Tilda and Harley (Vancouver)

This pair of house bunnies had to be left behind when their people moved to England. That made them very sad but they did the best they could and left them with us to find their new home.

Harley is a Holland Lop in a harlequin coat and his girlfriend, Tilda is also a harlequin. Both are shy at first but good house bunnies that use their litter box well and are not chewy. They like to explore and once they get to know their home and people will be very happy bunnies. Harley and Tilda are only two years old. If you would like to adopt them, please apply today!

Tula (Vancouver)

Tula is a very sad bunny. She is going to be 7 years old in August. For 6 of those years she was with Hamish, a black and white boy who she loved dearly. Hamish died a few months ago due to lung cancer and Tula is very sad alone. She was a very difficult rabbit when she was young and would bite everyone except the little girl she lived with. Then her family moved to Scotland and could not take the bunnies. Tula aged well and became a mellow bunny. Since Hamish died she has been quiet and less active. She is sometimes grumpy now and I’m sure it’s loneliness.

Maybe someone needs an older girl for an older boy and Tula can find a friend again. She is not always good with the litter box but that could improve if she is happier. If you can give Tula a home, please apply today!

Lulu (Vancouver)

This delightful and beautiful little bunny is hard to photograph because she won’t sit still! Lulu is very active. She loves to race about and explore. She will be on, and under everything. She is very friendly and loving, gives bunny kisses and can sometimes be sassy.

She needs a free run home with lots of interaction and play time. She is not hard to handle but isn’t “cuddly”. She will sit with you and loves attention. Lulu uses her litter box well but may need more than one. We think she is about 1 year old but as she was a stray rabbit we are not sure. Whoever adopts Lulu will have one fun bunny. If you would like to meet her, please apply today!

Dandy (Vancouver)

Dandy is a young male who was picked up on Pt. Grey Road not far from Jericho Beach. However, he is not one of the feral rabbits from there. He came right up to his rescuer and let her pet him. She realized he would not last long outside so picked him up and took him home. Then he came to us.

Dandy is shy about being handled but he will come up for petting. He is good with his litter and not a chewy rabbit. He needs a quiet home with people who will be patient and he will become more and more outgoing. If you would like to adopt Dandy, please apply today!

Joey (Vancouver)

Meet lovely little Joey. He was picked up as a baby rabbit downtown Vancouver outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. He had a ticket but they wouldn’t let him in!

Joey is the kind of guy who likes a good zip around then flops out in a pile of hay to snooze the afternoon away. He is clean and tidy and he loves to nibble on cardboard and apple sticks. He spent his early
years in foster and he was a delightful gentleman. Hopefully he will win a place in your heart.  He will probably excel in agility. It’s also fun whenever you come into the room and say “Hey Joey, how YOU doin?” 

He has always been a friendly little bunny. Now he’s a nice shiny black rabbit ready for adoption. If you would like to adopt Joey, please apply today.

Tony (Vancouver)

Tony is a Netherland Dwarf, about 4-5 years old. HIs right eye has a cataract that limits his vision somewhat. He’s a cute, calm little fellow who is ok with petting and easy to handle. But like most rabbits he prefers to keep his feet on the ground. He sometimes does a little pounce and grunt just to keep you in your place but is definitely not an aggressive boy.

He is mainly good with his litter box, once he knows his space, and he’s a good hay eater. Tony has a clean bill of health and has had his vaccination. He has been through 3 homes so he’s looking for a committed home this time. If you can give Tony his forever home, please apply today!

Patsy (Vancouver)

Meet Patsy! Patsy is litter trained and is great at using it – she always uses the litter box while in and outside the enclosure. 

She is high energy level, needs lots of time outside the enclosure to run, and loves to run and hop when given the opportunity. She is very curious and will explore every corner she can. Has a great temperament, does not bite or scratch, can be picked up but prefers not to be held or pet. She has a personality and will stomp very loudly when you have annoyed her!

She is very food motivated. She gets along with dogs. Based off our last meeting she does not enjoy other rabbits too much.
She is sociable and will always greet you when opening her enclosure. If you walk in the room she will run towards you to greet you. She likes to be near you! If you’d like to meet Patsy, apply today!

Mostafa (Vancouver)

Mostafa in a nutshell (according to his foster family):

2 words: Adorably affectionate!

He is a curious bun when free roaming, and I had no need to worry about him chewing on wires. Very well litter box trained. He loves to go find tunnels/ nooks and crannies to hide (noticeably under beds or behind the sofa). When at his level, he will come towards you for bunny kisses, an absolute heart-stopper! When he’s happily binkying, or hopping around you in circles when you have treats, you can hear him “oinking”, which is a first for me to realize bunnies could do.

Occasionally, he’ll come check on what I’m doing, then flop next to me or head-butt me for scratches on the head. 

Truly, a little sweetheart. If you are interested in adopting Mostafa, please apply today!

Jacky and Charlie (Vancouver)

Meet Jacky (girl, brown) and Charlie (boy, black)! They’re a bonded girl and boy, probably both around 4 years old. Both are so lovely with good habits. 

Jacky is definitely the alpha, she’s curious and brave. Charlie will follow anything she does, AKA not eating a new treat until Jacky has tried it herself…but he gets braver everyday. The bond between them is very strong, if they’re not laying side by side, they’re mirroring each other in twin positions on either sides of the room. Charlie is more interested in toys and likes to engage in play (something like bugging him with a stick or a cat toy gets him riled up) whereas Jacky is more into just gnawing down on a piece of cardboard. They will tear around in zoomies at night, but are otherwise very chill house-buns. They have amazing house habits and love to groom each other. They both come with trauma from their past so don’t expect them to come cuddle on your lap, but they love to receive cheek scratches and full body pets. They’re truly affectionate and will follow you around the house, and can even answer to their name, jumping up on the couch when you summon them. They’re the most lovely duo of companionship one could ask for.

They are both free range in the house and are litter box trained. They are quite calm and like to lay around the house together. They like cardboard toys to chew. They will bite wires if exposed! Jacky and Charlie like their space, but also like to be pet. They are friendly and smart, though can be shy at first. They’re very sweet with each other! It’s easy to love these two – they are a treat to have around!

If you are interested in adopting Jacky and Charlie, please apply today!

Lotus (Vancouver)

Meet sweet and sassy Lotus! Lotus has a beautiful black coat that has a shine to it under the sun. Her chubby cheeks and potato shaped body is adorable to everyone who visits her. 

Lotus is incredibly smart and curious as she loves to be involved with her humans and learn daily routines very quickly. She is litter trained and will only leave a few coco puffs out while free roaming which may die down over time as she gets used to her space. She is a good girl and always returns to her litter box to pee. 

Lotus is a sweet and sassy bunny, constantly entertaining her foster parents by begging for head pets and demanding food. After settling down in a new home, she will allow her trusted human to cuddle with her on her terms, preferably on the floor or couch where she is resting. 

Lotus will do well in a household with respectful older children. Like many bunnies, Lotus is afraid of loud noises and sudden movements. It is unknown if Lotus will do well in a home with other animals as she can get scared by the sight of cats and dogs. A slow introduction with a respectful and quiet dog or cat may work. 

Lotus is a great candidate for bonding! During speed dating, Lotus has shown her agile skills by jumping in a dancing motion around potential partners. She is always super excited to meet a new friend and eager to find her loving, forever home!

If you are interested in adopting Lotus, please apply today!