Sidney (Vancouver)

This little black rabbit has been overlooked and was thought to be very timid. However, we discovered that Sidney was being bullied by his partner and afraid to do much more than keep quiet. Now they have been separated he is an outgoing – thought a little nervous, rabbit who will come forward.

Sidney is a kind, quiet personality rabbit who will blossom in a home. He is very clean and tidy, almost 2 years old and will be a fine house bunny. Sidney may also like a bunny friend who is kind to him.

If you would like to adopt Sidney, please apply today!

Chestnut (South Surrey)

Chestnut was just a baby when he was found.  Luckily he was rescued in time and found himself in a kind foster home.  He was also found with his sister but as the months passed by they didn’t get on.

Chestnut is approximately 10 months old and extremely tiny.  He may have a mixture of Netherland dwarf x lop in him.  Whatever his mix, he’s adorable! Chestnut is starting to blossom from a scared little rabbit to quite curious and will let you pet him and is easier to handle.  He is also very fast.

He’s spotlessly clean , a perfect little rabbit. Chestnut because of his size would be better in an adult home or with older children. Not sure of his reaction to dogs or cats but may appreciate a rabbit friend.

If you would like to adopt Chestnut, please apply today.

Nutmeg (South Surrey)

Meet Nutmeg!

Nutmeg came to VRRA as a baby.  She was found along with her brother Chestnut in Abbotsford and cared for in a kind foster home.

Nutmeg is approximately 10 months old now.  She’s a tiny dwarf, with helicopter ears and sable points on her nose and ears. She is shy but in the right home (quiet, no small children please) Nutmeg will blossom.

She’s curious, and partial to certain greens.  Nutmeg would love a bun husband to keep her company. Could you be Nutmeg’s dream home? If so, please apply today!

Lacey (Vancouver)

Lacey is a little grey/brown rabbit with a nice personality. She is young and was found alone in Richmond. Lacey came right up to her rescuer and was easy to pick up. She went for a vet check and then to a foster home. She seemed at home in a house, used her litter and ate pellets so she was definitely not a feral rabbit.

Lacey is a forward coming, adventurous little rabbit. She uses her litter well and does not chew things. She will love to explore and enjoy being a loved house bunny. Lacey is spayed and vaccinated and can’t wait to meet you.

If you want to adopt Lacey, please apply today!