Mostafa (Vancouver)

Mostafa in a nutshell (according to his foster family):

2 words: Adorably affectionate!

He is a curious bun when free roaming, and I had no need to worry about him chewing on wires. Very well litter box trained. He loves to go find tunnels/ nooks and crannies to hide (noticeably under beds or behind the sofa). When at his level, he will come towards you for bunny kisses, an absolute heart-stopper! When he’s happily binkying, or hopping around you in circles when you have treats, you can hear him “oinking”, which is a first for me to realize bunnies could do.

Occasionally, he’ll come check on what I’m doing, then flop next to me or head-butt me for scratches on the head. 

Truly, a little sweetheart. If you are interested in adopting Mostafa, please apply today!

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