Scout and Willow

Say hello to Scout and Willow – these two buns are a perfect pair.

Scout is the fuzzy Lionhead and is smart, adventurous and curious. He is very adorable when he flops his ears down halfway. He loves pets, but prefers exploring. He is tidy and loves to eat his pellets out of the palm of your hand. Watch out for your fruit though, he will definitely snag your blueberries and bananas if you aren’t careful! Scout loves to do zoomies and binkys and needs space to do this – he will thrive in a free roaming home. He loves to hop onto the couch or bed and check out the action. He’ll give you some really nice flops when he gets tuckered out and loves to lounge with his legs fully outstretched. He’s a big softie and really appreciates having his head pet.

Willow is a big sweetheart and the more timid of the pair. She is happiest when you sit nearby and pet her head, she will give you a little boop with her nose, if you stop too soon. She also loves to be fed her morning pellets out of the palm of your hand but might take them aside to make sure Scout doesn’t snag them. She enjoys lounging, cuddling Scout, and playing with chew toys. She gives excellent cuddles but doesn’t like being picked up. Willow is a lop but mostly keeps one ear up and one ear down.

Willow and Scout have complementary personalities. They will warm up to you quickly if you give them pets and treats. They are good hay eaters and in good health. 

Talia & Jericho

This adorable couple love each other very much and are looking for their forever home. They like a quiet environment and they are very comfortable free roaming and finding a comfy spot for an afternoon nap. 
Talia – she has a great personality and is the dynamic, curious and playful one in the couple. She loves treats, getting pets and, most of all, loves her husbun Jericho. 
Jericho – he is shy and cautious to begin with but, once you earn his trust, he will be binkying and flopping all over the place! 
Both bunnies are a joy to look after – the only problem is that you won’t get anything done because you’ll be too busy watching them snuggle and taking photos.

Max and Precious

Max (black Netherland Dwarf) and Precious (gray Lionhead) are a gentle but inquisitive pair. Besides eating their pellets and veggies, their favourite activities include tossing around toys like balls with bells, and cardboard spirals. They are calm and nurturing toward each other, but also love being pet.

Max and Precious are spending time in a foster home and were skittish of loud noises at first, but with time and patience invested, have really come out of their shells. Both love to be pet on their head and cheeks, especially Precious, who grinds her teeth with happiness (the equivalent of a bunny purr). Both have good litter box habits. Precious’s gorgeous fur will require daily brushing to prevent matting – Lionheads are beautiful but do require consistent fur maintenance.

Anna and Olaf

Bunny high-fives! Olaf & Anna are a great example of how intelligent and fun-loving rabbits can be. Spend time interacting and getting to know their individual personality on their own terms, and you will be rewarded.

Olaf and Anna have been living with one of our amazing Foster People and they say, “these two are the most well-behaved House Bunnies we have ever hosted”. Wow! They go on to describe these snowy fluffs as, “100% non-chewy, not even cable chargers interest them. They don’t even care about chewing cardboard or chew toys, although they do love peeling the layers of cardboard off the bottom of a box. They don’t dig or climb on stuff (unless they smell food on the table) and so bunny-proofing will be super easy for whomever adopts them.”

These two are food motivated and do fun tricks like high-fives. Check out their instagram page for more cute videos of their antics.

They have also been trained to be comfortable with being held for grooming and getting their nails trimmed. And they are quiet at night.Talk about the perfect combo of characteristics! Anna & Olaf are waiting for you!

Clover and Pipkin

Getting good photos of two young and active dark-furred bunnies is a challenge! This lovely brother-sister duo were found lost and alone on a busy street. They are just settling into the shelter and getting used to receiving kind attention and care.

Peggy and Nemo

Peggy (brown) and Nemo (black) were both found as strays. They are just getting used to the idea of humans being trustworthy and so are shy. They’ll need a home with a reliable routine and a calm, loving atmosphere. It will be lovely to watch their personalities bloom with someone who takes the time to get to know them.

Peggy and Nemo
Peggy and NEmo

Robin and Star

Meet Star (Himalayan) and her handsome boyfriend, Robin.

Himalayans are beautiful bunnies, known for their calm nature. Robin looks to be part English Spot and is a fun fellow and the more outgoing one of the pair. They are well-behaved, good with their litter box and not chewy. They do love playing with cardboard boxes.

Robin and Star
Robin and Star

Kate and Kendal

Introducing Kate and Kendal. Energetic and full of ‘joie de vivre’, these 2 hilarious buns are ready to get into a home where they can really stretch their paws! They have been having a wonderful time in foster, dashing around playing tag with each other and demonstrating some incredible Binky action! When it’s time for them to come out of their penned area, they are raring to go and eager to explore! Both are great using the litter box and pretty clean, with a very healthy appetite for hay. They need to be with people who will embrace their exuberant nature and give them regular access to large spaces. They love to socialize with their humans and Kate especially loves a good ear scratch and some long pets! They are young and a bit chewy so having a good supply of cardboard boxes for them to do their bunny construction projects will keep them entertained and out of trouble. A lovely pair and good candidates for agility! Have been around 2 very gentle and older kids and are familiar with the smell and sound of a dog. 

Kate and Kendal

BlackBerry and Hawthorne

BlackBerrry and Hawthorne

BlackBerry (black female) and Hawthorne (grey male) are a sibling duo rescued from the streets when they were tiny. They are dwarf-cross rabbits and so will not grow very large. They are really sweet and friendly with people that they know.

Despite their sophisticated beauty, darker-coloured pets have the most difficulty getting adopted; people overlook them. Don’t let a colour bias make you miss out on this wonderful, handsome pair.

Birdie and Bogey

Birdie (chocolate brown, female) and Bogey (blonde Harlequin, male) were found on a golf course and affectionately named accordingly. Both are litter trained, don’t bite or scratch, and love all things food! 
These two have been through a lot, but they’re making progress every day. Birdie is the adventurous one, while Bogey prefers to plant himself somewhere around his foster home and go into full-on lounge mode. Given their difficult past, they are both skittish and require a great deal of patience and care. But we have no doubt that – with lots of love and affection – they will blossom into rewarding companions for any rabbit lover!
Birdie and Bogey’s foster parents have an instagram page to help them find their forever home and update it frequently with new photos and videos. Check them out @golfcoursebuns.

Birdie Bogey