Outdoor Exercise Pens

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization and make a HUGE difference in the lives of our shelter rabbits.

The various positions we have include:

  • Cage Cleaner (~2hr)
    • Morning shift starts around 9:30am; Afternoon shift starts around 12:30pm
    • Duties: Carry rabbits from their cages to the outdoor pens, replace newspaper base if soiled, sweep up hay and rabbit droppings, discard old water and refill with fresh water, and discard litter and replace with fresh litter
    • Experience in handling rabbits is strongly preferred
  • Pen Cleaner (~2hr)
    • Shift starts anytime between 10am to 3pm, and would end by 5pm
    • Duties: Sweep hay and rabbit droppings from the pen, discard old water and refill with fresh water, and refill hay rack with fresh hay
    • No experience required
  • Greens Feeder (~15min)
    • Shift starts at 7pm
    • Duties: Feed lettuce and parsley to all of the rabbits in the shelter
    • No experience required

Potential volunteers should be aware that our shelter is located on the west side of the City of Vancouver, and near the #2 and #25 bus routes.

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