Scout (Vancouver)

Scout is brother to Dustin, Suzie, Ringo, Sky, Lennon and Minerva. He is the only one that is grey. He is an interesting mix of very bold and also shy.

Scout’s current foster family has this to say: Scout is a very sweet but timid guy. He’s curious, just needs a really patient environment so he can explore and gain confidence. The first week he hardly came out of his den but he’s showing his personality more and more. He will occasionally do a wonderful nice flop in his favorite corner, surrounded by his toys that he loves to throw around. He’s very good at getting his treats out of his stack cups or by rolling around the treat ball. 

He has done some zoomies and binkies and sure we’ll see more and more of this over time–it’s a rare treat right now but he’s definitely got it in him! He’s gotten some supervised outdoor time and he loves it–that’s by far the most we’ve seen him cut loose and race around! So a home with supervised yard time is definitely a plus.

He does love head strokes very much and he’s happy for us to pat him more than half the time now. He definitely likes his feet to stay on the ground but seems comfortable to have us nearby, lounging around with him. If he’s trying to be brave and explore, he will still run away at the slightest movement or noise. He loves his veggies and doesn’t seem to drink much water.

He’s 100% litterbox trained, not too much of a nibbler, and hasn’t ventured much beyond the area rug, so he’s pretty easy to have in the house. He is a great guy, just needs a home that’s calm and patient. 

If you can give Scout a home, please apply today!

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