Phoenix (Vancouver)

Name: Phoenix (Phi Phi)
Colour: Brown Agouti
Sex: Female
Birthday: Aug 8 2022
Age: 1 year
Spayed and vaccinated.

This brown beauty Phoenix (Phi Phi) has her lineage from the famous Jericho Beach bunnies.

She is quite the independent bunny. Shy and doesn’t enjoy being picked up or touched all that much, Phoenix will allow you to hold and cuddle her for a short amount of time but will communicate that its time to put her down by giving little pinching nips.

She will need a kind and patient home that will give her the time she needs to warm up to people or allow her to be the aloof bunny she wants to be. She doesn’t really care for the company of other rabbits either. She had enough of her sister one day and decided to tell her she didn’t want to share a house with her anymore that led to a scuffle which split her ear (stitches didn’t help unfortunately). She once tolerated a manbun in her home so there’s hope she can one day partner with another.

She is a big, sweet, food loving girl, though, that just needs to learn that people are here to be her servants. So if you miss having teenagers around the house, Phoenix is the bunny for you! If you want to adopt Phoenix, please do your research and apply today.

Socks & Cream (South Surrey)

Say hello to Socks and Cream! 

Socks and Cream are around 4-5 years old and currently live with a very loving foster family who treats the pair like their own children. Mr. Socks and Mrs. Cream free roam and are well behaved, joyful fur balls. They like living in a large space with multiple hidey houses and tunnels. In the evenings, they show their happiness by performing many binkies and zoomies while peaking in and out of hidey holes like it is groundhog day! 

Both are amazing hay eaters and enjoy their daily greens and treats immensely, but of course they have their own favourites so their foster family is always kept on their toes, making sure that they can satisfy their individual snacking needs. They are not very chewy buns and occasionally enjoy chewing on cardboard and willow branches in their spare time. 

After a few months of building trust with the buns, the foster family discovered that Mr. Socks absolutely LOVES butt rubs! Between the pair, Socks is the more affectionate bun and will run to their trusted human’s laps for comfort when spooked (normally by Princess Cream). Princess Cream is an independent, very tidy and bold girl. She will allow petting on her own terms but when she sees Socks getting all of the attention, Cream will try to steal your attention by climbing on you, making dramatic bunny flops and hopping on the bed to do zoomies. She is a very happy bunny who loves being around her humans but needs personal space. 

 Like most buns, Socks and Cream do not like being picked up and they will give you the hilarious “criminal offensive side-eye” when you take out the nail clippers and brush for grooming. 

Both are litter trained. Cream is perfectly clean, and Socks is doing his best, while occasionally leaving a few coco puffs in his favourite spots. The buns will do well with having multiple large litter boxes spread around their area of roaming. 

Socks and Cream are eager to find their forever family who will love them as much as their fosters do!

If you are interested in adopting Socks and Cream, please apply today!