Benjamin (Vancouver)

Hi my name is Benjamin. My friends also call me Bunjamin. I was found on the mean streets of Richmond, with an injured foot, emaciated and barely able to stand on my own. People thought I was hit by a car and gave up on me. But my rescuer didn’t think that was the case and saw that I could be helped so took a chance on taking me home.

It took many months of many vet visits and medicine to save my foot. I found out that lots of kindhearted people were also cheering me on and wanted to help me. I felt like a celebrity!

All the love and support saved me so now I can hop and play with my bunny friends and now I can even date again!

My rescuer thinks I would make a great husbun to a special furry lady. I’m the sweet, sometimes mischievous shy type and a sucker for relaxing head rubs. I enjoy long hops in the yard, eating grass, I like my hiding spots and soft blankets. My dislikes are slippery floors. Booh!

I’m not the best at using the litter box but maybe with the right bunwife I can be taught to be more of a civilized gentlebun. The ladies do think I’m a great catch though and I’m sure you will see why if you adopt me – please apply today!\

Chocolate Chip (South Surrey)

Chocolate Chip (named obviously because of the colour of his coat) was found abandoned to fend for himself.  His slightly nipped nose gives doesn’t impair his handsome features. 

He’s clean, gentle and adventurous.  He would love to have a large space to run around as well as enrichment toys to keep him busy.  Possibly a lady friend to call his own.

He’s been in a foster home with a respectful dog and cats.  We recommend a household with older children as it’s what he’s been in.

This little guy has waited around too long for a home. Maybe you are the person to fulfill his dreams?
If so, please apply today!

Dandy (Vancouver)

Dandy is a young male who was picked up on Pt. Grey Road not far from Jericho Beach. However, he is not one of the feral rabbits from there. He came right up to his rescuer and let her pet him. She realized he would not last long outside so picked him up and took him home. Then he came to us.

Dandy is shy about being handled but he will come up for petting. He is good with his litter and not a chewy rabbit. He needs a quiet home with people who will be patient and he will become more and more outgoing. If you would like to adopt Dandy, please apply today!

Joey (Vancouver)

Meet lovely little Joey. He was picked up as a baby rabbit downtown Vancouver outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. He had a ticket but they wouldn’t let him in!

Joey is the kind of guy who likes a good zip around then flops out in a pile of hay to snooze the afternoon away. He is clean and tidy and he loves to nibble on cardboard and apple sticks. He spent his early
years in foster and he was a delightful gentleman. Hopefully he will win a place in your heart.  He will probably excel in agility. It’s also fun whenever you come into the room and say “Hey Joey, how YOU doin?” 

He has always been a friendly little bunny. Now he’s a nice shiny black rabbit ready for adoption. If you would like to adopt Joey, please apply today.

Tony (Vancouver)

Tony is a Netherland Dwarf, about 4-5 years old. HIs right eye has a cataract that limits his vision somewhat. He’s a cute, calm little fellow who is ok with petting and easy to handle. But like most rabbits he prefers to keep his feet on the ground. He sometimes does a little pounce and grunt just to keep you in your place but is definitely not an aggressive boy.

He is mainly good with his litter box, once he knows his space, and he’s a good hay eater. Tony has a clean bill of health and has had his vaccination. He has been through 3 homes so he’s looking for a committed home this time. If you can give Tony his forever home, please apply today!

Chip (South Surrey)

Meet Chip! This compact little guy came in as a stray to the local shelter.  He sat there with no interest but then he joined the ranks of VRRA adorable adoptables.

Chip is between 1 and 2 years old, shy until he gets to know you.  Once he does you’ll get a flop from him.  He’s litter trained and clean.  Loves his greens and looks forward to his daily cookie.

He’s at present in a foster home with dogs, other rabbits and two Guinea pigs.  So he may like a rabbit friend.

Probably he would like a quieter home.  Even though he’s used to a house with other animals.

Please do your research, fill in an adoption form and make this little guy happy!

Mostafa (Vancouver)

Mostafa in a nutshell (according to his foster family):

2 words: Adorably affectionate!

He is a curious bun when free roaming, and I had no need to worry about him chewing on wires. Very well litter box trained. He loves to go find tunnels/ nooks and crannies to hide (noticeably under beds or behind the sofa). When at his level, he will come towards you for bunny kisses, an absolute heart-stopper! When he’s happily binkying, or hopping around you in circles when you have treats, you can hear him “oinking”, which is a first for me to realize bunnies could do.

Occasionally, he’ll come check on what I’m doing, then flop next to me or head-butt me for scratches on the head. 

Truly, a little sweetheart. If you are interested in adopting Mostafa, please apply today!

Hans (Vancouver)

Hans is probably a Jersey Wooly crossed with a Dutch rabbit. He has Dutch colouring and a Jersey Wooly coat. Hans was taken from Jericho Park. Rabbits with a long, easily tangled coat like his have virtually no chance of surviving outside. HIs coat was matted right down to the skin and had to be shaved off. He is very shy.

Hans will now come forward and eat but avoids being touched. He has to tolerate it regularly because his coat needs a lot of care. It’s important that he be regularly groomed and sometimes trimmed. Without this attention his coat will mat badly. Hans is a nice bunny and has come a long way but he will need someone special to care for him. If you are interested in adopting Hans, please apply today!

Richie (Vancouver)

Richie is a very handsome rabbit with his striking black and orange coat. He’s marked like a bumble bee. Richie lived outdoors fending for himself for at least 4 years. His rescuer looked out for him and fed him everyday. Then she noticed that he was falling over and having trouble running in a straight line. Richie came to us. He has had medication and has improved but he is still wobbly and probably always will be. He will come for food and sometimes tolerates a pet or two but he is still very shy. Richie needs that special person who will be patient with him. He is not a difficult rabbit to keep but has some housing needs. 

If you are interested in adopting Richie, please apply today!

Reuben (South Surrey)

Reuben is a very sociable, playful rabbit that came in off the streets.  We think he’s fairly young, as he’s grown since he came to us.  He’s smart, litter trained and will blossom in almost any home.

His current foster family says: Reuben loves to lounge when reading books or relaxing. He is very sweet and loves to play with his stack up cups toys. He loves his outdoors time but also loves his own habitat.  Reuben is not chewy, is clean and he’s a very gentle boy.  A real family rabbit.

If you would like to meet Reuben, please apply today.