Iko and Tina

Iko and Tina are wonderful girls and best friends. They love grooming each other and playing together. Iko loves to be picked up (which is very unusual for a rabbit!) and is very soft and cuddly. Tina is also very cuddly and loves to give kisses. They like having a cardboard box to chew and snuggle up in. These two wonderful ladies would benefit from a home with bunny experience and lots of time to dedicate to them. They are working on their litterbox skills.

Rosalyn and Kiki

Meet Rosalyn and Kiki, a young bonded pair of girls came to VRRA due to no fault of their own.

Rosalyn is the Holland lop, a little shy but certainly not skittish.  Kiki is a feisty little Netherland dwarf and she does like to be the boss bun of the pair.  Both of them are easily handled and will blossom in a home. They are well on their way to be litter trained.  Would suit a more experienced rabbit home.

Tim and Todd

Tim & Todd are super handsome double-maned lion heads. These two are friendly brothers but can be shy. They are looking for a bunny experienced home. Their forever people will need to enjoy spending lots of time grooming these wonderful fluffy buns.


Diamond and Ruby

These precious jewels are lop/dwarf bonded girls, both under a year old (as of October 2021). Diamond is sparkling white with blue eyes, and Ruby is shiny black with lop ears. They are outgoing and curious bunnies, good with their litter box and not chewy. They can be a little shy until they get to know you. Special buns for a special forever home.

Diamond and Ruby

Mac and Hazelnut

Meet two of our “nut family “.   Mac and Hazelnut are bonded brothers born April 11th this year in a shelter.  

These fun loving boys are looking forward to finding a family to call their own.

They are clean, playful and love to zoom around .  Hazelnut can be a bit chewy but as long as he has plenty to do he is normally good.

They are gentle rabbits but not skittish or shy.  

Mac and Hazelnut have not really known a home just a shelter. – can you give these gentlemen the home they deserve?

Ira and Gopy

Gopy (silver/blue) and Ira (brown/agouti) are “brothers from another mother”. Both were found as tiny babies within a few weeks of each other in different locations alone on the streets of Vancouver.  They’ve grown up together in foster care and are both exceptionally sweet, affectionate and funny young rabbits. As bonded buns, they are looking forward to living together in a loving home, where they can continue to bring joy to humans as they enjoy lots of free roam time and enrichment.  They were recently neutered and aside from some territorial droppings (likely due to their foster mom’s own resident rabbits) they are quite good with their litter boxes. They are very loving towards each other and groom one another constantly. Both boys are very accepting of cuddles.

Poppy & Pansy

Poppy and Pansy are a double-dose of adorable! Poppy (white spot on the nose) has a very loving personality and is always ready for a cuddle. She loves to sit on one’s lap for extended periods of time while receiving pats & kisses. Pansy has an adventurous personality and loves to explore. She is the alpha girl who looks out for both of them. Pansy is warming up to cuddles – on her terms – she dislikes being picked up (as most bunnies do). 
Their ltterbox habits are consistently great 98% of the time. Poppy & Pansy enjoy a healthy diet and an occasional treat (banana, berries, apple). 

Both bunnies enjoy nibbling on cardboard, showing off with binkies, zoomies and a comfy hide-out box to sleep in together. These bun-sisters will be awesome free-roaming house bunnies, as they have been thriving having a spacious room of their own in foster.
Poppy & Pansy will bring much joy, love and laughs to whomever is lucky enough to become their Forever Home. Is that you?

Jupiter & Sylvester

Jupiter and Sylvester are bonded rabbits with friendly and happy dispositions. They are playful, curious and a little mischievous! They love binkying and frolicking together and are used to being cage-free House Buns, but like all young curious rabbits, they do need some supervision.

They are great companions to each other and also as a human companion, following you around just to get a quick peak in the refrigerator to see what treats await them or sitting outside whatever room you are in, to greet you when you come out.

Like most rabbits, they like pets but prefer to not be picked up or overly handled. Sylvester is the handsome Seal Point and Jupiter is the dashing Harlequin.

Patrick and Haley

Patrick (grey) and Haley (black) are a handsome little duo, about 5 months old (as of Sept 2021). Like soooo many abandoned bunnies in Metro Vancouver, they were found wandering the streets of Richmond. This petite pair are probably brother and sister and are seeking a Forever Home that understand that rabbits are a 10+ year commitment. In return they will provide you with unconditional love and affection.

Tia Maria and Eduardo Lalo

Tia Maria is a cute small Dutch bun and her best-friend-forever is Eduardo Lalo, a handsome white rabbit. They are active and friendly, and looking for a home that will commit to loving them forever! This duo will make your heart and life grow with positivity and love.