Ever wanted a mink coat because they are so soft? You may never own one, but Maddie’s soft fur is just as luxurious to touch. This friendly girl just wants and loves to be part of the family so she must have been a house bunny in another life. Found as a stray, we estimate her age to be around 2 years. Good with her litter habits, and has no fear of cats. She will even come on your bed to snuggle. 

If you are interested in adopting Maddie, please apply today!

Petrie (South Surrey)

Hi there! My name is Petrie!

I am a curious bunny who loves being close to my humans. At first I’m very shy, but with time and stillness I’ll hop up to you and give you a nose boop. Maybe climb over you like an obstacle course and jump onto your lap to say hello. I don’t like a lot of pats, but I’m slowly getting use to them. During the day I snooze in a comfortable dark place, but at dusk and dawn I’ll bound around showing off my
tricks! My binkies are the largest you’ll ever see .. during my exercise time around the house, I’m a speed racer! I love to chew on willow branches and sprawl out on a high ledge to observe.

If you are interested in adopting me, please apply today!

Adam (South Surrey)

Adam is one of the sweetest dwarf crosses.  He gives kisses and is so affectionate.

He is around six months old, extremely playful and curious.  Good with his litter box and easy to handle when needed.  This lovely guy will blossom in the right home.

Size: Small
Good for: Family with respectful children
Other animals:  Yes, if properly, introduced. May like a bun friend.

If you are interested in adopting Adam, please apply today!

Smudgy (South Surrey)

Hi! My name is Smudgy and I have been in foster care my whole life (born July 2022). For some reason, black rabbits are overlooked and hard to get adopted. If you give me the chance, I will win your heart over by snuggling with you and doing many binkies to show you how much I love and appreciate you. 

I just want someone to love me for me! My foster moms say I am the sweetest little thing and I am a good girl because I am not destructive or chewy. After I get to know you, I like to climb up on your lap or even up on your back if you could be my best friend. I like to climb low cat towers and chairs to explore my surroundings. I am litter trained and I like to pick my own potty spot so please put my litter box where I like it! My favourite thing to do is explore and free roam. I promise to make my free roam space clean and only makes a few poop accidents near my litter box to mark my own territory. 

I am a good candidate for bonding because I am an easy going and submissive rabbit but I can also be happy as a single rabbit if you will spend time with me and love me! Please apply to be my mom or dad! 

Smudgy can go to a home with:
Rabbits: Well-matched 
Dogs: Well-matched Respectful
Cats: Yes 
Children: Unknown
Teen/Adult: Yes

Peppermint Patty (South Surrey)

Peppermint Patty is playful and curious. We estimate she was born in July 2022. She spends her time exploring – she is very adventurous and outgoing. She keeps a very tidy house. Peppermint Patty loves spending time outside in the sun enjoying the fresh air & nibbling on grass. Something about the fresh air makes her binkies extra high.

She prefers it when people approach her slowly and down on her level. This makes her feel more comfortable to make friends. She enjoys being pet and loves to run up to greet people she knows & trusts. Apply today to meet this beautiful girl.

She can go to a home with:
Rabbits: Well-Matched
Dogs: Well-Matched Respectful
Cats: Yes
Young Children: Unknown
Teens/Adults: Yes 

Ali (South Surrey)

Ali can be a bit shy at first and she’s protective over her space (watch out broom, she’ll try to eat it!) but if you sit with her on her level and let her come to you, she really opens up and loves to be pet! That’s after she claims you by chinning you first!

The way to Ali’s heart is through treats. She knows the sound of a treat bag or a fruit peeling. She loves cilantro and mint. This beautiful black girl is full of personality. She came in as stray young baby on Aug 6, 2022, around 5 days old found in a baseball diamond covered in sand with her siblings, Ducky/Tippy & Little Foot and Petrie. This litter of babies was name after The Land Before Time Characters. If you’re interested in meeting Ali please apply today.

She can go to a home with:
Rabbits: Well-matched
Dogs: Well-matched/respectful
Cats: Yes
Young kids: No Thank you
Teens/Adults: Yes

Miss Muppet (South Surrey)

Meet Miss Muppet..

This beautiful black bunny with helicopter ears will keep you on your toes while also stealing your heart. She’s quite the character rabbit – sweet as pie and as spicy as can be.

Muppet will need a bunny-experienced home; teenager to adult would be best. Muppet is possessive of her space and has been known to bite. She’s normally great when free-roaming the house – her attitude seems to only be with sharing her stuff or having her area cleaned.

She’s great with respectful cats and dogs. She loves to cuddle and be pet on her terms. This spunky girl is in search of her perfect home. 

Cinder (South Surrey)

Cinder – what a lovable boy! Born Feb 2021, Cinder has an adorable “helicopter” ear that sticks out sideways – a sign that he has a bit of lop in him (one ear up and what halfway down).

He was the only one in the litter that shows some lop characteristics with one ear up and one ear down. He loves his hay and has great litter box habits.  He is mellow but playful.  

If you’re interested in meeting him, please apply today to book an appointment at our South Surrey Shelter.  


Asha and Allie (Vancouver)

Asha and Allie were only about 4 weeks old when they were found with their other three siblings in a heap on the sidewalk, obviously dumped from a car. Despite their dire beginnings, these youngsters (born ~Feb 2021) are outgoing and friendly. A few words from their current foster:

Asha & Allie are two very gentle and sweet sibling buns. They’re shy but love to initiate contact and investigate new things. They weirdly love feet with socks and resting your feet near them was the quickest way to pique their curiosity and initiate bonding.

Asha is the one distinguished by the tiny white spot on her nose. She is chill and enjoys a fair share of petting, while Allie is a bit shyer and more mischievous. When it comes to veggies or treats, Allie will shamelessly steal right from Asha’s mouth leaving Asha looking around confused. She probably thinks sharing means eating Asha’s half of the food.

The two have great litterbox habits and are quite neat with using a makeshift hayrack. They’re also quite all right with a bit of volume. We have a busy (adult) family and the buns will still be lounging on their rug or atop their box as people bustle around.

If you would like to adopt Asha and Allie, please apply here!