Happy Tails

The happiest days at VRRA are when bunnies get adopted to their Forever Home.  Here are a few examples of wonderful adoptions to celebrate.

Mighty Mouse

All the volunteers at VRRA gave happy cheers when our favourite MM was finally adopted! Some bunnies sneak into your heart and Mr Mighty was very loved at the shelter. Despite his terrific attributes he was always overlooked by people. But as they say, good things come to those who wait! Our hearts are bursting, knowing that Mighty Mouse is finally lounging in proper House Rabbit style – part of a family.

Mighty Mouse


Max is a super-smart rabbit and sometimes bunnies with inquisitive minds find themselves waiting longer for a home then their more docile peers. 🙂

We’re really thrilled that Max found a family who appreciates his incredible personality.


Elsa and Karu

Elsa & Karu were at the shelter for quite a while and so it makes us particularly happy to see them settled in comfortably in their new apartment. Their person says that they have several hideaway forts as well as mini-beds and free roam of the place. They love chewing on sticks, various bunny toys, cuddling with each other, napping and dining on the finest greens.

Elsa and Karu

Elsa and Karu



Tulip’s new Forever People wrote us to say, “Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her. She has free roam of our house and you can just see how incredibly happy she is. She runs up and down the hall in the mornings and then will sporadically flop over mid-run in pure joy. She has brought us so much happiness after the pain of losing our 10 year old bunny, Motley.

She licks my nose every day, follows me around the house, constantly wants to cuddle, and most importantly, knows she is safe. She also is by far the most hilarious little bun we have ever encountered. (She gets into EVERYTHING.)

She’s decided to try new veggies, eats more hay than I’ve ever seen a rabbit consume, and plays with all of the toys we have bought for her. Thank you so much for bringing this little light into our lives.


Here’s a Happy Tail story from Meatball, the bunny formally known as Bach 🙂

His family reports, “It has been one year today since we adopted Meatball (formerly Bach) from VRRA and I just wanted to let everyone there know he is doing great. He has free run of our house as well as our fenced yard (in summer). His favourite activities include begging at the fridge, sleeping under my son’s bed and racing around the living room. We adopted Sage (the orange rabbit in photo) from a local family in September and succesfully bonded them. We really appreciate everything your organization does for rabbits and we do our part to keep everyone we meet well informed about proper rabbit care.”

Bach (Meatball)


Lucky Chance was adopted into a home with a rabbit friend (Harriet), as well as two friendly dogs. His new family reports, “the bunnies are doing great, Chance loves the dogs and him and Harriet are definitely getting more used to each other. Harriet was quite territorial at first but is warming up to chance. He loves to explore the house and sit on the couch with the pups!”


Bunard is a lucky boy: he went from being an orphan on the street, to being in a shelter cage, to having his very own little IKEA bed to sleep on. Congratulations little guy!


Not only did the gorgeous Tory find a great home, but also got a long-lost cat sibling as part of the deal 🙂

His new humans say, “Tory fits beautifully into our house and we love him. Our cat, who had been missing for quite some time and presumed dead when we adopted Tory, returned home shortly after Tory arrived and the two have become friends!”



Our dear Rupert is a particularly happy “Happy Tail” because he stole the hearts of many volunteers but for some reason adopters always passed him by. We knew that he had what it takes to make a GREAT House Bunny and he – finally! – got his chance.

Here he is with his new human, who reports, “These photos were taken during our nighttime routine where he jumps up on my bed, runs and digs for a bit on the blanket, and then settles next to me for MANY forehead & ear scratches. His toys and accessories have taken up much of my room and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s the best little roommate and I love him to pieces. Thank you for introducing us and trusting me with him, he really has changed my life for the better and I look forward to many long years with him.”


Henry & Hallie

Henry (the bunny formally known as Andy) was adopted by his family earlier this year and has been busy living his Best House Rabbit Life. But then, his humans saw the glorious Hallie (the rabbit formally known as Callie) on our Instagram feed, and fell in love. With fingers crossed, they introduced (the neutered) Henry to (the spayed) Hallie, and it was a match made in bunny heaven. You can follow their adventures online at @iliketobinky

Hallie and Henry


Sweet Simba! As you can see, this lionhearted bunny is well-loved by his human Pride. We’re ferociously happy that our handsome satin Simba found such a great home.


Our fabulously furry lionhead, Antoine, just landed himself the ultimate Happy Tail – his new family includes other buns otherwise known as the Floppy Fluffles (Penelope,Poppy,Clementine and Antoine). You can follow their adventures @fourfloppyfriends
On top of all that, Antoine and his new bunny BFF, Clementine, are giving back to their community as therapy rabbits, making visits to a local hospice. Good for you Antoine! Bunny love is definitely a balm for the soul.

Antoine and Clementine



Here’s our previously shy little Leo, all comfortable in his new home, snoozing on an iPad like a good modern House Rabbit 🙂

Leo’s family reports, “We had set up a play pen for him but he kept jumping over the fence so now he is free roaming around our apartment, he is such a good rabbit, very clean and doesn’t get into trouble. For the most part he doesn’t like being pet which is okay, but he does chill next to us when we watch tv or eat. Right before (our) bedtime he gets a couple of treats and also accepts some pets. He loves his hay and cardboard boxes. I am so happy he is in my life.”


Raven & Sweep

Raven and Sweep

Happy Tails and rabbit smooches!! This is our sweet Raven with her new BFF, Sweep. Raven was at VRRA for a long time with her partner, Rook, who sadly passed away. Similar to cats and dogs, for some stupid reason potential adopters shy away from black rabbits, and so we were feeling pretty depressed for poor Raven, all alone and still stuck at the shelter. But the bunny universe shone on us and our dear Raven was not only adopted but found a forever home with a new bunny love . If you have a bunny in your family that is looking for a rabbit friend, give us a call; we are experts at bunny bonding and can help you find a great match for your bun.

As you can see, Raven and Sweep are a match made in rabbit heaven and we’re sure that Rook is looking down in happiness from the cosmos. Black -furred Bunnies are the Best.

Panda & Jett

Panda and Jett were adopted on May the 4th and so have aptly been renamed Luke and Leia 🙂

Their new family reports, “They are absolutely adorable little bunnies. Very curious and well behaved. They are perfectly litter box trained. They were free roaming the house earlier for about 3 hours and every dropping went inside their litter box. They love coriander and parsley.”

Congratulations everyone!

Panda Jett

Panda Jett


Sophie happy tails

Sophie’s adoptive people say that Sophie feels like she owns their apartment now 🙂  House Rabbits are always happiest when they rule the roost!


Polo is a great example of exactly how smart and fun a House Bunny can be! Don’t think that it’s only dogs that like to fetch sticks 🙂

We’re so happy that Polo has found a home that appreciates his active and personable nature.  Life is so much better with a bunny!


Louie is a lucky rabbit in that he went straight from one of our foster homes into his Forever Adopted Home. Check out this video of him having some hoppy snow fun! We’re so happy to see you enjoying life and being loved Louie! This is what we wish for all of our rabbits.

Tom Hanks

Our dear Tom is so loved by his adoptive family that they’ve set up his very own Instagram page account. We love seeing you on social media Tom Hanks! You can follow him @tomhanksthebunny

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Charlie & Sophie

Here’s another adorable pair, both adopted from VRRA but at different times, and finding true bunny love companionship together. You can follow their story on Instagram @bunnydiary and they also have a YouTube page – check out their funny house bunny antics here.

Charlie & Sophie

Charlie & Sophie


Here’s our lovely Baboo (formally known as Eve) in her happy adoptive home, celebrating her first Birthday! We’re so happy for you Baboo xoxo.




Check out how happy Disco is! She was lucky not to have to spend too long at the shelter prior to her Forever Family taking her home. They report that her favourite toy is Nutrinom’s Pineapple Exress, and her favourite activity is enjoying conversations with her people while sitting on their laps. That’s an awesome Happy Tail!

Disco in adopted home.


Griffin’s family says, “We weren’t sure if Griffin would cheer up when we brought him home from the shelter, but he is such a different rabbit now! He’s quite the bunzilla and keeps himself busy moving stuff around, and always rushes over for cuddles.” We’re so happy for you Griffin!

Photo of Griffin

Sad Griffin at the shelter.

Happy Griffin in his new home with his BFF, Cindy.


Clifford is a big bunny and luckily wasn’t at the shelter long before finding his perfect adoptive home. He greets his humans with a binky-bunny dance when they come home from work. Way to go Clifford!

Clifford at the shelter.

Clifford dressed up on adoption day (click for video).