Recent Rabbit Arrivals & Other News Posts:

Hoppy Hour


Hoppy Hour was super. A good time was had by all. And the perogie lunch was delicious…cabbage rolls and other tasty things. Watch for our next Hoppy Hour.










Broken Bunny Fund


Meeka is a Dutch rabbit that was found abandoned outside. She was picked up by a good samaritan and taken to a veterinary clinic. The clinic treated her and then contacted VRRA about finding a place for her. Meeka is a friendly girl who has been very seriously neglected. She only has partial use of her hind legs and has been lying in her own urine for quite some time. The urine burns on her skin are extensive. She was being eaten by fly maggots (fly strike) when she came to the clinic so it was very lucky she was found and treated quickly. The maggots introduce toxins to the blood so it is essential for an animal with fly strike to be cleaned and treated with antibiotics.






Although her hind legs don’t work well, Meeka is upbeat and very active. She eats very well and is curious about her surroundings and very responsive. Her skin is healing and she is not in pain. X-rays show all her bones are ok.





Bunny Wheelchair


We have tried her in a cart made for another rabbit and she does very well. A generous donor wants to buy her a new, lighter one of her own so her future looks good. Meeka will always need care and requires special bedding and on going veterinary attention so donations are much appreciated.








Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. We especially need help to keep the facility clean. This mainly involves keeping their cages clean so that our bunnies enjoy healthy lives. The cleaning consists of replacing used litter, newspaper, towels, sweeping and changing water. We normally need a person for  2 or 3 hours in the morning and afternoon. This is not a dirty smelly job because the cleaning is done every day so that there no chance for a buildup of dirt and odour. We also need people who can handle bunnies so they can be moved from their inside cages to outdoor exercise pens. To volunteer please submit this form.