Moochi (South Surrey)

HELLO! I originally received the name Mochi. However my foster Bun Mom kept calling me Moochie to which I will sometimes respond for treats while you tap on the floor. My training was really keen when the Bun Mom was home. She works lots now and I enjoy my independence. If you have the time to spend with me I will follow you around and always keep an eye on you. I enjoy basically everything I’m allowed to eat and really like treats so hide them well.

I am free roam and use my litter box 98% of the time unless I get scared, when a lil’ nugget might pop out. I have a large balcony so I have adjusted to some outside living whenever I want. I love sleeping under the Bun Mom’s bed at night, and if I’m outside the room I will come check on you after I hear your alarm go off. Some tricks I learned was to spin and perch and jump over an arm. I tend to only chew my toys which makes me a great roommate and I am very quiet and keep my things in my designated blanket area. If you want low maintenance and a great companion I’m your guy.

If you’re interested in meeting Moochi, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Frosty (South Surrey)

Meet Frosty! 

This handsome male lionhead needs a rabbit experience home that understands rabbit behaviors. Frosty would do best in a home with teens/adults. No younger kids as he is a boxer. 

He is very playful and loves chewing on cardboard boxes. He will need a large bunny proof area as he has lots of energy to burn. Frosty is looking for his perfect home and the right person to build trust with. Frosty has a very sweet side and will flop next to you for pets on his terms. He is also very food motivated. Litter box skills are great and he gets along well with respectful cat’s & a dog. He is a medium-large sized rabbit.

If you’re interested in meeting Frosty, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Shadow (Vancouver)

This is Shadow!

He is approximately 7.5 months old. We found Shadow just before Christmas and brought him to our home to keep him warm. He is very clean, curious and adores rubs behind his ears.

During the day he likes to sleep in a comfortable dark place, but at dusk and dawn he likes to be a part of the family. He is active and playful and loves time outside.

He also likes to keep tabs on our golden retriever. And our kids!

If you’re interested in meeting Shadow, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Petrie (South Surrey)

Hi there! My name is Petrie!

I am a curious bunny who loves being close to my humans. At first I’m very shy, but with time and stillness I’ll hop up to you and give you a nose boop. Maybe climb over you like an obstacle course and jump onto your lap to say hello. I don’t like a lot of pats, but I’m slowly getting use to them. During the day I snooze in a comfortable dark place, but at dusk and dawn I’ll bound around showing off my
tricks! My binkies are the largest you’ll ever see .. during my exercise time around the house, I’m a speed racer! I love to chew on willow branches and sprawl out on a high ledge to observe.

If you are interested in adopting me, please apply today!

Demarcus (Vancouver)

Meet Demarcus, a beautiful harlequin rabbit who is ready for his furever home and is sure to hop his way into your heart.

Although Demarcus can be a bit shy at first, he loves to explore, find cosy places to hide and get pets. In his spare time, he enjoys playing in his tube and shredding newspaper and cardboard. He’s also a responsible rabbit who uses his litter box properly. Demarcus is a gentle, respectful rabbit who puts up with being picked up when needed.

Demarcus is a real bun-dle of joy to have around the house and will make an adorable addition to your family. If you are interested in adopting him, please apply today!

Calvin (Vancouver)

Calvin is a very shy boy right now. He was taken from Jericho Park as he was obviously not born there. He came right up to his rescuer and allowed himself to be picked up. He is wary in his new surrounding but has come a long way.

Calvin will need someone patient and kind who will let him adjust to a new home in his own time. He will be very happy to have a space to explore and someone to love him. If you can give him that space, please apply today!

Scout (Vancouver)

Scout is brother to Dustin, Suzie, Ringo, Sky, Lennon and Minerva. He is the only one that is grey. He is an interesting mix of very bold and also shy.

Scout’s current foster family has this to say: Scout is a very sweet but timid guy. He’s curious, just needs a really patient environment so he can explore and gain confidence. The first week he hardly came out of his den but he’s showing his personality more and more. He will occasionally do a wonderful nice flop in his favorite corner, surrounded by his toys that he loves to throw around. He’s very good at getting his treats out of his stack cups or by rolling around the treat ball. 

He has done some zoomies and binkies and sure we’ll see more and more of this over time–it’s a rare treat right now but he’s definitely got it in him! He’s gotten some supervised outdoor time and he loves it–that’s by far the most we’ve seen him cut loose and race around! So a home with supervised yard time is definitely a plus.

He does love head strokes very much and he’s happy for us to pat him more than half the time now. He definitely likes his feet to stay on the ground but seems comfortable to have us nearby, lounging around with him. If he’s trying to be brave and explore, he will still run away at the slightest movement or noise. He loves his veggies and doesn’t seem to drink much water.

He’s 100% litterbox trained, not too much of a nibbler, and hasn’t ventured much beyond the area rug, so he’s pretty easy to have in the house. He is a great guy, just needs a home that’s calm and patient. 

If you can give Scout a home, please apply today!

Smokey (Vancouver)

Smokey is one lucky bunny. He was reported to be abandoned on Cambie street near the Langara Golf Course. He was picked up and brought to us on the day when it started snowing and getting very cold. Smokey would not have done well in the freezing icy weather. He is a calm, friendly bunny who ran right up to our rabbit catcher. He’s very attractive with his rose grey coat.

Smokey likes to be petted. He’s clean and well behaved – a great little house bunny. If you are interested in adopting Smokey, please fill in our adoption application form here.

Peanut (South Surrey)

Introducing Peanut, a golden boy about 18 months old (as of Nov 2022). Peanut can be shy until he gets to know you. He loves to zoom around to burn up his energy and will entertain you with his binkies – he can be very fast!

If you’re interested in meeting him, please apply today to book an appointment at our South Surrey Shelter.  

Sparky (Vancouver)

Sparky had a bad experience with his previous owners – they locked him in a chicken coop where he was rescued by animal service officers. The chickens badly scratched and pecked him and he also had a necrotic toe. After many vet visits he’s thankfully healed but did lose two toes, but this hasn’t impacted his love for zoomies! Sparky is now looking for his forever home. He’s a small to medium bun, guessing under a year old, active and curious. He will do well in a quieter home as he can be a little shy until he gets to know you. Please consider Sparky as a forever family member, he deserves it.

Sparky’s current foster had this to say: Sparky is a well behaved bunny.  He’s very good with his litter box. He is quite the decorator as he likes to move his things about to his satisfaction!  He even chewed his own window into his hidy box. He’s a quieter bunny – not chewer or furniture climber and he stays pretty quiet during the day preferring a hiding spot to chill out. Sparky is a curious boy who is extremely food motivated and learns quickly. He loves to stalk his humans by following them and micromanaging their every move!

Sparky will do well:

  • With respectful cats and dogs
  • With respectful teenaged children (Sparky is afraid of sudden loud noises) 
  • Bonding with well-matched female bunnies

If you are looking for a low maintenance, gentle, calm and fluffy boy, Sparky is the one for you! If you are interested, please fill in our adoption application form here.