Lennon & Minerva (Vancouver)

Lennon and Minerva are the cutest sibling duo, both are almost 1 year old (born May 4th 2022). They are shy, but gentle with humans and warm up to people with time. Lennon is the daring sibling, while Minerva (right white paw) is the more cautious sibling. They don’t enjoy being petted unless they are familiar with you. They love a good chew toy, specifically pieces of cardboard or apple wood stick. They also love their salads and like to play tug-a-war with each other over pieces of lettuce. 

The sweetest moments shared are post-meals, when in a dreamy food-coma state, they like to sploot beside each other and snuggle. They have so much love between them, in fact, they like lick and groom their rabbit stuffy as well! Lennon and Minerva are very clean and well litter-trained. There is never a dull moment with these two cuties! If you would like to give them a loving home, please apply today!

Joanie (Vancouver)

Joanie is a pretty, faintly marked, harlequin girl who was found when a couple of months old in Burkeville, Richmond. We paired her with a little boy bunny about the same age called Osler. He was found on Osler Street in Vancouver. Sadly Osler died a few months ago leaving Joanie alone. They were very bonded and she’s sad to be alone but picky about a new partner.

She is a shy bunny but will come around when she gets to know you. Otherwise she is a good rabbit, clean and not destructive. If you can offer Joanie a loving home, please apply today!

Freya (Vancouver)

Freya came from Richmond during the very cold wet weather. She was reported to us as a friendly rabbit with two babies who were not doing well. The babies had been injured badly and one died right away. The other lived for a few days. This baby was taken away to be cared for but Freya had to stay behind as they had no room for her. The baby was taken back everyday and Freya was there waiting for the baby to nurse. Alas he could not be saved but little Freya was taken to a warm home and has thrived.

She is a bit shy but does like to be petted as long as one is quiet and calm with her. She did very well at Bunny Yoga, running around to visit people.

After a week with her foster mom, Freya was coming forward for treats and petting and gets more comfortable as time goes on. She’s living free range and now flops under her foster mom’s desk. 

She’s good with her litter habits and doesn’t chewing anything.

She is looking for a loving home, not too noisy, with patient people. If you can give her that home, please apply today.

Scout (Vancouver)

Scout is brother to Dustin, Suzie, Ringo, Sky, Lennon and Minerva. He is the only one that is grey. He is an interesting mix of very bold and also shy.

Scout is very active and curious but cautious at the same time. He can sometimes be defensive of his space. He will need a rabbit lover who is willing to be patient with him. Some one on one time with treats will go a long way. He is a clean bunny and not a destructive boy. If you can give Scout a home, please apply today!

Brontë Family (Vancouver)

Meet Charlotte, Emily and Branwell. We call them the Brontë Family! They are siblings though each one is very different. They were born about Dec 15th, 2022 in a Richmond Park, where they were picked up about 4 weeks old.

Emily is white with blue eyes, Charlotte is a grey and white Dutch and Branwell is a male brown agouti. He is the shyest and lets his sisters take the lead. They are a fun bunch – active and playful – but need time to know their place and people. At first Charlotte, Emily and Branwell will be shy. We hope someone can offer them a loving home where they can all stay together. If that someone is you, please apply today!

Douglas & Jackie (Vancouver)

These two met at our shelter and became friends as baby rabbits. Douglas, a black male was found in April 29, 2022, at Park Royal in West Vancouver when about 2-3 months old. Jackie, a brown agouti female, was found May 7, 2022 on Blenheim St., Vancouver when about 6 weeks old. They grew up together.

Douglas is the more out-going and leads the way for Jackie who tends to be shy. Both are good with their litter box. They would love space to explore. If you can give them a home, please apply today!

Dustin & Suzie Poo (Vancouver)

This lovely pair is a brother and sister born May 4, 2022. Their mom was a beautiful grey otter like Suzie Poo and Dustin is a harlequin with a distinct pattern on his face.

These bunnies are very good with their litter. They are active and curious but tend to be shy until they know their people and space. They will do well in a home that lets them adjust to new surroundings. If you can give them that home, please apply today!

Trisha (Vancouver)

Trisha is a shy, little rabbit. She looks like a wild cottontail but she is an abandoned domestic rabbit. Trisha was found in Kitsilano hiding under cars. At first she was terrified of everything. Now she will come forward to eat while we are there and we can sometimes get a touch in if we are quiet and gentle.

Trisha needs a quiet and patient home with people who will let her blossom in her own time. If you are interested in giving her that home, please apply today!

Sky and Ringo (Vancouver)

Sky and Ringo are a lovely brother and sister, born on May 4th.

These two well behaved buns are tidy, 100% litter trained, and love their hay and veggies. Ringo multicoloured) is more adventurous and curious than Sky (grey with white tummy), while Sky is more comfortable being brushed or petted than Ringo. Both provide something different and make for constant cuteness and entertainment. Added bonus: They don’t shed very much, making them very low maintenance. 

Smokey (Vancouver)

Smokey is one lucky bunny. He was reported to be abandoned on Cambie street near the Langara Golf Course. He was picked up and brought to us on the day when it started snowing and getting very cold. Smokey would not have done well in the freezing icy weather. He is a calm, friendly bunny who ran right up to our rabbit catcher. He’s very attractive with his rose grey coat.

Smokey likes to be petted. He’s clean and well behaved – a great little house bunny. If you are interested in adopting Smokey, please fill in our adoption application form here.