Wascally West Coast Wabbits

We have a chance for a rabbit sanctuary in Powell River. I know it’s not really close but the bunnies in the lower mainland need places to be safe. Go to the Pepsi Refresh Project. Sign in and vote every day until April 30. Look under the $10K category Food and Shelter. Come on and help the bunnies! Spread the word and vote, vote, vote.


Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit

Help us and celebrate the Year of the Rabbit by dining out at the wonderful Wild Rice restaurant, 117 W. Pender St., Vancouver. Executive chef, Todd Bright, has set a special menu from Feb 2 – Feb 13 featuring many delicious dishes. The Wild Rice is generously donating 10% of the proceeds from this menu to our charity. What a great excuse to eat at a special restaurant.

Go Flower Go!

Flower is the bunny to vote for this week on the Bissell Most Valuable Pet contest site. She is a darling little black and white dwarf bunny looking so regal. Vote once each day for a week. We need about 2000 votes so get everyone you know voting.

Go to: this site . You have to sign up and don’t worry – it won’t generate spam.

The Best Way to Help Us

People often wish to help us with our rabbit work. Many things are helpful but the best way you could help is to foster one of our bunnies that is deemed “unadoptable”. All our rabbits are adoptable but some of them need a special person who rarely comes along. These are the rabbits that are older, damaged in some way, or ill. They would be so happy in a home. We are willing to provide anything necessary for their care if you can provide reliable love. That would help us so much.

The “Free” Rabbit

The little bunny left by the road with a “free” sign is now safely in our shelter. I have named her Melody. She is a lovely, Holland Lop, young and very pretty in a gold and black marked white coat with blue eyes. She appears in good health and is friendly though a little shy. Melody will be spayed on Wednesday and ready for a new home once she has recovered.

Sad Comment on Pet Ownership

"free" rabbit

Recently a house was purchased in West Vancouver. When the new owner moved in she saw a pile of unwanted things by the road with a “free” sign on it. Among the junk were two cages, one containing a hamster and the other this nice little lop-eared rabbit. It’s a sad state of affairs when pets are put out with the trash.

This little rabbit will be health checked, spayed or neutered and cared for until he or she finds a home.

Delta Community Animal Expo

Come and join us at the Delta Community Animal Expo on July 11th in Memorial Park in Ladner. Address is 5010 47 Avenue, Ladner. Not only will this be an interesting animal event but at the same time you can enjoy the Ladner Sunday Farmer’s Market.

For further information go to this web site.

Adoptions in 2010

So far in 2010 there have been 29 adoptions and 18 adoptions pending by VRRA. Adoptions pending are bunnies that have been taken home on a one month trial basis to see how the bunny works out in the new household setting. Most of these turn into actual adoptions. This doesn’t mean that there is spare room in the shelter as there are always new bunnies coming in to fill the space left by those being adopted.

Newsletter - Winter 2009

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