Peppermint Patty (South Surrey)

Peppermint Patty is playful and curious. We estimate she was born in July 2022. She spends her time exploring – she is very adventurous and outgoing. She keeps a very tidy house. Peppermint Patty loves spending time outside in the sun enjoying the fresh air & nibbling on grass. Something about the fresh air makes her binkies extra high.

She prefers it when people approach her slowly and down on her level. This makes her feel more comfortable to make friends. She enjoys being pet and loves to run up to greet people she knows & trusts. Apply today to meet this beautiful girl.

She can go to a home with:
Rabbits: Well-Matched
Dogs: Well-Matched Respectful
Cats: Yes
Young Children: Unknown
Teens/Adults: Yes 

Ali (South Surrey)

Ali can be a bit shy at first and she’s protective over her space (watch out broom, she’ll try to eat it!) but if you sit with her on her level and let her come to you, she really opens up and loves to be pet! That’s after she claims you by chinning you first!

The way to Ali’s heart is through treats. She knows the sound of a treat bag or a fruit peeling. She loves cilantro and mint. This beautiful black girl is full of personality. She came in as stray young baby on Aug 6, 2022, around 5 days old found in a baseball diamond covered in sand with her siblings, Ducky/Tippy & Little Foot and Petrie. This litter of babies was name after The Land Before Time Characters. If you’re interested in meeting Ali please apply today.

She can go to a home with:
Rabbits: Well-matched
Dogs: Well-matched/respectful
Cats: Yes
Young kids: No Thank you
Teens/Adults: Yes

Onyx (South Surrey)

Meet Onyx! He was named after an Onyx gem stone. We estimate he was born in April 2022. This handsome lion head is looking for his furever home. Very clean rabbit with great litter skills. Enjoys pets, outgoing & friendly. This guy loves playing with stacking cups and palm chews. You’ll be impressed by his binkies and zoomies. Onyx can definitely put on a great show. 

Once tired from his daily exercises he flops out and is ready for some loving & a nap. Favorite greens: Romaine lettuce, rreenleaf, cilantro and parsley. Favorite treats: he never turns down an Oxbow treat or small slice of apple, banana or carrot. If you can give Onyx a loving home, please apply today!

Onyx can go to a home with:

Rabbits: well matched
Dogs: well matched & respectful 
Cats: Yes
Family & Children: Yes

Anita (Vancouver)

Here is a rabbit for the real rabbit lover. Anita is very active and curious. She will want to check every corner of your house. She’s friendly and likes attention in between dashing about exploring. She may taste a few things, although she is not a really chewy rabbit. She is good with her litter box. Anita is sometimes possessive of her things and will nip you if you mess with them. All in all she will be a very amusing pet. She could also be a good agility bunny as running and jumping are her thing. She was found at 59th and Fraser in Vancouver and is about 2 yrs old.

If you can give Anita a loving home, please apply today!

Lennon & Minerva (Vancouver)

Lennon and Minerva are the cutest sibling duo, both are almost 1 year old (born May 4th 2022). They are shy, but gentle with humans and warm up to people with time. Lennon is the daring sibling, while Minerva (right white paw) is the more cautious sibling. They don’t enjoy being petted unless they are familiar with you. They love a good chew toy, specifically pieces of cardboard or apple wood stick. They also love their salads and like to play tug-a-war with each other over pieces of lettuce. 

The sweetest moments shared are post-meals, when in a dreamy food-coma state, they like to sploot beside each other and snuggle. They have so much love between them, in fact, they like lick and groom their rabbit stuffy as well! Lennon and Minerva are very clean and well litter-trained. There is never a dull moment with these two cuties! If you would like to give them a loving home, please apply today!

Joanie (Vancouver)

Joanie is a pretty, faintly marked, harlequin girl who was found when a couple of months old in Burkeville, Richmond. We paired her with a little boy bunny about the same age called Osler. He was found on Osler Street in Vancouver. Sadly Osler died a few months ago leaving Joanie alone. They were very bonded and she’s sad to be alone but picky about a new partner.

She is a shy bunny but will come around when she gets to know you. Otherwise she is a good rabbit, clean and not destructive. If you can offer Joanie a loving home, please apply today!

Freya (Vancouver)

Freya came from Richmond during the very cold wet weather. She was reported to us as a friendly rabbit with two babies who were not doing well. The babies had been injured badly and one died right away. The other lived for a few days. This baby was taken away to be cared for but Freya had to stay behind as they had no room for her. The baby was taken back everyday and Freya was there waiting for the baby to nurse. Alas he could not be saved but little Freya was taken to a warm home and has thrived.

She is a bit shy but does like to be petted as long as one is quiet and calm with her. She did very well at Bunny Yoga, running around to visit people. She looks for that loving home, not too noisy with patient people. If you can give her that home, please apply today.

Rolo (Vancouver)

This lovely dark harlequin boy, born June 10, 2022, is Snickers’ brother and he will be a good house rabbit and companion.

Rolo is friendly and outgoing, good with his litter box. He loves to rip up his newspaper and race about. He can be shy if there are loud noises but he will quickly adjust to new surroundings and become more forward when he is comfortable in his space. If you can give him a loving home, please apply today!

Snickers (Vancouver)

Snickers is a great little black bunny with a sunny personality! He was born June 10, 2022 along with 3 brothers and 2 sisters. He is the smallest and the friendliest of the litter.

Snickers loves to explore and to run up for a treat. He is ok to sit in your lap as long as you let him go when he wants. He is litter trained and enjoys his toys. Snickers will be a good house bunny companion for some lucky person. If you can give him a loving home, please apply today!

Calvin (Vancouver)

Calvin is a very shy boy right now. He was taken from Jericho Park as he was obviously not born there. He came right up to his rescuer and allowed himself to be picked up. He is wary in his new surrounding but has come a long way.

Calvin will need someone patient and kind who will let him adjust to a new home in his own time. He will be very happy to have a space to explore and someone to love him. If you can give him that space, please apply today!