Fuzzbert is the most adorable friendly little guy.  

He is now neutered and vaccinated and his dearest wish is to have a home to call his own. How can resist this little bunny rabbit?

He’s probably under a year old, very curious and active.  Although he has fuzzy fur it does not matte easily. But with all fuzzy bunnies you should aim to groom him once a week. And grooming a bunny is more like therapy than a chore!


Pika is very friendly and playful young rabbit!

She is eager to visit and easy to handle. She enjoys her salad and hay and visiting with her foster family’s Hedgehog Herschel. Pika is clean and tidy and would love lots of space to safely roam about.

Rabbit proofing is important because Pika is very curious about exploring every nook and cranny! She is clean and uses her litter box efficiently. And how adorable is Pika’s salt and pepper tiger print colouring!

She can’t wait to meet her forever family.


This little sweetheart of a bunny was rescued in August 2021 at a dog park at Jericho Beach. A passerby saved her from a dog’s mouth!

Tinkerbell will be about 6 months old as of Feb 1, 2022. She is a fun little girl, comes to you when called for petting. Her classic move is what we call a pancake petting. She squishes out flatter than a bunny loaf into what we now call the pancake. She was spayed on December 21, 2021.

Tinkerbell is great with respectful children. She is in foster and ready to adopt!

Follow Tinkerbell’s antics on www.instagram/tinkerbell_vrra


Maxie is one of a family of bunnies surrendered to VRRA.

Maxie is a stunner inside and out.  She is very friendly and affectionate rabbit and would probably welcome a friend.

She’s extremely clean and non chewy.  And did we mention she has the most stunning blue eyes?


Kiki is a cute, lively little dwarf rabbit. She is quite shy but will most likely blossom in a loving home. Just look at her adorable face!

She’s very clean and litter trained. Maybe good as a friend to another rabbit.

If you are interested in meeting this young girl please fill in an adoption application at vrra.org