Adam (South Surrey)

Adam is one of the sweetest dwarf crosses.  He gives kisses and is so affectionate.

He is around six months old, extremely playful and curious.  Good with his litter box and easy to handle when needed.  This lovely guy will blossom in the right home.

Size: Small
Good for: Family with respectful children
Other animals:  Yes, if properly, introduced. May like a bun friend.

If you are interested in adopting Adam, please apply today!

Trisha (Vancouver)

Trisha is a shy, little rabbit. She looks like a wild cottontail but she is an abandoned domestic rabbit. Trisha was found in Kitsilano hiding under cars. At first she was terrified of everything. Now she will come forward to eat while we are there and we can sometimes get a touch in if we are quiet and gentle.

Trisha needs a quiet and patient home with people who will let her blossom in her own time. If you are interested in giving her that home, please apply today!