Cowboy and Vanilla

These two are the odd couple. Cowboy is a large, friendly, Lop bunny about 5 years old. Vanilla, his girl-friend, is an active, spunky Lionhead who tends to be naughty. She will settle down and be petted when she feels like it. Vanilla is about 2-3 years old. They are litter trained and not destructive.



Pancake & Peach

Pancake and Peach

Here’s an odd couple. Pancake is a lop-eared bunny and Peach is a Lionhead. Both are about 4 years old. Pancake is a push over and Peach is a feisty girl who doesn’t like being told what to do. They are amusing rabbits whose antics will keep you grinning. Peach’s hair-do needs a little attention so that the fur doesn’t mat. They use their litter box and like to chew cardboard.




Dear Sybil. Just like dark-furred cats and dogs, rabbits with black colouring are often passed over by adopters in favour of rabbits with light colouring.  It is a very sad thing.

Personally we love dark-toned bunnies because in a city like Vancouver where black clothes are popular, you never have to worry about their shedding fur being noticeable on your shirt or pants 🙂

Sybil was surrendered to the shelter along with her brother, Branson, who has since passed away. This beautiful gal could really use a break and we hope that someone will give her the chance she deserves. She is an opinionated and intelligent rabbit.