Orca (South Surrey)

Meet Orca!

This beautiful female lop is looking for her furever home. She would be happy as an only rabbit or possibly meeting a Gentleman Bun. Orca has a drama queen attitude! She was born on 19-Mar-2019, and needs a kid free home. She likes head pets on her terms – she’s not a fan of being held or picked up. If she doesn’t like something she’ll stomp to let you know. Good with other respectful house pets, cats/dog in current foster home. 

Orca is a foodie so the way to her heart is through food, greens and treats. Some of her favorite treats are Selective Loops & fresh herbs cilantro/parsley/romaine. She spends her day relaxing in her pop-up tent or lounge, flopped for her naps. She will binky and explore around during her free roam time in her foster home. She loves hay & is a bit chewy. However, if she has cardboard boxes and chew toys available to her, she’s a happy good house bun. Ideally an adult, calm, free roam house would be best for our sweet drama queen. 

If you’re interested in Orca please apply today. 

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