Recent Rabbit Arrivals & Other News Posts:





Rabbit Festival 2014 was wonderful. Lots of bunnies and people. Heard good comments about our new venue… where we will be next year too. If anyone has ideas for fun and games next year be sure to contact us and let us know.







The Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club has recently been formed . To learn about the activities of this club that is fun for both their rabbit trainers and the rabbits that are learning how to navigate an agility course visit their website.




Our veterinary expenses have been adding up and  recent surgery has been expensive. Along with the usual neuters and spays we have had eye and dental surgery and a leg amputation. Please give so that we can go on saving injured rabbits. We appreciate all the work that our volunteers provide for making the bunnies lives better. Thank you.


Mikhail was only 8 weeks old when he was purchased on Kijiji. Almost immediately his new owner noticed that the baby Lionhead was not using his right front leg. Examination showed that the elbow joint was badly swollen. There was a serious abscess full of pus. The baby bunny was in pain and needed surgery. The abscess was removed but  the leg soon swelled up again. X-ray showed that the bone was infected. As nerves in the leg had been affected so that Mikhail could not use it the best course of action was amputation. This was done and now at about 13 weeks, Mikhail is a happy, bouncy bunny who seems not to miss that painful leg at all. Thanks to everyone who donates to the Broken Bunny Fund which helps us cover these medical expenses.







Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. We especially need help to keep the facility clean. This mainly involves keeping their cages clean so that our bunnies enjoy healthy lives. The cleaning consists of replacing used litter, newspaper, towels, sweeping and changing water. We normally need a person for  2 or 3 hours in the morning and afternoon. This is not a dirty smelly job because the cleaning is done every day so that there no chance for a buildup of dirt and odour. We also need people who can handle bunnies so they can be moved from their inside cages to outdoor exercise pens. To volunteer please submit this form.