Peter Rabbit & Teena (South Surrey)

Meet Teena and Peter Rabbit!

If you have seen the movie, you’ll understand why we called our little grey furball Peter. He is the most adventurous of the pair, very curious and always searching for new places to explore!

Teena is our sleek black beauty, and although she is the alpha in the couple, she is a lot shyer around people and needs more time to get used to new settings.

We found Peter abandoned in our neighborhood in 2019 around Halloween! He was very young and instantly got used to us, our children and our cats… He actually loves climbing on the cat tree! After a few months we decided to adopt Teena from VRRA, and despite both having a strong personality, they became the most loving couple ever, always on the lookout for each other and very protective of one another.

Peter & Teena have been living together for over 2 years, in a free-roaming habitat in our basement, with lots of toys, tunnels and chewing-friendly things. They really enjoy going outside, away from the dog though!

They love kale, parsley, all kind of healthy bunny food, and most of all their little cranberry or banana feast.

Like most rabbits, they don’t like to be picked up, however they cherish affection and being patted, especially on the head. They will, in return, treat you with purring and soon enough a nose kiss!

Peter & Teena are now looking for their new forever home, as we are relocating to Europe in the spring of 2023.

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