Might like a bunny friend.  Not sure how she is with other animals.

If you can provide a loving home for this little lady please fill in an application form!

Amy (South Surrey)

Amy is a magnificent, soft coated Rex lady, estimated about three to four years old.  She originally came into a local shelter as a stray and was overweight, had some dental issues and had GI stasis.

Happy to say she is fully recovered but will still need to be on a proper diet to keep her weight in check.

She is clean, extremely friendly and happy.  She will thrive in a family setting with respectful children.  She was in a foster home with a dog and cats.

Interested?  Please research and fill in an adoption application form to welcome this lady into your home!

Boo (South Surrey)

Boo has quite a story to tell.

In August of 2023 we received a request from a family fleeing the wildfires.  They had lost everything and needed to place a little baby black bunny.  Of course we said yes.

So Boo is very special to all of us, a survivor.  Boo is around 8 months old now and is blind in one eye due to a corneal scratch.   The ophthalmologist said it is healed.

Boo personality wise can be a mixture of sugar and spice.  She would need a rabbit savvy home , no children, just someone who could be gentle with her and learn to understand her.   She’s very sweet with her foster mom.

If you are the person that can offer your heart and home to Boo, please apply today!

Chip (South Surrey)

Meet Chip! This compact little guy came in as a stray to the local shelter.  He sat there with no interest but then he joined the ranks of VRRA adorable adoptables.

Chip is between 1 and 2 years old, shy until he gets to know you.  Once he does you’ll get a flop from him.  He’s litter trained and clean.  Loves his greens and looks forward to his daily cookie.

He’s at present in a foster home with dogs, other rabbits and two Guinea pigs.  So he may like a rabbit friend.

Probably he would like a quieter home.  Even though he’s used to a house with other animals.

Please do your research, fill in an adoption form and make this little guy happy!

Humfrey and Harper (South Surrey)

This adorable bonded pair came to us as an owner surrender. 

Harper (spayed and vaccinated female, white and brown spots) is a bit of a diva especially when it comes to touching her man.  She will tolerate, petting and some cuddles.  And, like her husband Humfrey, is a foodie – everything is devoured!

Humfrey is grey and a total lovebug, he’s reminiscent of a teddy bear.

Both are friendly and will come around in the right home.  They’ve also settled in well in their foster home.

Humfrey and Harper are between 3 and 4 years old and quite mellow. If you would like to adopt them, please apply today!