Harry is a high energy, curious and adventurous rabbit. He is a strong-willed who finds the path to human hearts through his frequent happy dances. Watch the video below!

Harry is a lovely chubby rabbit who enjoys human company to share a piece of apple from time to time. Although he does not like to be picked up, he will lie down close to you when you are on the computer or watching TV and will request some petting time.

Sounds like Harry would be a best friend for someone who works from home!



Handsome Nathan is a guy with a past.  He was first abandoned at a wildlife rehabilitation centre.  Then he made his way to Vancouver Rabbit Rescue.

He is a very, happy, curious boy .  He knows how to relax once he’s finished running laps.  He’s a busy boy and will make a great companion rabbit.

Nathan did get into a fight with another boy rabbit and lost.  He was left with a torn ear which we think gives him a rakish look.

Harley and Rider

Meet Harley & Rider! 

Harley female tan & Rider male harlequin. This adorable couple of dwarf lionheads are so sweet.

These two bunny rabbits spend their day cuddling and grooming each other. They’re both friendly, clean and easy to handle.

They are also good with respectful cats and dogs. That’s a bonus.

Apply today to meet these two wonderful bunnies.


Beautiful Scarlett came to the shelter with three babies after being rescued off the streets.  She was very scared upon arrival. But, slowly, she is starting to trust again – especially if you have a treat in your hand!

She is looking for a quiet home; a home with experienced rabbit owners where she can feel safe and loved. 

Scarlett has so much potential to blossom, won’t you give her a chance? And just look at those magnificent blue eyes.


Check out this beautiful rabbit!

Ross is a neutered, Hotot cross breed and is about one year old. He is true to his French heritage as his culinary preference is for fresh greens (dandelions are his passion). He also loves to chew on branches and have access to hay. Ross is very food motivated and enjoys cardboard boxes, mazes and exploring.

He likes attention and although he doesn’t like being lifted, he will hop up on your lap for a treat. Ross is 98% litter trained and is a very clean boy. He enjoys a peaceful environment but is actually very good with respectful children. He will make a lovely, bunny companion

He is one strong healthy rabbit. 

Ross will be a great addition to the right family. Contact VRRA for more information.


Coco is a Harlequin rabbit who came in as a girl and is going out as a boy! This happens because young rabbits are hard to sex.

Whether male or female this is a super nice bunny.

Coco was originally picked up as a stray baby bunny. He was born in the summer of 2021.

He is very friendly. Coco was very sad to lose the home he was in where he slept on the bed. His parting was unavoidable and caused pain for his previous person who loved him very much. Coco looks forward to finding a new and forever home with lots of love.


Timmy is a handsome bunny who recently turned one and is on the lookout for his forever home. He would make a great house bun because of his perfect litter box skills and tendency to sniff instead of chew.

Timmy would do best in an environment where there is lots of space for him to explore, perhaps with a bunny rabbit partner. He is friendly with humans and even affectionate given some time and patience.

He is a forward coming, friendly, little rabbit with a good personality.


Minnie has a typical sad story.

She was caught in a park after a kind person drew our attention to her. Minnie was suffering from some wounds to her face – probably from fighting with other rabbits. But she’s healed and is a survivor.

At first Minnie was very scared of everything but she quickly adapted to being with us here at VRRA. She now is ok with being petted and comes to the front of the cage for food and treats.

Minnie is ok with careful handling.

She sometimes still gets scared but this little bunny has come a long way. Minnie may like to meet a boy bunny with the right attitude. She needs a home with people who will give her a chance to feel safe.

Butch Cassidy

What a great little rabbit!

Butch Cassidy is as lively and interesting as his namesake. He’s very out-going and active – will love to explore and race around.

He is good with his litter box and likes to chew his cardboard and rip up his newspaper. Just look at his expressive blue eyes!

Butch Cassidy would probably spring out of a low pen so we suggest one that is 3 feet tall. He will be an amusing and friendly pet bunny rabbit for a lucky person or persons.

Miss Muppet

Meet Miss Muppet..

This beautiful black bunny with helicopter ears will keep you on your toes while also stealing your heart. She’s quite the character rabbit – sweet as pie and as spicy as can be.

Muppet will need a bunny-experienced home; teenager to adult would be best. Muppet is possessive of her space and has been known to bite. She’s normally great when free-roaming the house – her attitude seems to only be with sharing her stuff or having her area cleaned.

She’s great with respectful cats and dogs. She loves to cuddle and be pet on her terms. This spunky girl is in search of her perfect home.