Birch is such a gentle and curious little boy bunny. He’s between 5 and 6 months old. He’s active and easily handled when you need too.

Birch is a small lop cross rabbit who loves his toys.  He can be a little shy but will soon come out of his shell.  Birch would prefer a quieter home with respectful older children.

To make a rabbit happy you must do your research on rabbit care and ownership before adopting. There are lots of helpful websites and YouTube channels on how to be a responsible rabbit parent, the costs and efforts involved.


Maple is one of three boy bunnies in a litter that came to VRRA Vancouver Rabbit Rescue. Maple is a very handsome lop cross and quite small.  He is a curious active little boy, loves his toys and very playful.

He may even like a friend.

Before bringing a rabbit home please do your reading and research on rabbit care and rabbits as pets. There are lots of helpful websites and YouTube channels on rabbits.


Poor little Rose. She was kept by people who gave her a very bad diet then abandoned her when she became unhealthy. That is not the way to care for a bunny rabbit.

Rose was found in North Vancouver caked in feces and urine under her tail. This is a clear sign of neglect and bad diet. It took several hours to clean her up and trim her fur.

But now she’s better! Look at her innocent face.

Rose is a dwarf lionhead and has the sweetest disposition. She is very easy to handle. She loves attention and considering what she went through it’s remarkable she bounced back with happiness and trust in humans.

Rose will need a home with people who are very careful with her diet. Lots of fresh hay. No sweets or treats! Her droppings are still very small and she does not eat heartily like a rabbit should but with diet care and good nourishment she will improve.

Any donation no matter the size will help bunnies like Rose recover, receive proper vet care and find a loving forever home. Donate to our Broken Bunny fund today.


Persephone is a female harlequin bunny rabbit. She was born Oct 13, 2020.

Persi is a very out-going, friendly little bunny. She will appreciate room to explore and play. She used to live with her sister so she may enjoy a bunny friend. She is good with her litter box and not a chewy rabbit. 

She’s small and that would be perfect for someone who lives in a condo or apartment. And her carmel butterscotch coloured fur is oh-so soft!


Neil is probably a lop-lionhead cross, about 6 months old.

He is a very active, friendly boy and curious about everything. This poor bunny was abandoned in the Kitsilano area. Thankfully he was found and brought to VRRA.

Neil was recently neutered and will be ready for a home. His forever home. He’s the perfect size for a condo dweller. He will be an amusing and friendly pet bunny rabbit. Will you consider him?


Ross is a handsome guy and he knows it. 

He’s a happy active rabbit and friendly.  Ross will do well in a home where he can do zoomies to his hearts content. How can anyone resist that little face? His dark eyeliner and that black dot on his left ear. Adorable.

He is one strong healthy rabbit.  A real good addition to the right family.


Timmy is Max’s smallest son. He was born in May 2021. He is a forward coming, friendly, little rabbit with a good personality.

He is active and ready to bounce around and play. Timmy uses his litter box like a pro and he is not a chewy rabbit. He enjoys being petted and is very eager for treats.

Timmy will be a good house bunny and companion.

Butch Cassidy

What a great little rabbit!

Butch Cassidy is as lively and interesting as his namesake. He’s very out-going and active – will love to explore and race around.

He is good with his litter box and likes to chew his cardboard and rip up his newspaper. Just look at his expressive blue eyes!

Butch Cassidy would probably spring out of a low pen so we suggest one that is 3 feet tall. He will be an amusing and friendly pet bunny rabbit for a lucky person or persons.


Maxie is one of a family of bunnies surrendered to VRRA.

Maxie is a stunner inside and out.  She is very friendly and affectionate rabbit and would probably welcome a friend.

She’s extremely clean and non chewy.  And did we mention she has the most stunning blue eyes?


Kiki is a cute, lively little dwarf rabbit. She is quite shy but will most likely blossom in a loving home. Just look at her adorable face!

She’s very clean and litter trained. Maybe good as a friend to another rabbit.

If you are interested in meeting this young girl please fill in an adoption application at