Frodo and Pippin (South Surrey)

Pippin and Frodo are an adorable pair of brothers that get along wonderfully together.  They’re approximately between 7 and 8 months old. They are dwarf rabbits with very soft grey short fur and some white markings. 

Pippin, the one with more white  on his front paws, is the friendlier of the two;  he doesn’t mind sitting on your lap and being pet.  He’s good with people and other respectful animals alike. 

Frodo is a bit more shy, and doesn’t enjoy being held as much, but he likes being pet and having his cheeks rubbed, or a scratch behind the ears.   Both of them are very curious and playful.   Litter training is going well. When resting, they are often seen cuddling together, and they often groom each other.

Can you give these handsome boys a home to call their own? If so, please apply today!

Nutmeg (South Surrey)

Meet Nutmeg!

Nutmeg came to VRRA as a baby.  She was found along with her brother Chestnut in Abbotsford and cared for in a kind foster home.

Nutmeg is approximately 10 months old now.  She’s a tiny dwarf, with helicopter ears and sable points on her nose and ears. She is shy but in the right home (quiet, no small children please) Nutmeg will blossom.

She’s curious, and partial to certain greens.  Nutmeg would love a bun husband to keep her company. Could you be Nutmeg’s dream home? If so, please apply today!

Tevin (Vancouver)

Tevin is a dwarf Himalayan rabbit with a happy, friendly personality. He was found wandering around by himself near a busy road. He’s a perky little bunny, active and curious, probably under a year old.

Tevin will be neutered in a few days and ready for adoption in a few weeks. He will be a super nice pet and a possible friend for another bunny. 

If you would like to adopt Tevin, please apply today!