Newton and Elf

Newton and Elf

Newton and Elf

Newton and Elf

Meet Newton & Elf, a goofy, loveable pair of youngsters.  Like many bunnies at our shelter, these two sadly found themselves abandoned in a park. This is a terrible thing to do to any bun-bun but especially someone like Newton (blue eyes) who has a neurological condition.  This awesome pair are committed to each other and will bring double luck and love to their future home.

We encourage all potential adopters to do their rabbit homework: your future bunny companion is depending on you to be knowledgeable of what they need to be healthy and happy, and to commit for their lifetime.  We have lots of useful information on our website and also check out

Lars, Jayden, Mila & Tess, Blondie & Cookie (adoption available in pairs)

Blondie Cookie Jayden Mila Tess Lars

Jayden & Lars

Mila & Tess

Blonde & Cookie

This beautiful sibling group of 2 boys and 4 girls are one year old (as of Oct 2018).  As with all of our bunnies they are spayed and neutered. The are available for adoption in 2 boy/girl pairs, plus a girl pair.

At the shelter they are currently living with all 4 girls together and the boys together.  However as is typical with rabbits, the brothers are getting a bit tired of each other now that they’re adults.  Rabbits are social creatures and optimally live with a bunny friend, but boys can find it difficult to be BFF’s.  Each boy will enjoy living a House Rabbit life with one of his sisters.

But of course, anyone looking to add adventure to their life by having a gorgeous 6-member bunny herd in their family, are also welcome to give us a call! Check out our YouTube channel for short videos of the girls and the boys.