Little Christopher is pretty much the friendliest guy you’ll ever want to meet! He absolutely LOVES head rubs and is super affectionate. Christopher is very active and interesting. He is not a chewy rabbit and is good with his litter box. Christopher would love to explore your house and sit on the couch with you. He maybe shy at first until he knows you.

Check out his video and see how much he adores being paid attention to and pet.

Patrick and Haley

Patrick (grey) and Haley (black) are a handsome duo, now about a year old.

Like so many abandoned bunnies in the lower mainland, they were found wandering the streets of Richmond when only about two months old.

This pair are probably brother and sister and are seeking a Forever Home that understands that rabbits are a 10 plus year commitment. Unfortunately Patrick, has developed a wobble. The cause of these conditions is not always easy to determine. He moves around well but sometimes has problems with balance. This may become better or worse as he ages or it may never change.

Patrick and Haley deserve a chance in a loving home. They are shy but become more outgoing when they know their people and space.

And as bonded bunnies they’ll be loyal to each other – and to you.


Introducing Peanut, a golden boy about 5 months old (as of Sept 2021). Peanut can be shy until he gets to know you. He loves to zoom around to burn up his energy and will entertain you with his binkies – he can be very fast!


Sparky looks a bit leary in this photo but we can’t blame him, his previous people locked him in a chicken coop where he was rescued by animal service officers. The chickens badly scratched and pecked him and he also had a necrotic toe. After many vet visits he’s thankfully healed but did lose two toes, but this hasn’t impacted his love for zoomies! Sparky is now looking for his forever home. He’s a small to medium bun, guessing under a year old, active and curious. He will do well in a quieter home as he can be a little shy until he gets to know you. Please consider Sparky as a forever family member, he deserves it.

Annie and Fiona

It’s nice to snuggle with a friend.

Annie & Fiona are bonded sisters and are ready to make the hop into a Forever Home together.

These large friendly girls have been raised in a foster home with respectful dogs.

Big Bunnies are the Best!

Ilsa And Dalia

Ilsa is a light grey chinchilla colour and Dalia is a dark grey agouti with a white spot on her nose. These loving sisters are just youngsters but are already big girls and make a fine duo! They’re from an abandoned family of rabbits recently taken in. They have been fostered in a home with respectful dogs.


Ebony is a delightful young rabbit. She is about 7 months old as of July 2021. Being a young bunny, she has lots of energy and loves to do zoomies and jump and binky! She also loves to be pet – she will bow down and enjoy her pets for as long as you are willing to give them. She’s a clever little bunny who loves to explore and is not afraid of slippery floors! Ebony is very clean and has impeccable litter box habits.

Peter and Paul

Petey (brown) and Paul (white) are loving brothers who groom, cuddle and sleep together. Petey is the outgoing leader and Paul feels safe following his brother. Both are friendly and love running free around the house, and enjoy pets. When spooked, Paul runs to Petey for reassurance, or goes to hide beside his foster Mom. They are cuties! 


Jordan is a friendly young bun who is being taught house rabbit skills in a foster home with a cat and kids who have been taught how to kindly interact with him. Jordan is a thinker. Always watching, and at peace with the world. He loves his play time and a good flop after his dinner. 


Cole is a friendly and well-behaved young bun. He is in a foster home with a cat and kids who have been taught how to kindly interact with him. He is like a big teddy bear, laid back and enjoys his playtime.