Timmy is a handsome bunny who recently turned one and is on the lookout for his forever home. He would make a great house bun because of his perfect litter box skills and tendency to sniff instead of chew.

Timmy would do best in an environment where there is lots of space for him to explore, perhaps with a bunny rabbit partner. He is friendly with humans and even affectionate given some time and patience.

He is a forward coming, friendly, little rabbit with a good personality.

Butch Cassidy

What a great little rabbit!

Butch Cassidy is as lively and interesting as his namesake. He’s very out-going and active – will love to explore and race around.

He is good with his litter box and likes to chew his cardboard and rip up his newspaper. Just look at his expressive blue eyes!

Butch Cassidy would probably spring out of a low pen so we suggest one that is 3 feet tall. He will be an amusing and friendly pet bunny rabbit for a lucky person or persons.


What a darling!

Cottontail is looking for his forever home.

Aptly named, as the tip of his tail is lighter gray and looks like a cotton ball. Inquisitive and loves his free time. It’s like he can’t believe his good luck when you give him attention. He’s happy with his chew toys and cardboard.

Cottontail adoptable rabbit
Cottontail VRRA


Hi I’m Bundito!

Scrounging for treats is my game, I’m a foodie. I love to dig around in a dig box to see what I can come up with.

I just never know what I might find- sometimes treats, sometimes new toys. I am what they call a curious bunny, and love to investigate new areas. I like to have lots of hay to munch on and can be found nibbling on my cardboard boxes or tossing around my toys.

I enjoy my space and can be a bit possessive, I’ll grunt to let you know I want to be left alone. I need a bunny experienced home. If you’d like to be my new home please apply to adopt me. 

Caddie (Cadbury)

Caddie is a curious adventurer but also cautious and will retreat back to a safety zone if spooked. This guy is pretty smart and can put on quite the show with his zoomies and binkies. Cadbury keeps an eye on you to see if you’re watching and enjoying his performance and company. He’s quite the sweetheart.

Cadbury has gotten along with with cats and dog in his foster home. He does get a little spooked with loud noises or fast movements. Loves having cardboard boxes to hide and climb in. He takes time to build trust with new people but once he opens up is a sweetheart.


Flint is a bright and inquisitive boy that loves his hay and litter box. He has a gorgeous silver-fox coat – white hairs sprinkled throughout his back.

He gets along well with the kids in his foster home who have been taught how to be gentle and respectful with bunnies and enjoys attention.

Flint loves his playtime and is looking forward to being a free-roaming House Rabbit.

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue


Cinder – what a lovable boy!

Born Feb 2021, Cinder has an adorable “helicopter” ear that sticks out sideways – a sign that he has a bit of lop in him (one ear up and what halfway down).

He was the only one in the litter that shows some lop characteristics with one ear up and one ear down. He loves his hay and has great litter box habits.  He is mellow but playful.  



Morty is a very curious and active bunny rabbit. He is interactive with his foster family and loves to jump on everything he can reach.

He does like to chew (like all active bunnies) so be sure to protect your home and give him lots of chew toys! But Morty is affectionate and will lick you to show his love and appreciation.

Morty is a happy bunny that does a lot of zoomies and binkies in the morning and in the evening if he is with us watching a movie. A happy bunny makes a happy home.


Little Christopher is pretty much the friendliest guy you’ll ever want to meet! He absolutely LOVES head rubs and is super affectionate. Christopher is very active and interesting. He is not a chewy rabbit and is good with his litter box. Christopher would love to explore your house and sit on the couch with you. He maybe shy at first until he knows you.

Check out his video and see how much he adores being paid attention to and pet.


Introducing Peanut, a golden boy about 5 months old (as of Sept 2021). Peanut can be shy until he gets to know you. He loves to zoom around to burn up his energy and will entertain you with his binkies – he can be very fast!