Adoption & Foster Info

THANK YOU for your interest in adopting or fostering a rabbit!

Please keep in mind that our shelter is 100% volunteer-run; we do our best to get back to you as expediently as possible but reviewing applications isn’t a quick process. Rest assured, we will respond 🙂 and we appreciate your patience.

If you are serious about wanting a house rabbit to join your family, please do your bunny homework on their health, housing and social needs in advance. Bunnies are a 10-year commitment of care and require as much time and investment as a dog or cat.

We try to keep as many bunnies as possible in foster homes rather than at the shelter. This is best for the rabbits, but adds an extra layer of time to organize meet-and-greets for prospective adopters. Thanks for bearing with us as you wait for a response!

Visitors are not permitted at the shelter, only prospective foster/adopters who have been provided with an appointment time by the Shelter Director.



Before proceeding, it’s VITAL that you do your Bunny Homework:

There are a lot of myths about pet rabbits: that they are a caged pet (definitely not), that they are low maintenance (nope), or that they are the perfect pet for young children (sometimes but not always). Even if you have had a bunny before and are familiar with their needs, we want to be certain that our adoptive and foster families are “on the same page” as us about standards of care.  Before you fall in love with one of our adorable rabbits, please read the following myth-busting information:

In addition, this FAQ page covers almost every major house rabbit topic, for those that want to really delve deep!


Looking for a rabbit to join your family as a permanent member? At VRRA we want to ensure you adopt a rabbit that is the best fit for your home.

    • Our adoption fee is $75 per rabbit (i.e. bonded pairs = $150).
    • All our rabbits are neutered/spayed and vaccinated for the RHD2 virus.
  1. Educate yourself – see the Bunny Homework section above. Rabbits are not “starter” pets or caged pets. They are a 10+ year commitment and require the same time and effort to care for as a cat or dog.
  2. Let us know if there is a particular rabbit or bonded pair that has caught your eye. You can view photos and descriptions by selecting Rabbits for Adoption in the top grey category bar at the top of our website. Once we have received your adoption application, we may suggest other rabbits for your consideration as well, based on what you’ve told us you’re looking for, the type of home environment you have, and the individual rabbit’s personality, age, health, background, etc. Our goal is to make a successful match that results in a happy human and a happy bunny!
  3. Once your adoption application is approved we’ll schedule a time for you to visit for a bunny meet-and-greet.
  4. If you already have a bunny and are looking to adopt a rabbit friend for them, you’ll need to bring your rabbit for the meet-and-greet as well. Be sure to read some of the information on this page as preparation: Multiple Rabbit FAQ’s.
  5. Submit our Adoption application form.



Fostering can be a very rewarding experience and is a wonderful way to contribute to animal rescue. We need homes that will keep rabbits in a happy and safe environment until they are permanently adopted. This can sometimes be for a few weeks but more often it is for several months and sometimes longer. (This application is for TEMPORARY FOSTER. We allow all adopters to make the decision to foster for a month before adoption. So if you wish to adopt, fill out the adoption application.)

We also have unique foster situations that require more experienced caregivers, e.g. a bunny mother with kits, or a mistreated or neglected bunny that needs a chance to learn how to trust a human again.

Fostering makes rabbits more adoptable as it keeps them out of a caged environment and allows their true personalities to flourish with one-on-one attention. This increases the chances of finding their Forever Home.


Permanent foster homes are for specific, less than adoptable bunnies who keep being passed by. Sometimes this is for one of our senior citizen bunnies, or one with a minor medical problem. In these cases we will cover veterinary expenses and in some cases even food expenses. All you need to do is give the rabbit a loving, committed home.

Next step: Please complete our foster application form.