Pauly (South Surrey)

Meet Pauly! Handsome neutered male dwarf cross born Jan 1, 2023. Pauly is an active & playful bunny. This curious dare devil may also have the makes to be a parkour rabbit since he loves to jump on things and binky off. He knows he is adorable and can get away with his shenanigans. Once all his energy is burned off, he’ll flop for some pets. He might have the makings of a great agility bun!

If you’re interested in meeting Pauly, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Kevin (South Surrey)

Meet Kevin! This guy is a little bit of a weirdo; he likes to stand in his water bowl. Perhaps he identifies as more of a hippo than a rabbit… Who are we to question his life choices? This little bun hippo gets along well with his siblings and is quite submissive.

A little shy at first, but he is very sweet and friendly. He may be interested in meeting a nice female friend. He is a dwarf cross born Jan 1, 2023. His mama Tiana came in as a stray with a 4-week-old kit and then surprised us with another six babies. 

If you’re interested in meeting Kevin, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Petrie (South Surrey)

Hi there! My name is Petrie!

I am a curious bunny who loves being close to my humans. At first I’m very shy, but with time and stillness I’ll hop up to you and give you a nose boop. Maybe climb over you like an obstacle course and jump onto your lap to say hello. I don’t like a lot of pats, but I’m slowly getting use to them. During the day I snooze in a comfortable dark place, but at dusk and dawn I’ll bound around showing off my
tricks! My binkies are the largest you’ll ever see .. during my exercise time around the house, I’m a speed racer! I love to chew on willow branches and sprawl out on a high ledge to observe.

If you are interested in adopting me, please apply today!

Demarcus (Vancouver)

Meet Demarcus, a beautiful harlequin rabbit who is ready for his furever home and is sure to hop his way into your heart.

Although Demarcus can be a bit shy at first, he loves to explore, find cosy places to hide and get pets. In his spare time, he enjoys playing in his tube and shredding newspaper and cardboard. He’s also a responsible rabbit who uses his litter box properly. Demarcus is a gentle, respectful rabbit who puts up with being picked up when needed.

Demarcus is a real bun-dle of joy to have around the house and will make an adorable addition to your family. If you are interested in adopting him, please apply today!

Scout (Vancouver)

Scout is brother to Dustin, Suzie, Ringo, Sky, Lennon and Minerva. He is the only one that is grey. He is an interesting mix of very bold and also shy.

Scout is very active and curious but cautious at the same time. He can sometimes be defensive of his space. He will need a rabbit lover who is willing to be patient with him. Some one on one time with treats will go a long way. He is a clean bunny and not a destructive boy. If you can give Scout a home, please apply today!

Smokey (Vancouver)

Smokey is one lucky bunny. He was reported to be abandoned on Cambie street near the Langara Golf Course. He was picked up and brought to us on the day when it started snowing and getting very cold. Smokey would not have done well in the freezing icy weather. He is a calm, friendly bunny who ran right up to our rabbit catcher. He’s very attractive with his rose grey coat.

Smokey likes to be petted. He’s clean and well behaved – a great little house bunny. If you are interested in adopting Smokey, please fill in our adoption application form here.

Lincoln (South Surrey)

Meet Lincoln, Betty White’s son, born Feb 3, 2022. This is a quieter boy with a heart of gold. Would love to see him have room to run and show off his binkies. His personality would shine in a loving home, or with a bunny friend. He is neutered and up to date on his RHD Vaccine.

Apply today to meet Lincoln at our South Surrey Shelter.

Cinder (South Surrey)

Cinder – what a lovable boy! Born Feb 2021, Cinder has an adorable “helicopter” ear that sticks out sideways – a sign that he has a bit of lop in him (one ear up and what halfway down).

He was the only one in the litter that shows some lop characteristics with one ear up and one ear down. He loves his hay and has great litter box habits.  He is mellow but playful.  

If you’re interested in meeting him, please apply today to book an appointment at our South Surrey Shelter.  


Peanut (South Surrey)

Introducing Peanut, a golden boy about 18 months old (as of Nov 2022). Peanut can be shy until he gets to know you. He loves to zoom around to burn up his energy and will entertain you with his binkies – he can be very fast!

If you’re interested in meeting him, please apply today to book an appointment at our South Surrey Shelter.  

Sparky (Vancouver)

Sparky had a bad experience with his previous owners – they locked him in a chicken coop where he was rescued by animal service officers. The chickens badly scratched and pecked him and he also had a necrotic toe. After many vet visits he’s thankfully healed but did lose two toes, but this hasn’t impacted his love for zoomies! Sparky is now looking for his forever home. He’s a small to medium bun, guessing under a year old, active and curious. He will do well in a quieter home as he can be a little shy until he gets to know you. Please consider Sparky as a forever family member, he deserves it.

Sparky’s current foster had this to say: Sparky is a well behaved bunny.  He’s very good with his litter box. He is quite the decorator as he likes to move his things about to his satisfaction!  He even chewed his own window into his hidy box. He’s a quieter bunny – not chewer or furniture climber and he stays pretty quiet during the day preferring a hiding spot to chill out.

Sparky would probably do better as a single bunny. If you are interested in adopting Sparky, please fill in our adoption application form here.