Introducing Bing! Bing the bunny is a dwarf-cross so is on the small side of medium size. He a friendly, curious boy and is feeling lucky to be safe after being found abandoned in an ICBC parking lot. Despite that precarious experience, Bing still has a happy disposition and is eager for affection.

He has an unique coloured coat and really stands out visually. Check out his video!

Andy, Anna & Angus

Andy Angus Anna




As you can see from the photo, Andy’s peeps have got his back!

These three are the perfect little bunny herd: Andy the adorable dwarf rabbit with his black coat and white eyeliner; Anna the stunning gray Rex with velveteen fur; and Angus, the fuzzy white Lionhead who likes to lord over them all. Life is better with a bunny but it’s five-star spectacular with three!

Lots of people have 3 or more cats or dogs without batting an eye but for some reason have a hard time wrapping their head around the concept of 3 bunnies. These 3 are fully bonded so there’s no relationship issues to worry about, and they’re on the small side of medium in size. Line them up and you’ll have the size equivalent of about 1.5 cats 😁. They share a litter box and eat out of the same bowl and snuggle together when they sleep.

Rabbits are very social creatures and are very, very happy to have friends of their own kind. However they are fussy about which bunnies they will like, and so adopting an already-bonded group is the way to go. Even though they are devoted to each other, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be interested in getting to know and love their future adopted human family. They are NOT available for individual adoption.

If you’re new to the idea of more than one House Bunny, check out this great article by the House Rabbit Society.