Come join us for a relaxing yoga experience with bunnies! 

Reserve your spot by emailing us at vrra.events@gmail.com to sign up.

$25 admission fee at the door or e-transfer in advance to VRRA.donate@gmail.com

By attending, you are directly supporting homeless and abandoned rabbit care, so it’s not only fun and healthy, it’s a great cause! 

Our always popular yoga instructor Leslie will guide us through a one hour hatha yoga session with chill tunes and lots of bunnies! $25 admission. Post yoga tea & bunny social time to follow.

  • Saturday, June 1st, 2024 
  • 12pm-2:30pm
  • Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street in Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Street parking / close to bus route

***Limited number of spaces available so reserve your mat today!

Remembering Rabbit de Niro

With heavy hearts, we think of Rabbit de Niro, a beloved member of the Nagy family and a cherished companion to his mom, Eszter Nagy.

Rabbit de Niro wasn’t just any bunny; he was the epitome of sweetness and love, filling Eszter’s life with joy, companionship, and boundless affection. His presence brought light into their home, his gentle hops and adorable lop ears capturing hearts and spreading smiles wherever he went. From snuggles to playful antics, Rabbit de Niro was more than a pet — he was family.

Though Rabbit de Niro may no longer be physically with us, his spirit lives on in the countless cherished memories he created and the love he shared unconditionally.

As we honor Rabbit de Niro’s memory today, let us find solace in knowing that he is now at peace, frolicking in endless fields of clover, waiting patiently for the day when he can once again be reunited with his beloved mom.

Rest in peace, dear Rabbit de Niro. You will be dearly missed, but never forgotten.

Big News @ VRRA Shopping:

VRRA product sales are now online. To go to our online shopping site click HERE. For more shopping info see our store page on this site.

Pre-order pick ups are every other week ongoing – please contact us for more details.


Dear friends and supporters, VRRA is facing the dilemma of too many rabbits. Many of our foster rabbits are being returned due to people starting to travel. We have no room for new rabbits. This is very hard on us because we have to say no. We simply cannot save them all.

When we turn people down they say things like “you are supposed to be a rescue”. We are and we take our mandate seriously. We cannot look after the rabbits we have if we become overcrowded. A rescue with too many animals is no longer a rescue but a hoarder with animals that need rescuing. So please understand our predicament. If you really want to help, become a foster person (if you can), and one that will keep the rabbit until adopted.

If you’re thinking about contacting us for any reason please read about/contact before you do.

Follow us on Vancouver Rabbit Rescue & Advocacy VRRA on Facebook or Instagram to find out about our next bunny rabbit event.

Adopting or Fostering a Bunny

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a bunny go to the Adoption and Foster Info page, read the introductory material and then complete and submit the adoption application or foster application form on their respective pages. We will contact you to set up an appointment to visit our shelter and meet the bunnies.

We are currently in need of foster homes! Fostering saves lives!

We appreciate you doing your bunny homework (research their health, housing and social needs) in advance of submitting an application. Watch this video to help with your decision.

Better with Two

Rabbits are social animals – most crave the companionship of another bunny. Rabbit pairs groom each other, sleep, eat and play together. They keep each other company when you are busy or out of the house – companions against loneliness and boredom. Bonded rabbits form extremely close attachments and their happy, hilarious and sweet interactions will expand your heart and life. But don’t worry that two bunnies will ignore their humans – they will give you double the love and fun of one!

Adopt a bonded Pair. 
Adopting an already bonded pair is a great way to bypass the dating and bonding process. It’s a sweet deal: you get to take home two loving rabbits whose relationship is already sorted out and established. We currently have several bunny pairs ready for adoption – in the toolbar above, click on Pairs to scroll through their bios.

Adopt a friend for your single. If you already have a spayed/neutered rabbit in your family, adopting a friend for them is something we can help you with.  Give us a call and we can arrange a time for you and your bunny to come to our shelter for a meet-and-greet with prospective pals.

Important: Rabbits are territorial and their choice of a new Best Friend may be different from yours. As adorable as bunnies are, they can seriously harm each other if introduced improperly. Introductions between rabbits should be done gradually and should be supervised by someone experienced with bonding bunnies (that’s us!). The House Rabbit Society has very useful articles about the process of rabbit bonding.


Foster Spotlight on: Alfie, Alma, Amos and Alan

Support VRRA

If you would like to donate to VRRA choose one of the options in the right sidebar. You will get an immediate tax receipt from them if you choose either CHIMP (Charitable Impact) or Canada Helps. Choosing PayPal requires VRRA to process the donation and then issue a tax receipt. We are a registered Canadian charity #88248 1609 RR0001.

Volunteer at VRRA

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. We especially need help in keeping our shelter clean, and providing socialization and enrichment activities to the bunnies. Cleaning duties mainly involve keeping their cages and outside exercise pens clean, so that our bunnies enjoy happy and healthy lives. We also need people who can handle bunnies so they can be moved from their inside cages to outdoor exercise pens. Most cleaners learn to do this as well. If you would like to volunteer, find out more by completing this form.