Humfrey and Harper (South Surrey)

This adorable bonded pair came to us as an owner surrender. 

Harper (spayed and vaccinated female, white and brown spots) is a bit of a diva especially when it comes to touching her man.  She will tolerate, petting and some cuddles.  And, like her husband Humfrey, is a foodie – everything is devoured!

Humfrey is grey and a total lovebug, he’s reminiscent of a teddy bear.

Both are friendly and will come around in the right home.  They’ve also settled in well in their foster home.

Humfrey and Harper are between 3 and 4 years old and quite mellow. If you would like to adopt them, please apply today!

Ladybug and Lovebug (South Surrey)

Meet Ladybug, darker brown with white spot on her nose, and her sister, Lovebug, who has white feet and is a lighter brown.  Both are approximately 7 months old and have a definite different look about them.  They are lionhead lops.  Both girls have very sweet natures and get on really well.  They do not appear skittish but can be wary of loud noises.

Their likes: Food, veggies, hay and a bedtime bunny cookie
                    Being very active and curious.  They are busy little bugs!

It’s difficult to tell of their dislikes as they have only been around other rabbits.  As always proper introductions must be held with dogs or cats.

Older respectful children and a willingness to educate themselves on rabbit care with the primary care giver a must.

These young ladies will need to be groomed regularly too. If you are interested in adopting them, please apply today.