Angelo is a very gentle dwarf cross rabbit rescued with his mom and siblings during an extremely cold snap last winter.  Estimated date of birth on December 15, 2021.

Angelo is now already to start on the next leg of his life.  He’s very playful, sweet and very clean.

Can anyone give this handsome shiny little rabbit the home he deserves?

Miss Muppet

Meet Miss Muppet..

This beautiful black bunny with helicopter ears will keep you on your toes while also stealing your heart. She’s quite the character rabbit – sweet as pie and as spicy as can be.

Muppet will need a bunny-experienced home; teenager to adult would be best. Muppet is possessive of her space and has been known to bite. She’s normally great when free-roaming the house – her attitude seems to only be with sharing her stuff or having her area cleaned.

She’s great with respectful cats and dogs. She loves to cuddle and be pet on her terms. This spunky girl is in search of her perfect home. 


Merlot is an inquisitive and smart girl, with an adorable white spot on her nose and lovely big ears.

She has three siblings and was the first to leave the nest box, first to binky and run around, and always the first to jump on her foster parent’s lap. Merlot demands pets with a nudge to get your full attention. She is very playful and sassy.


Cinder – what a lovable boy!

Born Feb 2021, Cinder has an adorable “helicopter” ear that sticks out sideways – a sign that he has a bit of lop in him (one ear up and what halfway down).

He was the only one in the litter that shows some lop characteristics with one ear up and one ear down. He loves his hay and has great litter box habits.  He is mellow but playful.  



Little Christopher is pretty much the friendliest guy you’ll ever want to meet! He absolutely LOVES head rubs and is super affectionate.

Check out his video and see how much he adores being paid attention to and pet.


Meet Captain! 

He can be little shy at first but he loves to be pet. Captain can be very hyper and binkies everywhere! Who doesn’t love to see a bunny binky?

He’s a very friendly bunny once he is comfortable and does like to hide in boxes. He is so much fun and very entertaining! Will you consider inviting captain to be part of your family?