Hydro is a very relaxed and well-behaved bunny that is happy to be lounging around in his favourite spot. He also loves to explore, is friendly with people and will come to sit with you while you are working or lying down.

He is always excited to get treats and attention and will follow you around right under your feet if he thinks you’re going for food. Clean and good with litterbox.”

He got his name because he was abandoned near a large hydro installation.


Sylvia is a confident and friendly lady!

She is curious with people and enjoys full body pets. She will flatten herself and tooth purr when she thinks you’re doing a good job! When she isn’t focused on being petted, she will often be seen balanced upright, surveying her surroundings before she explores.

Sylvia will appreciate having room to race around her home when she gets the zoomies. She is extremely entertaining. While she is an active rabbit, she also very much enjoys lounging and napping in her cardboard box, and is not opposed to watching a movie on the bed with a human friend, though she will absolutely require that you pet her consistently throughout. 

Sylvia is tidy with her litter, and gets very excited for fresh hay. She loves salad and veggies, and becomes very animated as soon as she hears the rustle of a bag of pellets.

She is very food motivated, will do anything for blueberries and goes bananas for bananas!

Sylvia is a lovely, adventurous creature who will entertain you with her energy and antics. She will make a wonderful house rabbit and a loving companion. You are guaranteed to have endless cute and hilarious moments with this charming lady!