Trisha and Truffle (Vancouver)

Trisha is a shy, brown girl who is now with a younger boy, Truffle, a black bunny with a white nose. They have a real Romeo/Juliet story! They were both out in their pens during the day and Truffle jumped out of his pen and into Trisha’s pen. We found them like that when we took them into their cages and they have been together ever since. They chose each other.

Trisha is now becoming less shy as Truffle is showing her that humans are not so bad. Truffle is almost a year old. He is the more out-going and friendly. He came from Richmond as a baby about 6 wks. He is about one year old now and Trisha is about 2 yrs and was found in Kits. They are good with their litter box. Trisha likes to chew cardboard. They would prefer a quiet home.

If you are interested in adopting Trisha and Truffle, please apply today!

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