Monkey (South Surrey)

Monkey is aptly named! Curious, busy and an escape artist.  Maybe should have been called Houdini. 

He came to VRRA as a stray, but it was obvious he had been someone’s pet.  He’s a handsome, clean and entertaining little guy.  Estimated a year old ,could be a bit less.

Favourite things:  Loves outdoor and indoor time doing zoomies.
Favourite foods:  Hay, veggies, treats of course
Cats/dogs:  If properly introduced

Do your research and fill in an adoption application at to meet Monkey and other friends.

Ducky (South Surrey)

Meet Ducky! 

She would love a home with lots of space to do her zoomies and binkies. She might even be a great agility bunny. She is full of personality & came in as stray young baby on Aug 6, 2022.  She was around 5 days old when found in a baseball diamond covered in sand with her siblings.

Ducky enjoys loop treats and rose petals. She is spayed and vaccinated and ready to be adopted! Ideally, she would do best in a rabbit-experienced adult-only home. 

Apply today to meet Ducky!

Tippy (South Surrey)

Tippy came in with other babies at about 10 days old.  Approximate date of birth August 2022.  They had been discovered in a nest made in a baseball diamond, so were covered in sand.  She and the others were hand reared in a loving foster home.

Fast forward to the present: Tippy is a stunning black rabbit with a shiny coat.  She can be cautious at first but is very curious.  She’s fully litter trained, and no bun can match her leaps and binkies.  Looking for an active rabbit, look no further.

She will do better in a rabbit experienced home or with older children.  Tippy is ready for her forever home, as she’s been overlooked too many times due to her colour.  She’s a great rabbit just waiting for the right home. Apply today to meet Tippy! 

Cassie (South Surrey)

Meet Cassie!

Cassie was one of three rabbits found in Chilliwack near a river by a caring person that was there to fish. These rabbits were most likely dumped by an owner/breeder. Cassie is estimated 1.5-2 years old, spayed and vaccinated. With being a REW, we do believe she has some mild vision impairment, which doesn’t affect her daily life. 

Cassie is a happy bunny & now ready for adoption! She has great litter skills. She enjoys her cardboard box and tunnel to play and snooze in. She has a very sweet and shy personality. She loves her nightly fresh greens and enjoys head pets. Her favorite greens are green leaf, romaine, parsley and cilantro.

Cassie been great with other respectful pets in her current foster home (dog, cats and other rabbits if properly introduced). Apply today to meet Cassie! 

Han and Luke (South Surrey)

Our second pair of Star Wars brothers Han and Luke have been with us at least a year.  Came here as little strays, they were hand reared in a loving foster home.

They are curious especially about new things, love toys and will do anything for a treat.  Always eager for food.  Both enjoy zooming around and would most likely enjoy agility.

Han and Luke would do better in a home with older children or a rabbit savvy home.  They are very active, happy interactive rabbits, very neat and tidy.  They would be an entertaining addition to any home. If you would like to meet Han and Luke, please apply today.

Alfie, Alan, Alma and Amos

Alfie, Alan, Alma and Amos


Special rabbits for special people. These sibling (one sister and 3 brothers) lost their front feet to a predator when they were small babies. The most likely scenario is that they were kept on wire and that something bit their little feet off from below. Alfie, Alma, Alan and Amos do not know that they are different. They love each other as the photo shows. Alfie and Amos get around so you wouldn’t notice they were different. Alan and Alma have slightly more trouble as they lost a little more leg. But they all behave as normal rabbits and are  doing very well. It is, of course, important that they are kept on surfaces that will not hurt their legs but this is not a difficult thing to do and they use their litter boxes well. All are in good health and are good hay eaters. It would be wonderful if they could find a loving foster home together. Everything could be provided. Only love needs to be added.