Tulip (South Surrey)

Meet the beautiful Tulip.  She’s a large girl with magnificent ears that have a mind of their own.  Mostly lop eared though.  She has a lovely silver grey coat and expressive large eyes. Tulip came to us a stray from the local shelter and estimated to be about 2 years old but is definitely ready for a home where she has space to roam around.

Being a larger bun, she’s not a big fan of being picked up but she’s curious, mellow and energetic all rolled into one. In the short time she’s been with VRRA she’s certainly blossomed and now will come to you for treats.  She’s a big food connoisseur too.

We know she’s had contact with other rabbits but with dogs and cats unknown.  But she’s a confident rabbit. She’s a real winner! If you’d like to adopt Tulip, please apply today!

Magic (South Surrey)

Magic by name, with a magical personality!

Magic is a very large handsome boy who came into a local shelter as a stray and we’ve just welcomed him into the VRRA family.

He’s approximately 3.5 years old and consistent with his breed (New Zealand White, perhaps with a touch of Flemish Giant) he’s a gentle, mellow giant.

Magic will need a large space to hop around in to display his unique gymnastic abilities. He’s very chill, good with his litterbox, and loves throwing his stacking cups. Everyone adores him and he’s going to be a great addition to most family homes.

If you want to adopt Magic, please apply today.

Arby (Vancouver)

Arby was found abandoned sitting outside the Arbutus West Vet clinic. A kind-hearted schoolboy saw him and took him home.

He is a large rabbit (7lb) with an equally large personality – he loves attention and pets from his human, and loves to zoom around on the carpet and toss his favourite toys around. He is excellent with his litter box but does like to chew things, especially cardboard and his towel.

Despite his friendliness, Arby is not an ideal “first rabbit” candidate due to his enthusiasm for attention – he is so happy to see you that he will lunge and grunt at your feet or pull at your pant legs which can be intimating until you get to know him. He is also territorial when he gets his pellets – will grunt at you if you get too close! Over-enthusiasm aside, he loves to hang out with someone and will come right up beside you and flop over on his side for pets.

His foster mother has noticed that he really enjoys being talked to and will often perform little hops and binkies in response. Arby would thrive in a home where he gets to spend lots of time with his person/family. As he is a large rabbit, he does not like hardwood floors – he requires carpeting or some other surface with traction. His current house has 2 cats and he has not been bothered by
their presence. He will make someone a wonderful companion! Scroll down to see a video of Arby bounding up and down the stairs.

If you’d like to meet Arby, apply to adopt him today!