Mac and Hazelnut (South Surrey)

Meet two of our “nut family “.   Mac and Hazelnut are bonded brothers born April 11th, 2021 in a shelter.  

Here is what their current foster family has to say: “They are sweethearts indeed and with excellent manners. They never do anything out of their litter box, they eat from your hand and love running/hopping around our living room. They roam free most of the day, except when we are not there or at night.

They are very sweet with the kids as well, they never bite and love their cuddles. I do have to add that we never pick them up, so not sure how they are with that. Hazelnut loves jumping on the couch, Mac never goes on top of the couch, but he loves going under things and explore. The kids built them a cardboard maze and they love it so much! They would be great family pets I think.”

Mac and Hazelnut have not really known a home just a shelter. – can you give these gentlemen the home they deserve? If so, please apply today!

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