August (South Surrey)

Meet August! She is an adult rabbit approximately two years old, spayed and vaccinated and ready for a new home.

We know very little about August as she came in as a stray, a little worse for wear.  Since she’s been with us, we’re learning a little bit more about her personality.  Good with her litter box, not shy but is a little sassy.

Would suit a rabbit savvy home, no small children please, not sure yet about other animals.

Her assets would be: she’s a foodie, not shy and will allow petting.  And of course she’s absolutely adorable.

If you would like to meet August, please do your research and apply today.

Annie & Fiona (South Surrey)

Fiona and Annie’s foster parents say: they’re an absolute delight to have! They have become so much more comfortable with us and they make us laugh so much. They love to explore our little balcony. They do zoomies and binkies in the morning when they know they’re getting their morning pellets. Not picky when it comes to food. 

Annie might need some time to examine new foods, but she likes most of the things she’s tried. Fiona loves everything! Fiona is more outgoing and braver than Annie. Annie is more cautious and reserved but she is coming out of her shell for sure. I think they need someone who has lots of patience to respect their space and build trust slowly.

Also, if you could please add They are both lovely. They also have an Instagram which can be added.

Annie is grey, and Fiona is brown. Both are lovely! If you would like to meet Annie & Fiona, please apply today. You can also check them out on Instagram by scanning the QR code below!

Auzie (Vancouver)

Auzie is an incredible house bunny who is velvety soft, clean and full of personality! She is a beautiful, mini Rex in a black otter velvet coat.

Auzie is curious and enjoys following around her foster parents to micromanage their daily activities. Once her humans lays down on the floor or sofa, Auzie will zoom over to climb on top of them as if to say, “Hey! Pay attention to me!” 

Auzie could be an agility bun with her daily zoomies and binkies that happen like clockwork in the morning and evening. In the evening, Auzie will straighten out her foster parents’ bed and flip her empty food bowl to beg for more food. 

Auzie pees and poops in her litter box very well and occasionally pops out a coco puff when she zooms fast in her free roam time. 

Auzie absolutely loves to chew on palm leaf bowls, cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls. She is alright with being handled and loves it when her foster parents give her slow head pets. Auzie will do well in a home that can give her plenty of space to roam with no small children as she can give small nips to demand for things. She is quite the alpha bun and will do well as a single bun or if the right submissive male bun comes along. Scroll down to see more photos and videos.

Apply for Auzie today for a chance to be her forever home!  

Boba and Roo (South Surrey)

Do you like marshmallows?

Regardless of your answer, we guarantee you’ll LOVE these particular marshmallows! 🐰🤍🐰

Introducing Boba & Roo!

These ruby eyed sisters were born in June 2022. Their homeless mom came to VRRA and surprised everyone when she popped out a batch of babies!

Boba and Roo grew up in one of our wonderful foster homes and are now one and a half years old. They’re used to free roaming, and possess excellent litter box skills. When their foster mom spends time on the floor, Boba and Roo are right there to investigate. Social by nature, their gentle dispositions make them a great match for a family with respectful children and/or animals. Of course they’d also be perfect for singletons or couples too!

B&R are incredibly devoted to each other and do everything together. One of the cutest things you’ll ever see is when they snuggle together in bed like fluffy, white marshmallow peeps 🐰🤍🐰 How do you tell them apart, you ask? If you look closely, Roo actually has pale grey ears!

These two are truly beautiful rabbits, inside and out. Anyone would be privileged to share their life with them ❤️🐰🐰

If you are interested in adopting Boba & Roo, head on over to and fill out our adoption application. Boba & Roo and many other amazing rabbits are waiting for you.

Boba & Roo can go to a home with:
Rabbits: No, thank you. We have each other
Dogs: Unknown
Cats: Unknown
Family home with Children: Yes

Smudgy (Vancouver)

Hi! My name is Smudgy and I have been in foster care my whole life (born July 2022). For some reason, black rabbits are overlooked and hard to get adopted. If you give me the chance, I will win your heart over by snuggling with you and doing many binkies to show you how much I love and appreciate you. 

I just want someone to love me for me! My foster moms say I am the sweetest little thing and I am a good girl because I am not destructive or chewy. After I get to know you, I like to climb up on your lap or even up on your back if you could be my best friend. I like to climb low cat towers and chairs to explore my surroundings. I am litter trained and I like to pick my own potty spot so please put my litter box where I like it! My favourite thing to do is explore and free roam. I promise to make my free roam space clean and only makes a few poop accidents near my litter box to mark my own territory. 

I am a good candidate for bonding because I am an easy going and submissive rabbit but I can also be happy as a single rabbit if you will spend time with me and love me! Please apply to be my mom or dad! 

Smudgy can go to a home with:
Rabbits: Well-matched 
Dogs: Well-matched Respectful
Cats: Yes 
Children: Unknown
Teen/Adult: Yes

Ali (South Surrey)

Ali can be a bit shy at first and she’s protective over her space (watch out broom, she’ll try to eat it!) but if you sit with her on her level and let her come to you, she really opens up and loves to be pet! That’s after she claims you by chinning you first!

The way to Ali’s heart is through treats. She knows the sound of a treat bag or a fruit peeling. She loves cilantro and mint. This beautiful black girl is full of personality. She came in as stray young baby on Aug 6, 2022, around 5 days old found in a baseball diamond covered in sand with her siblings, Ducky/Tippy & Little Foot and Petrie. This litter of babies was name after The Land Before Time Characters. If you’re interested in meeting Ali please apply today.

She can go to a home with:
Rabbits: Well-matched
Dogs: Well-matched/respectful
Cats: Yes
Young kids: No Thank you
Teens/Adults: Yes

Freya (Vancouver)

Freya came from Richmond during the very cold wet weather. She was reported to us as a friendly rabbit with two babies who were not doing well. The babies had been injured badly and one died right away. The other lived for a few days. This baby was taken away to be cared for but Freya had to stay behind as they had no room for her. The baby was taken back everyday and Freya was there waiting for the baby to nurse. Alas he could not be saved but little Freya was taken to a warm home and has thrived.

She is a bit shy but does like to be petted as long as one is quiet and calm with her. She did very well at Bunny Yoga, running around to visit people.

After a week with her foster mom, Freya was coming forward for treats and petting and gets more comfortable as time goes on. She’s living free range and now flops under her foster mom’s desk. 

She’s good with her litter habits and doesn’t chewing anything.

She is looking for a loving home, not too noisy, with patient people. If you can give her that home, please apply today.

Trisha (Vancouver)

Trisha is a shy, little rabbit. She looks like a wild cottontail but she is an abandoned domestic rabbit. Trisha was found in Kitsilano hiding under cars. At first she was terrified of everything. Now she will come forward to eat while we are there and we can sometimes get a touch in if we are quiet and gentle.

Trisha needs a quiet and patient home with people who will let her blossom in her own time. If you are interested in giving her that home, please apply today!

Skye (South Surrey)

My name’s Skye! Check out my beautiful blue eyes. My sisters and I were found in a Dairy Queen parking lot in Richmond, we were only about 4 weeks old. We didn’t even get a banana split before being dumped, who does that?! My estimated DOB March 23, 2022. I have a clean bill of health, spayed and vaccinated. I’m great with my litter box. I was raised in a foster home with kids so I’m open to meeting respectful children. I enjoy playing with toys & doing binkies and zoomies. I’ll need space for that. I can be a bit shy at first but I’m very sweet and enjoy attention. I love banana & apple oxbow treats, yummy. I’m looking for a forever home to call my own. I might be open to meeting a male bunny but I’m happy to be your only and #1 fur baby. Can’t wait to meet you, please apply to meet me today! 

If you are interested in adopting Skye, please fill in our adoption application form here.

Scarlett (South Surrey)

Beautiful Scarlett came to the shelter with three babies after being rescued off the streets.  She was very scared upon arrival. But, slowly, she is starting to trust again – especially if you have a treat in your hand!

She is looking for a quiet home; a home with experienced rabbit owners where she can feel safe and loved. 

Scarlett has so much potential to blossom, won’t you give her a chance? And just look at those magnificent blue eyes.