Magic (South Surrey)

Magic by name, with a magical personality!

Magic is a very large handsome boy who came into a local shelter as a stray and we’ve just welcomed him into the VRRA family.

He’s approximately 3.5 years old and consistent with his breed (New Zealand White, perhaps with a touch of Flemish Giant) he’s a gentle, mellow giant.

Magic will need a large space to hop around in to display his unique gymnastic abilities. He’s very chill, good with his litterbox, and loves throwing his stacking cups. Everyone adores him and he’s going to be a great addition to most family homes.

If you want to adopt Magic, please apply today.

Moochi (South Surrey)

HELLO! I originally received the name Mochi. However my foster Bun Mom kept calling me Moochie to which I will sometimes respond for treats while you tap on the floor. My training was really keen when the Bun Mom was home. She works lots now and I enjoy my independence. If you have the time to spend with me I will follow you around and always keep an eye on you. I enjoy basically everything I’m allowed to eat and really like treats so hide them well.

I am free roam and use my litter box 98% of the time unless I get scared, when a lil’ nugget might pop out. I have a large balcony so I have adjusted to some outside living whenever I want. I love sleeping under the Bun Mom’s bed at night, and if I’m outside the room I will come check on you after I hear your alarm go off. Some tricks I learned was to spin and perch and jump over an arm. I tend to only chew my toys which makes me a great roommate and I am very quiet and keep my things in my designated blanket area. If you want low maintenance and a great companion I’m your guy.

If you’re interested in meeting Moochi, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at