Giving Tuesday!

Super Spooktacular Adoptathon – Oct 30th, 2021!

The times being what they are, we’re all adapting… and ADOPTING!

Mark the date, October 30th! In place of our beloved, annual Rabbit Festival, we are excited to present a SUPER SPOOKTACULAR ADOPTATHON! The location will be our usual haunt at the Scottish Cultural Centre in Vancouver! As it seems so fitting, we are featuring many of our magnificent and mystifying BBBs: Beautiful Black Bunnies! Alongside these special VIP buns will be a variety of other bunnies. Boys, girls, singles, bonded pairs, one thing they all have in common: they’re each waiting for that special, forever home!

We are asking you, our supporters, for your feedback on what other services we should offer at this event! Adoptions will be by appointment and services will have specific time slots, all in accordance with current Covid protocols for indoor venues.

Services we are considering offering based on responses are:

  • Rabbit bonding
  • Rabbit supplies for sale
  • Nail clipping (by donation)
    *Grooming (by donation)

If you would like to attend, please email us at and let us know what specific service(s) you would like to partake in.

If you are seriously considering adopting and have done your research, please complete in advance our online adoption application. All potential adopters must be pre-approved prior to the Adoptathon and need to reserve an appointment time.

The bunnies keep coming in and we continue to rely on your support and kindness. We’re pretty much winging this so your feedback will help shape this and future events! We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you and please stay tuned for updates!

Easter and Rabbits Do Not Mix

Did you know that most bunnies purchased as Easter gifts don’t live to see their first birthday?

House Rabbit Society strongly urges parents not to buy their children live “Easter bunnies” unless they are willing to make a 10-year commitment to properly care for the animals. Each year, thousands of baby rabbits, chicks, and ducks are purchased as Easter gifts only to be abandoned or left at shelters in the days, weeks and months that follow Easter.

Margo DeMello, president of HRS, encourages rabbit lovers to support the “Make Mine Chocolate” ™ campaign created by the Columbus, Ohio, chapter of HRS.“Rabbits are not ‘low maintenance’ pets,” says DeMello; they require at least the same amount of work as a cat or dog, and often more. Chocolate rabbits are a great alternative; kids can enjoy them for 10 minutes, and they won’t have to take care of them for the next 10 years.” 

Mary Cotter, vice-president of HRS, says that many of the rabbits purchased as Easter pets will never live to see their first birthday. Some will die from neglect, while others will be abandoned in local parks or left at animal shelters. “It is irresponsible for pet stores to push rabbits and other so-called Easter animals during the holiday,” says Cotter. “Unless parents are willing to take full responsibility for the possible 10-year lifepan of a live rabbit, they should buy their children chocolate rabbits instead.”

Most children want a companion they can hold, carry and cuddle, but rabbits are fragile, ground-loving creatures who break easily when dropped. Additionally, rabbits are easily frightened by loud noises. It is unreasonable to expect a small child to make a 10-year commitment to taking care of a rabbit. All too often, the child loses interest, and the rabbit ends up neglected or abandoned.

Does this mean no families with children should never have pet rabbits? “Not at all!” says DeMello. “But what it does mean is that parents must be actively involved on a daily basis, and willing to supervise any interactions between rabbits and children. Otherwise, chocolate is the way to go!”

For families willing to make the long-term commitment, here are a few points to consider before acquiring a rabbit:


**Housing: For rabbits who use a cage, the cage needs to be at least six times the size of the adult rabbit. It should not have a wire bottom, as the wire can cause sores on the rabbit’s feet. There should be room for a litterbox, toys, food and water bowls. Others may choose to forgo a cage entirely, using instead a pen for the rabbit’s home base.

**Playtime: Rabbits need plenty of exercise and should be allowed at least 30 hours out-of-cage or pen running time in a rabbit-proofed area of the home per week.

**Outdoors: Rabbits should never be left outdoors unsupervised. They can, literally, be frightened to death when approached by predators such as dogs, cats, raccoons and owls. They can also dig under fences to escape.

**Litter Box: Rabbits, once spayed or neutered, will readily use litterboxes that are place in one corner of the rabbit’s space; the rabbit’s running space should contain at least one additional box. Use dust-free, natural litter–not the clumping kind, and no softwood shavings.

**Diet: Rabbits need fresh water, unlimited fresh, grass hay, 1-2 cups of fresh vegetables, and a small serving (1/4 c per 5 lb. rabbit) of plain rabbit pellets each day. 

** Health: Like dogs and cats, rabbits should be spayed or neutered. The risk of uterine cancer in unspayed female rabbits is alarmingly high, and unneutered males are likely to spray.

**Grooming: Rabbits shed their coat 3-4 times per year; use a flea comb and brush away excess fur.

A person who chooses a baby rabbit as a companion must: 

**Have lots of time, a household that can withstand some chewing, and a stable residence.

**Expect an unneutered/unspayed baby will spray urine. Know that neutering/spaying (at four to six months) will stop the problem.

**Expect accidents when baby forgets the location of the litterbox.

**Allow the energetic young rabbit at least 30 hours a week of free time outside her pen, habitat, or cage.

**Know the cute baby will soon be an adult rabbit and may have a different personality.

If you think you would enjoy sharing your home with a rabbit, please contact HRS, your local animal shelter, humane society or rabbit rescue group for information about adopting a rabbit. No matter where you live, you are probably within 10 miles of a rabbit who desperately needs a safe, indoor home. If you are not sure you can make this kind of commitment, please consider buying your child a chocolate bunny this Easter instead.

2021 Calendar!

VRRA has received a limited supply of the official House Rabbit Society 2021 calendar. Available for in-person purchase ($15) from the VRRA store.

Holiday Fundraiser!

🎄🐇 Happy holidays to our vibrant rabbit community! 🐇🎄

With the cancellation of our annual Rabbit Festival this year (due to Covid 19), the need to cover our veterinary expenses is greater than ever. We are therefore holding a Super Raffle to help raise funds and have seven incredible gift baskets available! The proceeds of this raffle will benefit VRRA’s Broken Bunny Fund. This is the main source of income for the veterinary care every rabbit receives in our rescue.

Tickets for the raffle are $6 each, or four for $20. There is no limit on ticket purchases; the more you buy, the greater your chances of winning! 

There are seven baskets up for grabs, each with a variety of rabbit goodies (for people AND bunnies!), coffee, teas, presses, toys, treats, ornaments and more! Baskets and contents were very generously donated by VRRA team members, Feathered Addictions Bird Supplies, and Pets-N-Us, so every single dollar donated directly benefits the bunnies!

How to buy tickets: E-transfers may be sent to  Please include your name, phone contact, location in the Greater Vancouver area and the number of tickets you wish to purchase with your entry! 

Because of logistics, we are limiting raffle entries to the Lower Mainland area of BC. Of course, we will gratefully welcome any non-raffle donations made from out of town! Baskets are on view at Pets-N-Us’s Tsawwassen location. Ticket purchase deadline is December 16th at 10pm PST. Winners will be announced December 18th!

Please help us help homeless rabbits. Thank you for whatever you may be able to contribute; any amount counts!

Holiday 2020 Raffle Baskets

Photo Contest!

2020 Holiday Fundraiser Contest!

Calling all Humans who are lucky enough to have a VRRA Alumni Rabbit!

Here’s a chance to show off your FAB RAB and FUN BUN, and also help VRRA raise much-needed funds.

The scoop: from November 15 – December 15 2020 we are accepting photos for our BEST BUNNY HOLIDAY PHOTO. The winning entry will grace our VRRA Facebook Cover Page until 2021 and will also be featured on our IG page. But best of all, the winner will be the VRRA December 2021 Calendar Bun!!!!!

But that’s not all: the winner will also receive a framed photo and special gift.

No worries if you don’t get the top prize, there’s more: Second Prize will be a gift basket for bunny from Santa. Third prize will be a Canadian fleece blanket donated by #datkatdatdogdatbun

Rules of the fundraiser contest:

  1. Costumes are welcome but they cannot be distressing for the rabbit to wear.
  2. There are two categories i) bunny alone ii) bunny with people. Please pick ONE category and send your best picture to Also please provide a synopsis of your bunny’s personality and detail about his /her /their life.
  3. Important!! Bunnies must be VRRA alumni!
  4. This is a fundraiser for VRRA. Contest entry is by donation, if you enter please e-transfer your donation to If necessary, old-fashioned cheques can be mailed to VRRA via our P.O. Box (address is on our ‘Contact’ web page).

Every bunny is worthy of love.

This is SO TRUE. If you are searching for a rabbit to adopt, please keep an open mind – bunnies blossom in a home. It makes such a difference to them. Colour, looks, age – none of those things make a difference.

Every bunny is worthy of love.

April 21, 2019 Easter Sunday BUNNY BUNANZA event!

Mark your calendars for the upcoming BUNNY BUNANZA!
We are co-hosting an Easter Sunday event with Rabbitats Rescue.

Sunday, April 21
Noon to 3:30pm
Ukrainian Hall, 805 E Pender in Vancouver.

There will be “Hoppy Hour” for rabbit owners and their buns, and also a “Bunny Meet and Treat” for people interested in learning about having a rabbit pet. Bunnies from both VRRA and Rabbitats will be there to meet you.

There will also be an agility demonstration to show how rabbits train for agility competition which is surprisingly easy. 

Entrance by donation for an afternoon of bunny-positive fun. Snacks and treats available as well as interesting objects for sale. So come have a hoppy afternoon!

We hope people take this great opportunity to educate themselves about how to be committed and informed bunny guardians and this can help turn the tide against impulsive rabbit purchases at Easter.

Foster a Baby Bunny!

These cute baby bun-buns are in need of FOSTER HOMES so they can spend their pre-adoptive formative months growing up with compassionate, responsible people who can mentor them into becoming good House Rabbits. Once they are old enough for spay/neuter, they’ll then be ready for adoption.

Fostering young rabbits is an important way to help animals in need! It’s also a great opportunity to have a rabbit without committing to a lifetime of care.  INTERESTED? Please go to our foster/adoption page and email us the foster application form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Suggested Vegetables

Wondering what foods are best for rabbits? This diagram provides a basic overview but read this article from the House Rabbit Society for very useful, detailed information.