Sweet little Loki! Loki came to the shelter with his brother, from unfortunate circumstances. As can often happen with boy bunnies, once these two reached maturity they began fighting and so had to be separated.

Loki’s brother has now found a home but Loki is still looking. He is a loving little guy who loves to play and eat. He may be a good fit for someone looking for a friend for their spayed girl bun. His foster person says that he’s a gentle rabbit and we look forward to finding him the perfect Forever Home.

Max and Precious

Max (black Netherland Dwarf) and Precious (gray Lionhead) are a gentle but inquisitive pair. Besides eating their pellets and veggies, their favourite activities include tossing around toys like balls with bells, and cardboard spirals. They are calm and nurturing toward each other, but also love being pet.

Max and Precious are spending time in a foster home and were skittish of loud noises at first, but with time and patience invested, have really come out of their shells. Both love to be pet on their head and cheeks, especially Precious, who grinds her teeth with happiness (the equivalent of a bunny purr). Both have good litter box habits. Precious’s gorgeous fur will require daily brushing to prevent matting – Lionheads are beautiful but do require consistent fur maintenance.


James, what cute big ears you have! Wee James is a shy lad as he’s been fending for himself as a stray. He has shiny black fur with some Dutch-cross markings, which makes him extra handsome. James is looking forward to becoming someone’s beloved House Bunny.

BlackBerry and Hawthorne

BlackBerrry and Hawthorne

BlackBerry (black female) and Hawthorne (grey male) are a sibling duo rescued from the streets when they were tiny. They are dwarf-cross rabbits and so will not grow very large. They are really sweet and friendly with people that they know.

Despite their sophisticated beauty, darker-coloured pets have the most difficulty getting adopted; people overlook them. Don’t let a colour bias make you miss out on this wonderful, handsome pair.


Echo is a curious and slightly cheeky 6 month old (as of August 2020) bunny.  She is extremely tidy and fully litterbox trained.  Echo lives free range in her foster home and loves getting a chance to dig in the yard, whenever possible.  She is good with kids and chickens (!) but hasn’t met any other animals yet.  Echo is very active and, while she is friendly, she prefers to socialize on her own terms and isn’t much of a cuddler because she’s usually too busy exploring.

Check out this cute video of her digging. IMG_2073



This is Nellie, a petite little lady found alone in the big city near Granville Street. Nellie is exceptionally beautiful with her angular look and beautiful eyes. She is still a little scared and recovering from being abandoned. She will make a wonderful companion to someone willing to invest love and patience. Nellie will be worth it.



Snowy & Korina

Snowy and Korina



This is Mr Snowy (grey fur) and Ms Korina (tan coat), who are best friends and love to play together. They are interesting and outgoing bunnies. Sweet Korina received an injury to her back by a thoughtless human that resulted in some minor nerve damage. This doesn’t affect her quality of life but does mean that she has some mild incontinence. Having an easily washable rug (check out Ruggables ) for their home base will make this issue very easy to deal with.