Owen (South Surrey)

Introducing Owen, the Adventurer!

Owen led a life on the hop, obviously an abandoned pet, he  spent his time roaming the streets of White Rock between residential homes and a construction site.

He evaded capture until one day a determined rescuer, neighbours and construction workers trapped him.  It takes a village!

His rescuer is fostering him for now.  And he’s living the good life.

Facts about Owen

  • Smart
  • Curious and still adventurous 
  • Free roam
  • Clean
  • Friendly 
  • Foody 

Owen will be great member of any family.  We don’t know how he is with other animals, but he was on the street for a while so must have met a diversity of species.

If you are interested in adopting Owen or any of his friends, please take the time to research prior to filling our online application form.

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