Shadow and Noelle

Introducing energetic Noelle and her shy gentleman friend, Shadow. Noelle has a full grey coat and Shadow sports some adorable white toes on his hind feet. This playful pair are very close as they’ve grown up together. They are litter box trained. Cute (obvs), lively and sometimes mischievous, they enjoy chewing cardboard and are especially curious to explore new places. They love their secret (bunny-proofed) hiding spot behind their foster family’s washing machine. They eat well, enjoying a healthy diet of hay, pellets and lots of fresh garden greens. They’re ready to make your acquaintance!

Matilda and Jeremy

Meet Matilda and Jeremy, a young pair of deeply bonded buns. These two are very much in love with each other and enjoy grooming and snuggling together. They are fun to watch with their morning zoomies, always putting on an entertaining show with binks and happy shakes! 
They are a bit leery of new people and prefer each others company, but they are curious and if you allow them to make the first move, they enjoy being petted. 

Azumi and Loki

Loki (black) and Azumi (grey) are two bonded rabbits, each having unique personalities. They love each other and do everything together.

Loki is a little rascal! Affectionate, will lick your hands, feet, legs, whatever he can get his cute little mouth on. He is a small bunny and still getting used to humans. A bit shy, but likes interacting so long as he isn’t being chased after. He’s still working on his litter training but is doing well and improves everyday.  He isn’t a chewer of things but does love to eat!

Azumi is a beautiful rabbit. Affectionate, playful, smart, energetic, and a wonderful companion. She is fast and can jump very high! She has stellar litter training habits. never misses the box. She is quite the chewer though, so watch out for your carpet! 

Tessa and Kim

Tessa (black) and Kim (tan/red) are nice big buns, found abandoned in a Langley park. Outgoing, but can be a little shy when meeting new people. These are lovely girls who deserve a home where their personalities can really bloom and they can become beloved family members.

Ash and River

River and Ash bonded sisters. They were rescued from the Nicomekl trails in Langley where they had been dumped. They’re thankfully no worse for wear from that harrowing experience and are very friendly.

Ash loves nudging, head butting or rubbing against you. She is a very active funny and loving girl. River is a sweetheart, she’s a little more relaxed and chill and enjoys lounging around all stretched out and being pet on her head. They love each other’s company and are never far apart. Their foster home reports that they also get along with respectful dogs and cats.

Talia & Jericho

This adorable couple love each other very much and are looking for their forever home. They like a quiet environment and they are very comfortable free roaming and finding a comfy spot for an afternoon nap. 
Talia – she has a great personality and is the dynamic, curious and playful one in the couple. She loves treats, getting pets and, most of all, loves her husbun Jericho. 
Jericho – he is shy and cautious to begin with but, once you earn his trust, he will be binkying and flopping all over the place! 
Both bunnies are a joy to look after – the only problem is that you won’t get anything done because you’ll be too busy watching them snuggle and taking photos.

Max and Precious

Max (black Netherland Dwarf) and Precious (gray Lionhead) are a gentle but inquisitive pair.
They both love Timothy pellets, broccoli, and leafy green veg like Romaine Lettuce. They enjoy tossing around toys like balls with bells, cardboard spirals, etc. On a daily basis they are calm and nurturing towards each other. Super low maintenance bunnies!
They are both litterbox trained. They are inquisitive by nature and will come up to sniff you and check you out! They are quiet at night and were skittish of loud noises at first but with time and patience they really come out of their shells. Both love to be pet on the head and cheeks, especially Precious who shows you by chattering her teeth!
These two would fare well in a home with responsible adults who can brush Precious daily and give them loving pets.

Clover and Pipkin

Getting good photos of two young and active dark-furred bunnies is a challenge! This lovely brother-sister duo were found lost and alone on a busy street. They are just settling into the shelter and getting used to receiving kind attention and care.

Peggy and Nemo

Peggy (brown) and Nemo (black) were both found as strays. They are just getting used to the idea of humans being trustworthy and so are shy. They’ll need a home with a reliable routine and a calm, loving atmosphere. It will be lovely to watch their personalities bloom with someone who takes the time to get to know them.

Peggy and Nemo
Peggy and NEmo

Robin and Star

Meet Star (Himalayan) and her handsome boyfriend, Robin.

Himalayans are beautiful bunnies, known for their calm nature. Robin looks to be part English Spot and is a fun fellow and the more outgoing one of the pair. They are well-behaved, good with their litter box and not chewy. They do love playing with cardboard boxes.

Robin and Star
Robin and Star