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Thinking about getting a bunny?

Read this article: Home is where the bunny is.

Rabbit Festival 2011 Video

Rabbit Festival 2011

Another Rabbit Festival and another success. Thanks so much to all the dedicated volunteers. A special thanks to Jennifer who sold so many raffle tickets. Big thanks to our 3 veterinarians who donated their time and expertise away from their own clinics: Dr. Sarah Ruack, Dr. Joseph Martinez and Dr. Uri Burnstyn. The talented Wheata did most of her tricks under stressful conditions. Many bunnies were stars in their own right just by being so adorable. The Bunny 500 race through the “bunnel” was a load of laughs. Several rabbits went to the middle and sat down, some reversed and ran the wrong way. The winner, Herman, did 8 feet in 5 seconds. Photos of the festival can be viewed at and there is video to come. Thanks again to everyone who helped and I already can’t wait for next year.

Rabbit Festival, Oct 8th at WISE Hall

Rabbit Festival is Saturday, Oct 8th at WISE Hall, Adanac and Victoria Dr., from noon until 4 pm. We will have three veterinarians for health check ups by donation as well as nail clipping and grooming. Lots of bunny information, prizes, games, contests and fun. And Wheata the Wonder Wabbit will be doing her tricks. Hope to see lots of you there.

Broken Bunny – Cruelty Case


This beautiful rabbit was one of 4 that were turned out to fend for themselves in a Surrey neighbourhood. The homeowner who’s garden they seemed to prefer loved seeing the rabbits hopping around. Then there were the horrid children who chased and attacked the bunnies with hockey sticks. They may have injured her or she might have been hit by a car. Either of these situations shows how unkind it is to put your rabbit out to fend for himself.

Pinky is on pain medication and getting ready for her operation. She will need a loving foster, or permanent home. Rabbits with 3 legs do well and can move around without problems. It is necessary to keep the ear on the missing leg side clean but other than that they are the same as 4 legged rabbits.

Wascally West Coast Wabbits

We have a chance for a rabbit sanctuary in Powell River. I know it’s not really close but the bunnies in the lower mainland need places to be safe. Go to the Pepsi Refresh Project. Sign in and vote every day until April 30. Look under the $10K category Food and Shelter. Come on and help the bunnies! Spread the word and vote, vote, vote.


Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit

Help us and celebrate the Year of the Rabbit by dining out at the wonderful Wild Rice restaurant, 117 W. Pender St., Vancouver. Executive chef, Todd Bright, has set a special menu from Feb 2 – Feb 13 featuring many delicious dishes. The Wild Rice is generously donating 10% of the proceeds from this menu to our charity. What a great excuse to eat at a special restaurant.

Go Flower Go!

Flower is the bunny to vote for this week on the Bissell Most Valuable Pet contest site. She is a darling little black and white dwarf bunny looking so regal. Vote once each day for a week. We need about 2000 votes so get everyone you know voting.

Go to: this site . You have to sign up and don’t worry – it won’t generate spam.

The Best Way to Help Us

People often wish to help us with our rabbit work. Many things are helpful but the best way you could help is to foster one of our bunnies that is deemed “unadoptable”. All our rabbits are adoptable but some of them need a special person who rarely comes along. These are the rabbits that are older, damaged in some way, or ill. They would be so happy in a home. We are willing to provide anything necessary for their care if you can provide reliable love. That would help us so much.