Panda and Joey

These little BFF’s are Panda (white with two small dark spots on his face) and Joey (black and white dutch, with amazing blue eyes). Born approx March 2021 they are in house-rabbit training in a foster home.
Panda is very outgoing and adventurous, often climbing up on boxes to look at the world from up top. He loves to explore but also likes to be pet when he’s not being rambunctious. Joey is the more docile of the two, and especially enjoys snuggles. Joey loves to play and chew on his toys (willow balls and cardboard swirls). 

Huck and Finn

These two are nice friendly boys, Huck with the brown ears, Finn with the gray ears. They are chill, sociable, big buns and enjoy socializing and being pet. They have lived with children who were taught how to interact with with rabbits and so are OK with young humans who are respectful of them.

Sunny and Shady

This duo (born approx March 2021) are friendly and curious youngsters. Sunny is the golden boy, Shady the brown girl, both still growing! They are inseparable, napping, grooming, exploring and digging.

Being young buns, these two will need lots of exercise and distractions to keep them happy and occupied.

Sapphire and Marble

Sapphire (girl) and Marble (boy) are a really lovely rabbit team. They are bonded siblings and may be a good fit for a family with children who have been taught how to care for rabbits. They are friendly, litter trained, active and playful. They are larger bunnies, very agile and relaxed.

Shia and Lucia

Shia is now 8 months old (May 2021), and is a little more friendly and outgoing than Lucia (7 months old).  Shia enjoys being pet and is easy to handle.  Lucia sometimes likes being pet and is a little bit more challenging to handle, but not so difficult. Both are very active, good eaters, and roam the house freely without chewing furniture.  They are both very good with the litter box.  They would likely be fine in a family environment, but do get frightened by the occasional noise.  They dig carpet a little. They have no experience with children or other animals. 

Nugget and Muffin

Nugget (dark-grey) and Muffin (tan-grey) are our little miracle buns. Rescued as babies from a hail storm, it’s no wonder these sisters are inseparable. Friendly and playful, they love booping your feet, stealing food from each other, and doing zoomies and binkies with their seemingly limitless energy. When they’re not trying to chew anything they can get their paws on, they love chilling out by cuddling and grooming each other. They both have perfect litter skills, always doing #1 in the litter box, and leaving minimal stray #2s around their enclosure. They would make amazing companions to any family with lots of bunny-proofed space that will give them the love and attention they deserve!

Topaz and Jet

This young bonded pair are so handsome! Born December 2020, Topaz (harlequin) and Jet (fawn colour) get along well and enjoy lazing around.

Both are good with their litter boxes and are excellent hay eaters. They love getting lots of exercise and expressing themselves with zoomies and binkies. They are sweet, affectionate and curious buns, and are very much looking forward to finding their Forever Home together with room to run and play.

Shadow and Noelle

Introducing energetic Noelle and her shy gentleman friend, Shadow. Noelle has a full grey coat and Shadow sports some adorable white toes on his hind feet. This playful pair are very close as they’ve grown up together. They are litter box trained. Cute (obvs), lively and sometimes mischievous, they enjoy chewing cardboard and are especially curious to explore new places. They love their secret (bunny-proofed) hiding spot behind their foster family’s washing machine. They eat well, enjoying a healthy diet of hay, pellets and lots of fresh garden greens. They’re ready to make your acquaintance!

Tessa and Kim

Tessa (black) and Kim (tan/red) are nice big buns, found abandoned in a Langley park. Outgoing, but can be a little shy when meeting new people. These are lovely girls who deserve a home where their personalities can really bloom and they can become beloved family members.

Talia & Jericho

This adorable couple love each other very much and are looking for their forever home. They like a quiet environment and they are very comfortable free roaming and finding a comfy spot for an afternoon nap. 
Talia – she has a great personality and is the dynamic, curious and playful one in the couple. She loves treats, getting pets and, most of all, loves her husbun Jericho. 
Jericho – he is shy and cautious to begin with but, once you earn his trust, he will be binkying and flopping all over the place! 
Both bunnies are a joy to look after – the only problem is that you won’t get anything done because you’ll be too busy watching them snuggle and taking photos.