Almond is a great big bunny. Just look at that face!

He thoroughly enjoys napping during the day and then zoomies after his naps like all good and healthy rabbits.

Almond continues to be very food motivated and especially gets super excited when treats are involved, making training easier. He recognizes his name and will usually come when called!

He has grown more confident in himself and his personality shows through even more with each day passing. Almond is tolerant to pets but enjoys his personal space. He does like sleeping on a bed at night and to cuddle for a bit. Best of all, his litter box habits are excellent and he is a very clean bunny, constantly grooming himself throughout the day. 

Annie and Fiona

It’s nice to snuggle with a friend.

Annie & Fiona are bonded sisters and are ready to make the hop into a Forever Home together.

These large friendly girls have been raised in a foster home with respectful dogs.

Big Bunnies are the Best!

Cadbury and Nina


Cadbury Nina

Cadbury Nina

Cadbury Nina

Cadbury Nina

Cadbury Nina

Introducing the double-fabulous Cadbury & Nina! Thanks to our wonderful foster family for the video and here’s what they have to say about these cutie-patooties:

“They are both wonderful House Buns and are mostly cage free, except when I’m not home. Nina is very adventurous and likes to explore everything, and comes running at the slightest indication of food (rustling bags, fridge opening, etc). She climbs on top of anything she can reach and loves to wiggle into funny places. Her most recent perch has been on top of the bin in which I keep their hay and pellets. Cadbury also comes running for treats (banana is her fave, of course) and will permit head scratches quite happily. She sits next to me whenever I’m doing something in the kitchen.”

Wouldn’t you love to have these two hanging out in YOUR kitchen? House rabbits are the best!! Check out an awesome video of these two in action, on our YouTube page.

Callum and Robbie

Callum (black) and Robbie (white) are middle-aged brothers, about 6 years old (as of June 2021). They are an all-round fantastic duo, lovely big buns with big ears. They have lived amicably with nice cats and a calm, non-barking dog. They enjoy people and are always looking for a treat. They like being petted. Like most bunnies, they will tolerate you picking them up if absolutely needed (to move them, or trim their nails), but they definitely don’t like it. As a calmer alternative for both buns and humans, their foster person trained them to hop into their carrier with a snack, and that’s the way they enjoy being transported.
R&C have been lucky to have access to a bunny-proofed, safe outdoor area at their foster home and they absolutely love time spent there. They do happy hops and love to eat grass (little lawnmowers). In an ideal world it would be lovely to have them adopted by someone who also has a safe playtime spot for them in a yard or patio.
Inside, they are relaxed and confident, but do like to nibble things so have only been allowed free-roam in their bunny-proofed gated area. They need an extra-large litter box so they can both fit in at the same time. They also love to redecorate (throw cardboard boxes and pieces of wood around).