Hamish is a super handsome young Dutch Cross bunny with special needs. He has problematic teeth that will need regular maintenance from a knowledgeable vet. He will have good quality of life if he receives this care. We would love to get Hamish into a Foster Home so he can have fun and be loved – VRRA will pay for his medical care while he is in foster. Hunky Hamish is an awesome little bunny.

Here is more of his story: He was taken from a person who is prohibited from having animals because they harm them. He was not injured but was not eating well due to needing dental care. His coat was very rough and he was thin. He sometimes behaves as though he is afraid of hands that reach for him but once you pet him he softens up and he is ok to handle. At this point he is not good with his litter box but we are working on it. He is a dear little rabbit and deserves a chance at a nice life. 

Tiger-Lily and Hazel

Tiger Lily and Hazel

Tiger Lily and Hazel

Tiger Lily and Hazel

Lovely Tiger-Lily & Hazel are a mother-daughter pair (TG is the Mom, and Hazel the brown bunny is the daughter). They are seniors (10 and 9.5 yrs) adopted from VRRA and sadly  surrendered back to us through no fault of their own.

It’s very tough for bunnies to lose their homes in their older years, as people are ageist and usually only want to adopt young rabbits. For those of you willing to broaden your perspective, you’ll find that having mature bunnies in your life is a joy! Their personalities are reliable and they are past the rambunctious “get into trouble” stage of life. On a practical level, having rabbits that no longer have 13+ years ahead of them is also sometimes a factor that can make committing to pet guardianship easier.

Tiger-Lily and Hazel are both sweet, amiable, curious, healthy and full of life. They absolutely love each other and it’s so sweet to watch their BFF affection. They look forward to settling in with new humans that will provide them with committed love, care and companionship that they so deserve.

Barbie and Tiger

Barbie and Tiger

Barbie & Tiger are an adorable fuzzy-wuzzy duo with special needs. VRRA is actively seeking a permanent foster that will provide them with the detailed care they require, within a loving home environment. In turn we will stay committed to covering their vet costs and regular dental care.

Barbie and Tiger are back at the VRRA shelter now, but as you can see in the photo they have recently spent temporary time in house-rabbit training in a foster placement. They have excellent litter-box skills. Tiger is the more outgoing of the pair, but both enjoy head pets.  

Barbie and Tiger will melt your heart with their love for each other; they find comfort in each other’s company. They were free roam in their foster home and then secured in their x-pen at night. 

We know there’s someone out there that can provide the right fit for this special, sweet pair. 

Alfie, Alan, Alma and Amos

Alfie, Alan, Alma and Amos


Special rabbits for special people. These sibling (one sister and 3 brothers) lost their front feet to a predator when they were small babies. The most likely scenario is that they were kept on wire and that something bit their little feet off from below. Alfie, Alma, Alan and Amos do not know that they are different. They love each other as the photo shows. Alfie and Amos get around so you wouldn’t notice they were different. Alan and Alma have slightly more trouble as they lost a little more leg. But they all behave as normal rabbits and are  doing very well. It is, of course, important that they are kept on surfaces that will not hurt their legs but this is not a difficult thing to do and they use their litter boxes well. All are in good health and are good hay eaters. It would be wonderful if they could find a loving foster home together. Everything could be provided. Only love needs to be added.

Snowy & Korina

Snowy and Korina



This is Mr Snowy (grey fur) and Ms Korina (tan coat), who are best friends and love to play together. They are interesting and outgoing bunnies. Sweet Korina received an injury to her back by a thoughtless human that resulted in some minor nerve damage. This doesn’t affect her quality of life but does mean that she has some mild incontinence. Having an easily washable rug (check out Ruggables ) for their home base will make this issue very easy to deal with.