Flint is a bright and inquisitive boy that loves his hay and litter box. He has a gorgeous silver-fox coat (white hairs sprinkled throughout his black). He gets along well with the kids in his foster home (who have been taught how to be gentle and respectful with bunnies) and enjoys attention. Flint loves his playtime and is looking forward to being a free-roaming House Rabbit.


Merlot is an inquisitive and smart girl, with an adorable white spot on her nose and lovely big ears. She has three siblings and was the first to leave the nestbox, first to binky and run around, and always the first to jump on her foster parent’s lap. Merlot demands pets with a nudge to get your full attention. She is very playful and sassy.


Cinder – what a lovable boy! Born Feb 2021, Cinder has an adorable “helicopter” ear that sticks out sideways – a sign that he has a bit of lop in him (one ear up and what halfway down). only one in the litter that shows some lop tendencies, with one ear up and one ear down. He loves his hay and has great litter box habits.  He is mellow but playful.  


Jupiter & Sylvester

Jupiter and Sylvester are bonded rabbits with friendly and happy dispositions. They are playful, curious and a little mischievous! They love binkying and frolicking together and are used to being cage-free House Buns, but like all young curious rabbits, they do need some supervision.

They are great companions to each other and also as a human companion, following you around just to get a quick peak in the refrigerator to see what treats await them or sitting outside whatever room you are in, to greet you when you come out.

Like most rabbits, they like pets but prefer to not be picked up or overly handled. Sylvester is the handsome Seal Point and Jupiter is the dashing Harlequin.


Morty was rescued from a restaurant patio where he was eating a flower planter. He’s a very active young guy (born approx April 2021) who has learned how to be a good House Rabbit in one of our lovely foster homes. He loves to show off with very fancy binkies and zoomies! He’s interested in the world around him and loves to greet his people. He’s grown up with and gets along well with friendly dogs and cats. Morty is also used to a hustle-and-bustle household with older, respectful children. He’ll do best in a home where he can continue to have a large play area to exercise and entertain you.


Little Christopher is pretty much the friendliest guy you’ll ever want to meet! Check out his video and see how much he adores being paid attention to and pet.

Patrick and Haley

Patrick (grey) and Haley (black) are a handsome little duo, about 5 months old (as of Sept 2021). Like soooo many abandoned bunnies in Metro Vancouver, they were found wandering the streets of Richmond. This petite pair are probably brother and sister and are seeking a Forever Home that understand that rabbits are a 10+ year commitment. In return they will provide you with unconditional love and affection.

Tia Maria and Eduardo Lalo

Tia Maria is a cute small Dutch bun and her best-friend-forever is Eduardo Lalo, a handsome white rabbit. They are active and friendly, and looking for a home that will commit to loving them forever! This duo will make your heart and life grow with positivity and love.


Captain my Captain! This leader among buns is just a young thing, born in April 2021. He is handsome with white markings on his shiny black fur. He is a friendly little fellow.

Lucky Star

Lucky Star

“You must be my Lucky Star!” 🎶 If you adopt this cutie you can sing a Madonna hit every day because that’s his name.
Lucky Star is 3.5 years old (as of Sept 2021). He’s a very friendly and affectionate guy who loves attention, cuddles and being brushed. We hope the stars align for him to get adopted into a wonderful home soon!