Outside Exercise Pens

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization and make a HUGE difference in the lives of our shelter rabbits.

We especially need help to keep the facility clean. This mainly involves keeping the cages clean so that our bunnies enjoy healthy lives. This consists of replacing used litter, newspaper, towels, sweeping and changing water. We normally need a person for  2 or 3 hours in the morning and afternoon. This is not a dirty smelly job because the cleaning is done every day so that there no chance for a buildup of dirt and odour. We also need people who can handle bunnies so they can be moved from their inside cages to outdoor exercise pens shown in the photo. Commonly volunteers who clean cages will also learn to help move bunnies to their outside exercise pens.

Of course, we also need help keeping the outside pens clean but this is not an everyday job. Although cleaning is where we especially need volunteers there are other jobs within VRRA where help would be much appreciated, including rabbit socialization. We also look for volunteers with expertise in fundraising as well. You can specify your interest in the following application form.

Potential volunteers should be aware that our shelter is located on the west side of the City of Vancouver, and near the #2 and #25 bus routes.

Application to Volunteer – Scroll form to complete and submit