Portia came into the local shelter as an abandoned rabbit along with her babies.

Portia is a lovely bun.  She is friendly and will come up and eat treats from your hands.  She is a big bun and needs to have free range but is content to be penned at night.  Portia is a mellow girl and likes to stretch out those big feet and relax.  She is used to small respectful dogs.



Ebony is a delightful young rabbit. She is about 7 months old as of July 2021. Being a young bunny, she has lots of energy and loves to do zoomies and jump and binky! She also loves to be pet – she will bow down and enjoy her pets for as long as you are willing to give them. She’s a clever little bunny who loves to explore and is not afraid of slippery floors! Ebony is very clean and has impeccable litter box habits.

Peter and Paul

Petey (brown) and Paul (white) are loving brothers who groom, cuddle and sleep together. Petey is the outgoing leader and Paul feels safe following his brother. Both are friendly and love running free around the house, and enjoy pets. When spooked, Paul runs to Petey for reassurance, or goes to hide beside his foster Mom. They are cuties! 


Natalie is a beautiful black bunny with the sweetest temperament. Natalie is a great addition to any family. Great litter box habits, patient, kind, and not shy. She loves running around and enjoying her freedom. Would be easy to bond. She has spent her whole life with the vrra, and really deserves a loving home of her own. 


Jordan is a friendly young bun who is being taught house rabbit skills in a foster home with a cat and kids who have been taught how to kindly interact with him. Jordan is a thinker. Always watching, and at peace with the world. He loves his play time and a good flop after his dinner. 


Cole is a friendly and well-behaved young bun. He is in a foster home with a cat and kids who have been taught how to kindly interact with him. He is like a big teddy bear, laid back and enjoys his playtime.

Ethan and James

James (silver) and Ethan are brothers from a group of siblings abandoned at about 4 weeks old. They are used to respectful dogs. This big duo will be a great addition to your family. Ethan And James are sweet adventurous boys.

Harry and Carter

Harry and Carter are siblings from an abandoned family of rabbits recently taken in.  They are now a bonded duo and are being raised in a foster home with respectful dogs. Harry has beautiful dark grey chinchilla colouring, and Carter is a handsome brown-and-white.


River is a sweetheart! She’s a very big lazy bunny around 14 pounds. She enjoys lounging around and roaming around the house. She lays all stretched out with her legs straight back. River likes having her own quiet space, under tables or behind couches. She can be shy until she gets to know you but is very friendly and enjoys affection and pets. She does chew on cardboard or paper within her reach. River is very good with her litter box and gets along well with the respectful cats and dog in her foster home. Her favorite treats are banana, carrots and fresh greens. She has a great laid-back personality. She doesn’t scary easy but is conscious and aware of her surroundings.


Adam was only about 4 weeks old when he was found with his siblings in a heap on the sidewalk, obviously dumped from a car. Despite his dire beginning, this youngster (born ~Feb 2021) is outgoing and friendly. He’s turning into a very nice House Rabbit and looks forward to becoming a permanent member of a lucky person’s household.