Percy is a Himalyan Netherland Dwarf male rabbit about 1.5 years old.

Percy was purchased during the Covid lockdown and then not wanted when the person got busy again. Rabbits are a 10 year commitment of care and costs and responsibilities so keep that in mind when adopting!

Percy is a lovely little boy, friendly and active, good with his litter box and not a destructive rabbit. He will be an excellent house bunny companion.

But with all rabbit adoptions – you must be prepared for the commitment.  


Poor little Rose. She was kept by people who gave her a very bad diet then abandoned her when she became unhealthy. That is not the way to care for a bunny rabbit.

Rose was found in North Vancouver caked in feces and urine under her tail. This is a clear sign of neglect and bad diet. It took several hours to clean her up and trim her fur.

But now she’s better! Look at her innocent face.

Rose is a dwarf lionhead and has the sweetest disposition. She is very easy to handle. She loves attention and considering what she went through it’s remarkable she bounced back with happiness and trust in humans.

Rose will need a home with people who are very careful with her diet. Lots of fresh hay. No sweets or treats! Her droppings are still very small and she does not eat heartily like a rabbit should but with diet care and good nourishment she will improve.

Any donation no matter the size will help bunnies like Rose recover, receive proper vet care and find a loving forever home. Donate to our Broken Bunny fund today.


Kiki is a cute, lively little dwarf rabbit. She is quite shy but will most likely blossom in a loving home. Just look at her adorable face!

She’s very clean and litter trained. Maybe good as a friend to another rabbit.

If you are interested in meeting this young girl please fill in an adoption application at