Theodore and Gem (South Surrey)

Meet Theodore & Gem! 

This is a very cute small-med sized bonded pair. Theodore was found in Richmond with frostbite. Gem is one of Ruth’s babies come in 2-3 days old found on a construction site getting ready to pour cement. Gem DOB Oct 25, 2021 has a white dot on her nose and white foot. Theodore DOB Nov 1, 2021 is the white nose/mouth, white marking on forehead and white around his neck.

They are cautious, curious and can be playful. Theodore gives kisses, however you will need to earn his trust to get kisses. Theodore loves having a dig box. They both enjoy playing in boxes, tunnels and things to hide in.

If Theodore had a trade, it would be in demolition or construction. He spends his time remodeling boxes, tunnels and hidey houses, so probably more demolition! CEO of Bun-Struction, with his office manager Gem.

A rabbit experienced home with no other rabbits in the home would be preferable. However, they have okay with a respectful cat and dog in past foster homes. If interested in this wonderful pair, please apply today.

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