Ariana was only about 4 weeks old when she was found with her siblings in a heap on the sidewalk, obviously dumped from a car. Despite her dire beginnings, this youngster (born ~Feb 2021) is outgoing and friendly. She is turning into a very lovely House Rabbit and looks forward to becoming a permanent member of a lucky person’s household.


Little Cruzer is a white fuzzy bun with the distinctive black eyeliner of the Hot-tot breed. His prior circumstances have made him quite shy and he needs a patient person willing to let him learn in his own time, that all is well with his world. He has a slight head tilt but has had medication and it does not affect his quality of life.


Marina is a very pretty little girl with sleek black fur. She is shy, having been abandoned in the woods in West Vancouver for over a year – it’s amazing she survived that long. When she was finally caught, she was understandably very scared. Despite her tough start in life, Marina has come a long way but does still take time to trust people and will probably always be shy. But she deserves a loving home where she can learn that all is well with her world. Marina is probably about two years old and has a slight head tilt. She has had medication and it doesn’t affect her quality of life. A quiet and patient home will be best.

Asha and Allie

Asha and Allie were only about 4 weeks old when they were found with their other three siblings in a heap on the sidewalk, obviously dumped from a car. Despite their dire beginnings, these youngsters (born ~Feb 2021) are outgoing and friendly. They are turning into very lovely House Rabbits and look forward to becoming permanent members of a lucky person’s household.


Jet is a handsome boy, a prince amongst rabbits. Born Dec 2020 he has been learning House Rabbit skills in a foster home with children who have been taught how to respectfully interact with a rabbit, and Jet enjoys the attention.

He has good litter box skills and is an excellent hay eater. Jet is friendly and hunkers down for pets. He would be an ideal candidate for bonding with a spayed girl bunny, or as a single bun in a home where he gets lots of devoted interaction.

Prince Jet

Rowan & Sandy

Rowan and Sandy arrived at VRRA from different places and circumstances. The silver lining to them ending up at a shelter is that they found each other – they are now bonded best friends.

They are about 4 years old (as of July 2021) and have matching gorgeous brown agouti coats. They are a good yin-and-yang match, as Rowan is an extreme extrovert – outgoing and curious – whereas Sandy is more sedate. Rowan absolutely loves full-body bunny massages. While Sandy is shy about pets, she is social in her own sweet way and will take treats from your hands. She is content to follow Rowan around like his shadow.

They are lovely, clean and tidy bunnies, and while they’ve been enjoying time in a nice foster placement, the very much need a permanent home to call their own.

Meta and Della

Meta and Della are big buns, almost like having a couple of small dogs (LOL)! Besides their unique personalities, you can also tell them apart by the white on their noses; Meta has a bigger splotch than Della. Like most siblings sometimes they irritate each other and make funny honking noises to tell the other to ‘buzz off’. They look forward to ruling the roost together in a lucky person’s home.


What a little sweetheart! Fred the Rex’s personality is as soft as his fur. No fear of (well-behaved) dogs, and is already trained as a house bunny. He has great litter box habits. He’s appreciating all the extra love and attention from his foster family.


Harris is a friendly and outgoing young bun, about 6 months old (as of July 2021). He looks a bit like a wild cottontail rabbit with his colouring and lovely long ears, but he is indeed a domestic rab-rab and is looking for humans committed to loving and caring for him for his whole life.


Ash is a big beautiful bunny! She’s curious, adventurous and very smart. She shows her affection with head nudges or rubbing against you. She enjoys attention and pets. Ash is an active girl and needs free roam time to burn her energy. Then she’ll flop over and lounge the rest of the day. She can be a bit shy when first meeting new people but she’s a sweetheart. She prefers being the only bunny in her space, but has been getting along well with her foster family’s cats and dog. Ash has a stuffed bunny she cuddles and a blanket that she throws up in the air and snuggles under. She also enjoys playing and chasing cat toys. This smart loving girl will make a get addition to the right home.