Digby is enjoying his time with a foster family. He likes being groomed. He has a favourite blanket which he sleeps under at night. He is wary of hardwood floors and so will need carpeting or area rugs to run around on. He is a cautious bunny and sometimes easily frightened, but is learning how to relax with people he trusts. 


Cotton is a big gentle fellow who is very much enjoying being out of his shelter cage and getting in some zoomy time!

Cotton recently has his front teeth removed to clear up some dental issues, and is very happy to be relieved of that discomfort. Rabbits do fine without their front teeth – they use their lips and tongue to pick up food and move it to the back of their mouth, where it’s ground by the molars. To compensate for the lack of incisors, caregivers can help their bunnies by tearing leafy green vegetables into rabbit-sized bites.

Cotton is a healthy and loveable guy with the added bonus that you’ll never have to worry about him chewing your furniture or rugs!


Check out Peter and his lovely large ears. He’s a friendly and social bun-bun who is smart and loves exploring. Peter is a bit shy when he meets new people, but he’ll warm up to you quickly. He loves strawberry bits, twigs to chew on and fresh greens. Peter likes to sleep on the bed of the person he knows well and trusts. He’ll do best in a quiet home as he gets spooked by loud noises (those giant ears pick up large amounts of sound!)


Jojo is a sweet guy with blue eyes, about one year old. He was found in front of an apartment complex. He is extremely friendly and loves head pets. Jojo is curious and playful, he likes to run around and sniff his humans, and will even lick you if he likes you! Jojo would do well in a home where he will be allowed to free roam and explore, and get as many head pets as he wants.


Hoppity is a little Netherland Dwarf about 3 yrs old. He came to us because he was aggressive. We think he may have been always confined and perhaps handled and grabbed too much. He’s now been in an experienced foster home for awhile, and they have this to report:

Mr Hoppity is a sweet, opinionated little bunny who loves head rubs and morning explorations. He likes tunnels and cardboard boxes, and different areas for resting and playing.

Hops isn’t a good candidate for a home with small children as he is easily scared. However, he’s becoming more comfortable with pats and affection. He’ll be a wonderful best friend for a dedicated, knowledgeable bunny person who wants to continue to help him build trust. 

When he wants company he will nose your leg to say hi, will hop on you if you lay on the ground, and will sit near you while grooming. Every once in a while if you are very still, he may come up on the bed for a nap or to hang out with you at the foot of the bed.  He does happy binkies if he hears you bringing him treats.

Hoppity boxes at you with his paws if you bother him when he’s busy grooming or eating, or when he’s startled by sudden noises or feels afraid. He responds well when his humans stay relaxed and comfort with him when he is afraid. He is very gentle when taking food from your hand or when close to your face. But when he’s mad he will let you know! He turns his back and sulks, or boxes and jumps around, when he wants to tell you that he’s mad about something, but calms down quickly when his needs are met and his space respected.

He is accustomed to being a free roaming house bunny who does not like to hang out or sleep in the cage, but goes there to eat, drink and go to the bathroom. Regarding his bathroom skills, he is cage trained rather than litter trained; he is very good about using the cage for bathroom as well as food and water. Because he uses the cage for both eating and litter, he needs a large, solid-bottom cage to have corners for bathroom while still having room for his food and hay to stay clean and away from the litter areas. He responds well to a cage lined with puppy pads, and he will use this arrangement quite reliably. It’s important that his cage is cleaned every day.


Dear Tom’s story is a common tale: found abandoned and alone in a local park. Understandably, Tom is a little leery of the world right now, but he’s warming up and we look forward to seeing his personality come out, now that he’s in a foster home. He has super handsome black and white markings.


Ringo is definitely a star! He’s got so many gorgeous attributes, we’re not sure where to begin describing him. First of all he is a wonderful combination of Lionhead (cute & fuzzy) and Flemish-Giant (big & goofy). He’s got a whole lotta ears and feet to grow into as he matures.

His situation is a perfect example of why it’s NEVER a good idea to give someone an animal as a gift – the people who received him weren’t interested in caring for a bunny.

Ringo is still a young boy and is eager to be adopted by someone who has done the research and is ready to make a commitment. He wants to learn all about being a good House Rabbit, with committed loving people who will make him a beloved member of their family.