Meet Dingo, otherwise known as Tiny Fizz or Fizzie. This young man was previously living with his pal, Roger. However – as can often happen with boy buns (sadly) – they decided they no longer liked each other and broke up their BFF relationship. So now Dingo is looking for a solo gig, or perhaps a Forever Home with an easy-going spayed girl bun.
Tiny Fizz is good natured but high strung. Being pet isn’t his favourite thing, but he doesn’t get stressed being picked up, e.g. for grooming – he’ll put up with it. He hasn’t had a chance for dedicated one-on-one interaction with a human and his previous foster home says that they expect he’ll become friendlier with consistent, gentle treatment. He’s very active and adventurous, he likes to climb and jump on furniture and will hop on your head if you lay down on the floor or let him hang out during a yoga session. He’ll definitely need a home where he can have lots of roam-about time.
Dingo is a unique character and we expect he’ll blossom in a home that will take the time to get to know him as an individual.


Meet Renoir,  a beautiful young Havana boy.  He’s a mellow fellow, but inquisitive and curious. He would be a great first time companion rabbit or possibly a companion for a female rabbit.   Can you give this handsome young man his forever home?


Meet Miss Chloe, a cute but sassy little lop that needs a home where she can have lots of free roam time. She is a diva that likes attention, but on her terms. Her ideal home would be with someone who is rabbit-savvy, no small children as she can nip and is protective of her stuff. She is, however, very easy to handle with the right person and will snuggle. She is very good with her litter box. She loves to binky and do zoomies. The vets think she’s a sweetheart that just needs the right person who will truly understand her. Is that you?

Holly, Ivy and Noel

Many people have multiple dogs or cats (or a combo thereof) as part of their family, but for some reason there’s a stigma about a trio of bunnies – Ivy, Holly and Noel will change your mind!

Holly is the fluffy angora who will enjoy connecting when you brush her gorgeous coat every day. She’s such a sweet, kind rabbit and very easy to handle.  Ivy has the classic storybook-bunny look, with lovely tall ears and blue eyes. Noel is the goofy lop-eared boy. He loves to entertain everyone with his zoomies and binkies. They are truly the easiest going rabbits we’ve ever met.

Why should you consider a trio? Well, the dynamics of a trio is quite amazing to watch. They are devoted like a family. They are no more work than a single or pair, as they use the same litter box and share dishes and toys, and sleep together. They are fairly young and so you can look forward to many years of love as you get to know their individual personalities and appreciate their strong bond with each other – and you. Please consider them.


Ringo is definitely a star! He’s got so many gorgeous attributes, we’re not sure where to begin describing him. First of all he is a wonderful combination of Lionhead (cute & fuzzy) and Flemish-Giant (big & goofy). He’s got a whole lotta ears and feet to grow into as he matures.

His situation is a perfect example of why it’s NEVER a good idea to give someone an animal as a gift – the people who received him weren’t interested in caring for a bunny.

Ringo is still a young boy and is eager to be adopted by someone who has done the research and is ready to make a commitment. He wants to learn all about being a good House Rabbit, with committed loving people who will make him a beloved member of their family.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow is a gentle, gorgeous giant! He has a traumatic past, having lived with a mean dog who tried to kill him. Jon is a Flemish-cross and his wonderful big body is matched by his big heart. He deserves a 2nd Chapter with a committed person who will love and protect him forever.


Mr. Joshua is a friendly youngster, just neutered and ready-and-raring to find his Forever Home. He has very handsome Harlequin markings and classic tall bunny-rabbit ears. He’s looking for a lifetime of love and devotion.


Rowena is a beautiful,  sweet tempered rabbit with a lovely shiny coat.   This bun is under a year old (as of January 2021).   She’s litter trained, extremely mellow and would make a great first time companion rabbit.  What more could you want?
Rowena had a rocky start to life, but now she’s looking for a forever home.  Could that be with you?


Scout and Willow

Say hello to Scout and Willow – these two buns are a perfect pair.

Scout is the fuzzy Lionhead and is smart, adventurous and curious. He is very adorable when he flops his ears down halfway. He loves pets, but prefers exploring. He is tidy and loves to eat his pellets out of the palm of your hand. Watch out for your fruit though, he will definitely snag your blueberries and bananas if you aren’t careful! Scout loves to do zoomies and binkys and needs space to do this – he will thrive in a free roaming home. He loves to hop onto the couch or bed and check out the action. He’ll give you some really nice flops when he gets tuckered out and loves to lounge with his legs fully outstretched. He’s a big softie and really appreciates having his head pet.

Willow is a big sweetheart and the more timid of the pair. She is happiest when you sit nearby and pet her head, she will give you a little boop with her nose, if you stop too soon. She also loves to be fed her morning pellets out of the palm of your hand but might take them aside to make sure Scout doesn’t snag them. She enjoys lounging, cuddling Scout, and playing with chew toys. She gives excellent cuddles but doesn’t like being picked up. Willow is a lop but mostly keeps one ear up and one ear down.

Willow and Scout have complementary personalities. They will warm up to you quickly if you give them pets and treats. They are good hay eaters and in good health. 

Talia & Jericho

This adorable couple love each other very much and are looking for their forever home. They like a quiet environment and they are very comfortable free roaming and finding a comfy spot for an afternoon nap. 
Talia – she has a great personality and is the dynamic, curious and playful one in the couple. She loves treats, getting pets and, most of all, loves her husbun Jericho. 
Jericho – he is shy and cautious to begin with but, once you earn his trust, he will be binkying and flopping all over the place! 
Both bunnies are a joy to look after – the only problem is that you won’t get anything done because you’ll be too busy watching them snuggle and taking photos.