Annie & Fiona (South Surrey)

Fiona and Annie’s foster parents say: they’re an absolute delight to have! They have become so much more comfortable with us and they make us laugh so much. They love to explore our little balcony. They do zoomies and binkies in the morning when they know they’re getting their morning pellets. Not picky when it comes to food. 

Annie might need some time to examine new foods, but she likes most of the things she’s tried. Fiona loves everything! Fiona is more outgoing and braver than Annie. Annie is more cautious and reserved but she is coming out of her shell for sure. I think they need someone who has lots of patience to respect their space and build trust slowly.

If you would like to meet Annie & Fiona, please apply today.

Lando and Trooper (South Surrey)

All you Star Wars fans out there, meet Lando and Trooper.  These are bonded brothers, that came to us as orphaned babies from the shelter last year.  Small to medium sized , clean and are friendly.  Also outgoing.

Suitable for a home with older children.  Not sure how they are with other animals but as always careful introductions.

These boys are delightful.  Please consider welcoming them into your home, and apply today.

Rowan (South Surrey)

Rowan was born June 5, 2022. He is a dwarf cross/lop. His nickname is Rowan the Naughty. Once hormones kicked in Rowan started to box/nip if he didn’t want to be touch or you moved stuff in his pen. However, over time his behavior has gotten way better as his built trust with his foster. He can be very sweet, but does still act shy/moody at times. So, he is looking for a rabbit-experienced home without young kids. 

Hey people!

I’m looking for my furever home. In all fairness, I don’t like my stuff touched or moved around in my pen; the people call it cleaning. I’m trying really hard to be a good bunny. I really would like a home to call my own and with the right people I can trust I would cuddle on my terms. I’m very playful with toys, love my greens and treats. If you think you could give me an amazing home, we should meet, apply today. 


Rowan the Naughty 🐰

Jorunna (South Surrey)

Meet Jorunna! She was named during our “name a bunny” auction.. Jorunna aka Bunny Slug Of The Sea!

Since birth she was affectionately nicknamed “Odd Ball” by her foster. She is called Odd Ball because she is… well… odd. This baby girl has ruby eyes and very different markings from her litter mates. She has a refined way about her, and the cutest little dark ears that don’t quite make it down to her head! It’s like they got dunked in cocoa powder!

Cute, curious and playful as many baby rabbits are, this one is also a discriminating foodie. Odd Ball takes her napping very seriously; after a long day of exploring, you’ll find her flopped under her log hidey house. Jorunna is a dwarf cross so will stay a smaller rabbit. She was born Jan 1, 2023.  She has been good in her foster home with other respectful pets. If you interested in meeting her, please apply to adopt today. 

Moochi (South Surrey)

HELLO! I originally received the name Mochi. However my foster Bun Mom kept calling me Moochie to which I will sometimes respond for treats while you tap on the floor. My training was really keen when the Bun Mom was home. She works lots now and I enjoy my independence. If you have the time to spend with me I will follow you around and always keep an eye on you. I enjoy basically everything I’m allowed to eat and really like treats so hide them well.

I am free roam and use my litter box 98% of the time unless I get scared, when a lil’ nugget might pop out. I have a large balcony so I have adjusted to some outside living whenever I want. I love sleeping under the Bun Mom’s bed at night, and if I’m outside the room I will come check on you after I hear your alarm go off. Some tricks I learned was to spin and perch and jump over an arm. I tend to only chew my toys which makes me a great roommate and I am very quiet and keep my things in my designated blanket area. If you want low maintenance and a great companion I’m your guy.

If you’re interested in meeting Moochi, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Frosty (South Surrey)

Meet Frosty! 

This handsome male lionhead needs a rabbit experience home that understands rabbit behaviors. Frosty would do best in a home with teens/adults. No younger kids as he is a boxer. 

He is very playful and loves chewing on cardboard boxes. He will need a large bunny proof area as he has lots of energy to burn. Frosty is looking for his perfect home and the right person to build trust with. Frosty has a very sweet side and will flop next to you for pets on his terms. He is also very food motivated. Litter box skills are great and he gets along well with respectful cat’s & a dog. He is a medium-large sized rabbit.

If you’re interested in meeting Frosty, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Pauly (South Surrey)

Meet Pauly! Handsome neutered male dwarf cross born Jan 1, 2023. Pauly is an active & playful bunny. This curious dare devil may also have the makes to be a parkour rabbit since he loves to jump on things and binky off. He knows he is adorable and can get away with his shenanigans. Once all his energy is burned off, he’ll flop for some pets. He might have the makings of a great agility bun!

If you’re interested in meeting Pauly, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

Kevin (South Surrey)

Meet Kevin! This guy is a little bit of a weirdo; he likes to stand in his water bowl. Perhaps he identifies as more of a hippo than a rabbit… Who are we to question his life choices? This little bun hippo gets along well with his siblings and is quite submissive.

A little shy at first, but he is very sweet and friendly. He may be interested in meeting a nice female friend. He is a dwarf cross born Jan 1, 2023. His mama Tiana came in as a stray with a 4-week-old kit and then surprised us with another six babies. 

If you’re interested in meeting Kevin, please do your research and fill in an adoption application at

River (South Surrey)

Meet, the big beautiful River.  This lovely rabbit with the big dark eyes came in as a stray.

She’s incredibly playful, and definitely curious.  She’s adapting well to her foster family’s respectful dogs and parrot. This girl can binky and does the best flops ever.  She’s a great house rabbit.

If you are interested in adopting River, please apply today!

Miso & Popcorn (South Surrey)

Meet Miso and Popcorn!

This cute couple found each other earlier this year. Miso (brown) is almost 2 years old and Popcorn (white) is a year behind her. Popcorn is an energetic, cuddly half-lionhead-half-lop mix with beautiful blue eyes, while Miso is the more laid-back and cautious of the pair. In the beginning Popcorn did all the grooming for Miso, but after being together for months, Miso has finally reciprocated his love! Miso doesn’t usually enjoy being petted but will hop right to you if you’re giving Popcorn a little love without her. Miso, being a lot fluffier and elusive, is harder to pick up than Popcorn.

They enjoy eating salads and playing with – and chewing up – cardboard even more! They love their tunnel and Popcorn especially loves their bunny plush. He even grooms the plushie once in a while! The cutest moments shared between them are when they flop next to each other to share a cuddly nap, and when they accompany each other to the litter box to make sure the other is okay while doing their business!

If you are interesting in adopting Miso and Popcorn, please apply today.