Jupiter & Sylvester

Jupiter and Sylvester are bonded rabbits with friendly and happy dispositions. They are playful, curious and a little mischievous! They love binkying and frolicking together and are used to being cage-free House Buns, but like all young curious rabbits, they do need some supervision.

They are great companions to each other and also as a human companion, following you around just to get a quick peak in the refrigerator to see what treats await them or sitting outside whatever room you are in, to greet you when you come out.

Like most rabbits, they like pets but prefer to not be picked up or overly handled. Sylvester is the handsome Seal Point and Jupiter is the dashing Harlequin.

Patrick and Haley

Patrick (grey) and Haley (black) are a handsome little duo, about 5 months old (as of Sept 2021). Like soooo many abandoned bunnies in Metro Vancouver, they were found wandering the streets of Richmond. This petite pair are probably brother and sister and are seeking a Forever Home that understand that rabbits are a 10+ year commitment. In return they will provide you with unconditional love and affection.

Tia Maria and Eduardo Lalo

Tia Maria is a cute small Dutch bun and her best-friend-forever is Eduardo Lalo, a handsome white rabbit. They are active and friendly, and looking for a home that will commit to loving them forever! This duo will make your heart and life grow with positivity and love.

Annie and Fiona

It’s nice to snuggle with a friend. Annie & Fiona are bonded sisters and are ready to make the hop into a Forever Home together. These large friendly girls have been raised in a foster home with respectful dogs. Big Bunnies are the Best!

Belle and Gordana

Say hello to Belle & Gordana, enjoying a summer tea party at their foster home. These lovely large sisters are part of a family of abandoned rabbits that we are finding homes for. So many people want tiny little rabbits but the secret is BBB (Big Buns are the Best)! Belle is gray agouti and Gordana is brown toned with a white stripe on the right side of her neck. They are used to respectful dogs and will beg for treats.

Ilsa And Dalia

Ilsa is a light grey chinchilla colour and Dalia is a dark grey agouti with a white spot on her nose. These loving sisters are just youngsters but are already big girls and make a fine duo! They’re from an abandoned family of rabbits recently taken in. They have been fostered in a home with respectful dogs.

Peter and Paul

Petey (brown) and Paul (white) are loving brothers who groom, cuddle and sleep together. Petey is the outgoing leader and Paul feels safe following his brother. Both are friendly and love running free around the house, and enjoy pets. When spooked, Paul runs to Petey for reassurance, or goes to hide beside his foster Mom. They are cuties! 

Asha and Allie

Asha and Allie were only about 4 weeks old when they were found with their other three siblings in a heap on the sidewalk, obviously dumped from a car. Despite their dire beginnings, these youngsters (born ~Feb 2021) are outgoing and friendly. They are turning into very lovely House Rabbits and look forward to becoming permanent members of a lucky person’s household.

Rowan & Sandy

Rowan and Sandy arrived at VRRA from different places and circumstances. The silver lining to them ending up at a shelter is that they found each other – they are now bonded best friends.

They are about 4 years old (as of July 2021) and have matching gorgeous brown agouti coats. They are a good yin-and-yang match, as Rowan is an extreme extrovert – outgoing and curious – whereas Sandy is more sedate. Rowan absolutely loves full-body bunny massages. While Sandy is shy about pets, she is social in her own sweet way and will take treats from your hands. She is content to follow Rowan around like his shadow.

They are lovely, clean and tidy bunnies, and while they’ve been enjoying time in a nice foster placement, the very much need a permanent home to call their own.

Meta and Della

Meta and Della are big buns, almost like having a couple of small dogs (LOL)! Besides their unique personalities, you can also tell them apart by the white on their noses; Meta has a bigger splotch than Della. Like most siblings sometimes they irritate each other and make funny honking noises to tell the other to ‘buzz off’. They look forward to ruling the roost together in a lucky person’s home.