Ash is a big beautiful bunny! She’s curious, adventurous and very smart. She shows her affection with head nudges or rubbing against you. She enjoys attention and pets. Ash is an active girl and needs free roam time to burn her energy. Then she’ll flop over and lounge the rest of the day. She can be a bit shy when first meeting new people but she’s a sweetheart. She prefers being the only bunny in her space, but has been getting along well with her foster family’s cats and dog. Ash has a stuffed bunny she cuddles and a blanket that she throws up in the air and snuggles under. She also enjoys playing and chasing cat toys. This smart loving girl will make a get addition to the right home.

Panda and Joey

These little BFF’s are Panda (white with two small dark spots on his face) and Joey (black and white dutch, with amazing blue eyes). Born approx March 2021 they are in house-rabbit training in a foster home.
Panda is very outgoing and adventurous, often climbing up on boxes to look at the world from up top. He loves to explore but also likes to be pet when he’s not being rambunctious. Joey is the more docile of the two, and especially enjoys snuggles. Joey loves to play and chew on his toys (willow balls and cardboard swirls). 


Omar is our Velveteen rabbit – he’s a Rex breed, known for their amazingly soft velvet coat. He is super friendly and pettable. rex male, super friendly and pettable.

Huck and Finn

These two are nice friendly boys, Huck with the brown ears, Finn with the gray ears. They are chill, sociable, big buns and enjoy socializing and being pet. They have lived with children who were taught how to interact with with rabbits and so are OK with young humans who are respectful of them.

Sunny and Shady

This duo (born approx March 2021) are friendly and curious youngsters. Sunny is the golden boy, Shady the brown girl, both still growing! They are inseparable, napping, grooming, exploring and digging.

Being young buns, these two will need lots of exercise and distractions to keep them happy and occupied.


Ben is a beautiful blue eyed boy. He’s enjoying time in a foster home and is such a good rabbit that he is allowed to roam free all day and loves to relax on the couch and get spoiled with pets! 
Despite being able to roam, he is excellent with his litter box. He is also very good about drinking lots of water and eating his hay, and enjoys the occasional treat. He loves doing binkies and flops and finding new places to explore and play. 
He is very gentle and sweet and is such a cute companion! 


Liisa has just arrived at the shelter and so we are still getting to know her. She is a lovely little rabbit.


Maynard is taking a breather before he does some more dashing about! He’s a super friendly silver fox bun with lots of energy. Maynard is a young man and so will still grow a bit.


Bridget had a rough start, with life on the streets. However after loving care and vet treatment, our dear little Bridget is ready to take up the role of a spoiled house rabbit. Bridget is a little shy when she first meets you.  But she is a gentle mellow soul and good with her litter box, and we expect she’ll blossom with people she loves and trusts.


Paul (born Feb 2021) is a bit shy but lovable. He enjoys free-roaming in his foster family’s home, checking out everything he can but will run back to his safe zone or companion if unsure or spooked. He plays in cardboard boxes and hiding huts, also digs at blankets/carpet. He loves head pets and is alright being handled by people he trusts. Paul gets along well with his foster family’s cats and dog.