Ethan is from a group of siblings abandoned at about 4 weeks old. He is used to respectful dogs. This big guy will be a great addition to your family, he’s a sweet and adventurous young bun.


Adam was only about 4 weeks old when he was found with his siblings in a heap on the sidewalk, obviously dumped from a car. Despite his dire beginning, this youngster (born ~Feb 2021) is outgoing and friendly. He’s turning into a very nice House Rabbit and looks forward to becoming a permanent member of a lucky person’s household.


Little Cruzer is a white fuzzy bun with the distinctive black eyeliner of the Hot-tot breed. His prior circumstances have made him quite shy and he needs a patient person willing to let him learn in his own time, that all is well with his world. He has a slight head tilt but has had medication and it does not affect his quality of life.


Jinx is a cutie! Born Feb 2021, he is small but he’s full of energy and has a mighty stomp to get everyone’s attention. He loves to run around full speed and explore. Jinx is very friendly but can be shy at times or when around new people. Like most rabbits he’s not a big fan of being held but enjoys to be pet. He is good with the cats and dog in his foster home but does get spooked with loud noises and fast movements.


Digby is enjoying his time with a foster family. He likes being groomed. He has a favourite blanket which he sleeps under at night. He is wary of hardwood floors and so will need carpeting or area rugs to run around on. He is a cautious bunny and sometimes easily frightened, but is learning how to relax with people he trusts. 


Check out Peter and his lovely large ears. He’s a friendly and social bun-bun who is smart and loves exploring. Peter is a bit shy when he meets new people, but he’ll warm up to you quickly. He loves strawberry bits, twigs to chew on and fresh greens. Peter likes to sleep on the bed of the person he knows well and trusts. As friendly as Peter is, he does not like being handled or picked up, and will do best in an adult home with someone who is rabbit-experienced.





Alistair is a young, gentle boy.  He was surrendered to rescue because of severe allergies and a dog that was too interested.  But he was obviously very well loved, hence his lovely personality.

He laps up attention and is such a happy guy, especially when playing in his exercise pen.
If you are looking for a rabbit that would share your couch, maybe come and visit Alistair.





Virgil is the most sweet, calm and smiley rabbit that we’ve met in a long time! He’s so photogenic that it was difficult to narrow down the selection of photos to post.

Mr. V. is middle-aged, which many people think of as BAD 🙁 This is unfortunate, because people don’t realize that baby bunnies can often be messy and require a lot of patience as they learn litter training and all the other proper manners required to be a good House Rabbit.

Virgil, on the other hand, has figured all of these things out already. And, practically speaking, if you aren’t certain whether you’re ready to make the 10-15 year commitment required to adopt a baby bunny, the fact is that Virgil is about halfway through his lifespan: you’ve got lots of fun-filled years with him ahead, without worrying about whether you can commit for the time required of a youngster just starting life.

Virgil was owned by people who provided him basic care but never made him part of their family – his life consisted of a backyard hutch, along with a bunny partner. When his rabbit friend died the people suddenly developed allergies to Virgil and got rid of him.

V-man is smiling and ready to begin the next chapter of his life with people that want to embrace all of the love, affection and fun that he’s eager to give as a true House Rabbit member of the family.